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2 Ways to Combine Photos on PC and HP Android (Latest 2018)

Want to combine photos? Of course we are familiar with the term photo collage (photo collage). Photo collage is a collection of various kinds of photos that are combined in a frame thus producing a new photo. Photographs of this type are often used in special moments such as photos pre- wedding photos of baby growth, and others. Often also a meme, photos selfie, and other types of photos.

To create photo collages or combine photos, there are a variety of applications that we can use on both PC and Android. In this article I will explain how to combine photos with Photoscape and PicsArt applications.

How to Combine Photos on a PC with Photoscape

Photoscape is one application ( software ) for photo editing. Software is very fun and easy to use. Inside there are several features that we can use in photo editing, including to cut and combine photos. Then, how to use it?

Previously, we had to download (19459003) download ) software this on our PC. Photoscape provides a free download service that we can download for free here . You can also download via Microsoft Store.

Here are the steps to combine photos using Photoscape

1. Open Photoscape so that the initial display will appear as shown below. Select menu Page .

 how to combine photos on android

2. After that it will be seen like this.

3. On the left is the PC directory, where we can choose where the image files to be merged. While the right side is a feature that can be used in combining images, among others as follows .- Save to save the photos that have been combined, – Edit to edit the photos that have been combined ( will be redirected to the Edit Photoscape page), – Composite image size and there are ratio settings height and weight (eg 1: 1, 2: 1, 3: 4 etc.) .- Margin for the spacing of the coupled photographs

  • Round for the corner angles of each of the combined images.
  • Background to determine the background color of the photograph.
  • Frame for the selection of frames to be used
  • Filter for selection of filters or effects for photos.
  • Layout with various arrangements for combining photos to be selected.

Select Layout then drag and drop photo to the desired collage section.

 how to combine photos on laptop

5. The picture above is the image that has been combined. The characteristics of the photo above consists of three photos with brown background and photo size ratio made into 3: 4. Click the Save button to save the photo. If you want to edit a photo, click the Edit button. Both buttons are located on the top right corner of the screen.

6. The photo has been merged.

Another way to combine photos in Photoscape is by using the Combine and Edit options. Both ways will we describe in another opportunity.

How to Combine Photos on Android with PicsArt

PicsArt is one photo editing application. There is also a collage feature in this application so users can make it easier to use it.

To combine photos with PicsArt, we must first install them. This app can you download for free on the Play Store for you Android users. Here are the steps of combining photos using PicsArt app

1. Open the app and press + then select Collage to merge the photo. Select Grid to determine the snapshot of the photo that has been provided, or may also choose Freestyle where sususnan photos will be customized by the users themselves. (In this discussion the choice is Grid ).

2. Next, we are directed to select the photos to be combined. Here I selected four photos. There are various collage arrangements ( layout ) displayed at the top ( scroll aside). Select one of the desired layout or press right arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen to continue.

3. Change layout previously selected or fixed on selection. Set ratio the photo as we want (at this stage I apply the FB ratio). For margins and radius, we can find on the menu Border a row of menus at the bottom of the screen. Adapters Color and Background to determine the color and background style of the photo.

 how to combine photos on android

4. When you're done, press arrow keys in the top right corner of the screen. In this view we can edit the combined images to be more interesting to our liking.

5. When you're done editing the photo, press [arrow] in the top right corner of the screen. Select SAVE to save photos on Android photo gallery.

6. Press DONE in the top right corner of the top screen when it's done. We can also share photos on social networks provided by PicsArt.

 how to combine 2 photos on android


Such are the steps for how to combine photos in PC and Android using Photoscape and PicsArt. There are different ways that can be tailored to the needs of each.

If I personally prefer to use PhotoScape if you want to combine 2 or more photos into one, in addition because the software is free, its use is also quite easy, even for the layman though. If anyone wants to ask can write in the comment field below, yes. Thank you 🙂


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