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2 Ways to Delete Many Tweets at Once on Twitter (Latest 2018)

Twitter that has existed since many years ago has many users from all over the world. Not infrequently users who still use it to date have the number tweet which reaches thousands even up to hundreds of thousands or billions. Not a few of them sometimes feel like updating their feed by deleting the old tweet . Or some may be annoyed with some of their previous tweets and intend to delete them.

Removing one two tweets is very easy. However, the problem is when you want to delete in large quantities. Of course it is very inefficient to remove tweet you one by one. Well, here I will give you how to remove many tweets at the same time that you can try.

How To Delete Many Tweets At Once

To delete many tweets at once you can use some feature options or usable applications. Here I use TweetEraser.com and TweetDelete.net. Check out several ways to remove multiple tweets at once easily through the following two methods.

# 1 Using TweetEraser.com

Removal steps tweet with Tweeteraser COM:

1. Open your browser and visit page TweetEraser.com .

2. Click Sign in with Twitter to log in to your Twitter account.

 how to delete all tweets on twitter

3. Next, enter username and password your Twitter. Then, click the Authorize app button in blue.  insert username and password for authorization 4. You can ignore it by clicking the Cancel For Now if it appears pop-up like this  how to delete multiple tweets at once

5. After that, you'll find all of your tweets that can be accessed on this page. To delete some tweet you can select it by checking the box designated by the arrow. This is like the activity of marking tweet to be deleted.

If you want to delete all existing tweets you can check the box designated by the red rectangle in the first row of the table. Automatically all tweets You will be checked by itself. When you have finished ticking, click the Delete Tweets button to delete your tweet .

 select tweets to delete

6. Next there will be a confirmation of deletion. As I checked before was as much as 3 tweet. Click the Delete Now to delete tweet .

 how to delete multiple tweets at once easily

Here you can also make the delete option all tweet, as shown in the picture. You also still have the option in the second option that is 9 found Tweets . This is because the total number of tweets of the Twitter accounts I use here is 9 tweet .

7. After pressing the Delete now button, it will appear tooltip stating that tweet you successfully deleted, as shown below.

 success deleted

8. Finally, tweet You were successfully deleted once. You can Sign out your Twitter account on this page if you have finished using it.

 sign out

# 2 Using TweetDelete.net

Unlike the previous way, tweetdelete.net delete by age tweet. So for example you want to remove tweet that has been 6 months old. Then this app will automatically delete your tweets who are over 6 months or 6 months old or older. Here are the steps.

1. Open your browser then visit page TweetDelete.net . Before clicking the Sign in with Twitter the checklist section agreement designated by arrows in the image.

 visit page, checklist. and sign in

2. After that, authorization by entering username and password on this page. Then click the Authorize app .  write username and password

3. Next, you will automatically see your username your Twitter account in the top right corner of the page. Then, there will be removal options. Do you want to delete tweets that are more than one week, three months, one year, and so on. You can select it by clicking the down arrow option pointed to the image. After that click Activate TweetDelete .

 set time for tweets's age for deleting

This option will automatically delete your tweet in the future if its age has exceeded that limit You set. You can also delete all your tweets by checking Delete all my existing tweets before activating this schedule which reads red.

After clicking the button to enable the auto-deletion application above, you will find a page like the image below. The number that I kotaki is the time I have set before to delete all tweets that are over 93 days or 3 months.

 how to delete all tweets on twitter

You can click the Turn off TweetDelete (or pick new settings) button to reset the deletion time


That's how to delete many tweets all at once. Before deleting it, make sure you're absolutely sure because the deletion in the above manner is done permanently. That means tweet You can not go back again

To disable the above app, you can go to the Settings and privacy menu on your Twitter account. Select the option Apps . There you will find an application you have authorized. You can click the Revoke access button for the app you want to disable from your account.


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