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2 Ways to Cut Songs Through PC / Laptop And HP (100% Work)

In this technological era, HP's role is increasingly significant. You may have seen it yourself. Now it's almost hard to see people who do not carry HP. Indeed, this communication tool has a function and features that are getting more and more complete. No wonder if its existence becomes increasingly vital. Among the features featured in your phone, one of the most basic is the ringtone as a marker of phone calls or incoming messages or SMS.

Ringing tones or ringtones are often provided by its own HP brand. But many of the users who feel less comfortable and often use songs or music downloaded from the internet. If you are one of the users who often do this, you certainly know a few things that become obstacles. Yes, if you choose to use a ringtone of music, you must use a music ringtone from scratch and usually cut off to a certain second.

How to Cut Songs Through Laptop / HP Android

Well sometimes you actually like certain parts of the music that unfortunately being in the middle of the song for example and it is not accommodated by your HP. Because that's the only way is to cut the song. How to? Let's review the article about the tutorial how to cut the song below.

1. Cutting Songs Through Laptop / Computer

1. In this tutorial, we will use a third party application named Waveshop ( download here ). Please download and install the application on your computer or laptop. In addition to Waveshop, you must also download the library " libmp3lame " ( download here ). The library can be downloaded as shown in the picture below.

 how to cut a song

2. Next open the application Waveshop and its initial appearance is as follows.


3. Then you can proceed by opening the audio or music files you want to cut. Click File> Open …

 how to cut a song

4. Next you will be redirected to an explorer window. Here you can select the audio file you want to cut. After choosing, click Open .


5. Wait until the app finishes opening your music file.


6. Once open, the work page will contain the music graphics. If the part you want to select is in the middle, please select the area you want to save. Click hold and drag the mouse from the part you want to select to the beginning of the music. Then click Delete on your keyboard.

 how to cut a song

7. So also at the end. Click or select the selected music limit, drag it to the end of the music, then click Delete on your keyboard.


8. This is the end result of the music you chose after eliminating the unnecessary parts.


9. To save the result, click File> Save As …


10. Then will appear explorer window. Please select where you want to save the file. Write down the file name and click Save .


11. Then the app will perform encoding process . Wait until the encoding process is complete.


12. The app will automatically redirect you to the storage folder. You will be able to see the music files that have been cut and saved.

 how to cut mp3 songs

2. Cutting Songs via HP / Smartphone

1. You can also perform the process of cutting songs via HP android directly. To do this, you can use a third-party application, ie MP3 cutter .


2. First open the app MP3 cutter from the app menu.


3. Then you will be directed to the main view like this. To perform the song or audio cutting process, click Cut Audio .


4. Then you will be directed to the other window. In this window or page you are allowed to select the song you want to cut.


5. You will then be directed to the worksheet. On this page you can perform preview the song you want to cut. To cut a song, you just move the red mark or line as a marker of the beginning and end of the song you want to cut.


6. Move the red line with the sign at the top on the left, anywhere that indicates the beginning of the music you selected. And the red line with the sign below in any section indicating the end of the selected music. Once done, you can save your work by clicking the check mark at the top right.


7. Then it will exit pop up box . In this box you can name the audio file you just created.


8. In this box also, you will be asked to choose what type you want to make on the music you just cut. Whether this is music, alarm, notification, or ringtone . After finishing the selection, please click Save .


9. Wait until out pop up like this. This pop up box asks you whether you want to make this song the default ringtone or not


10. Once completed, any audio files you have cropped can be viewed in the Audio list as shown below.


These are some ways and choices on how to cut a song using your laptop or HP. If there are any questions or obstacles in practicing the tutorial above, please ask through the comment box below. Hope you can try at home.


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