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2 Ways to Defrag Laptop & Computer Without Application (Complete + Image)

Defrag Disk? Perhaps for some people, the term defrag disk still sounds unfamiliar. But, you need to know, defrag the disk is an important thing to know by every laptop user / computer. Why? Because defragment is capable of speeding up system performance on your Windows to become more responsive so you more easily access the data and file system you need. Defragment will help optimize the amount of available disk space and extend the life of your disk.

You need to know that one of the causes of your laptop / computer is decreasing performance is due to the formation of fragments as the laptop ages and duration of use. The way to overcome the fragment is to periodically defrag the disk for example at least once a month.

How it works Defrag Disk

Defrag disk generates scattered data in the hard disk is put together in the same place or close. Generally, the hard disk computer has a rotating pattern so that harddisk puts data in different places when writing new data where data blocks are created according to the given command sequence.

Well, at the time of the defragging process the already-made data blocks are collected sequentially again so that reading the data becomes easier. It also removes the distance between the data files that are on the hard drive so as to speed up the work of the laptop.

How to Defrag Laptop / Computer

In this article, we will discuss how to defrag laptop or computer in 2 ways that is using the default tool of Windows and Defraggler software. For more details, let's look at the explanation below.

1. Using the Windows Default Tool

Windows has its own tools to defrag disks Defragment and Optimize Drives . Windows 10, 8 and 7, are usually set up automatically to run disk defragment that runs every week by default. However, the settings do not always run regularly so you have to defragment through the existing features manually.

But, for those of you who use SSD (Solid State Drive), you do not need to defragment or use additional software to speed up your disk storage . The question is how to manually defrag disks via Windows tools?

Let's look at the steps to defrag the laptop / computer with the Windows built-in tool below.

1. Open This PC then right click on the disc to be defaced and select Properties as indicated by the arrow in the image below.

 how to defrag laptop [19659002] 2. In the Properties window, select the Tools tab. In the Optimize and defragment drive section, click the Optimize button as indicated by the arrow in the image below.


3. In addition to the above, you can open the defragment tool via the Start menu. Type "Defragment" then will appear Defragment and Optimize Drives . Click the feature.

 how to defrag the computer

4. After the Optimize Drives window opens, select the disk you want to defragment. Then, click on the Analyze button to analyze how much fragment is generated so we will know whether or not the 19459009 disk defrag [194590010].

 how to defrag laptop windows 10

Note: According to some sources, the ideal number is fixed below 5%. If more than 5% then it should be done defrag. However, there is no definitive number of% fragments that require us to defrag the disk

5. Wait until the analysis process is complete. After that, you can see the resulting fragment is about 3%. To perform a defrag, click the Optimize button to start the defragment process.


6. Wait until process defrag is done. If the process is finished, usually the disk fragment will return to 0%.

 Process Analyze

2. Using Defraggler Software

In addition to using the built-in tools from Windows, you can use the Defraggler defrag application released by the Piriform company. You can download the application via this link .

What is Defraggler? As the name suggests, Defraggler is an application for analyzing fragmented files and rearranging the files on the drive C or drive D in order for the laptop / computer to work optimally (not slow or slow). Let's look at the steps of defragging disks using the Defraggler app.

1. Select the disk to be defragged, here I choose Disk C as it is marked with a red box in the picture below.

 Select disk

2. First, click the Analyze button to analyze how much fragment is generated.


3. Wait until the process Analyzing is complete.

 how to defrag laptop

4. The Analyzing process is completed with the status Analysis Complete as indicated by the red box in the image below.

 Analyze Result

5. After the analysis is complete, click the Defrag button to start the defragment as marked by the arrow in the image below.


6. ” width=”670″ height=”126″ />

Optimize Result ” width=”664″ height=”58″ /> Optimize Result Process <em data-recalc-dims= Defragmenting is completed marked by status Defrag Complete as shown below. Next, click the Benchmark drive button to test your drive's ability, such as in data access, read and write speeds, as indicated by the arrows in the image below.

 Bencmark Drive [19659002] 8. Wait until the process Calculating Disk Performance is over.

 how to defrag laptop windows 10 with deflagger

9. Well, now, the process disk defragment You're done.

So many discussions about how to defrag laptops & computers through Windows built tools and Defraggler software easily and quickly. Well, hopefully the discussion described above is helpful and good luck. Thanks!


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