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2 Ways to Clean Quick Access Windows 10 Easily

If you are a PC user or
laptops that use the Windows 10 Operating System, then you certainly don't
familiar with the Quick Access feature. This feature is one of the superior features
in Windows 10. The main function of Quick Access is that we can
display files and folders that we visit often. That makes
we are more efficient when going to certain folders in Windows Explorer.

However, if you are
have confidential or personal documents, then Quick Access is enough
dangerous because it can be read by anyone who accesses the computer or
your own laptop. Therefore, we recommend Quick Access more often
cleaned up. For how to clean it, here's the review.

How to Clean Quick Access Windows 10

Basically the Quick feature
This access has similarities with the browser's history feature. There we
can see the pages we have visited without having to bother
bad at retyping web tools. However, there are times when we have to delete history
because it is our privacy and it can be misused
by irresponsible parties. Therefore, to be able to delete
list of history that we have opened, here's how.

  1. First, turn on the computer or laptop first
  2. Next, enter Windows Explorer, you can
    directly to the Quick Access menu which is at the top. There you are
    dpaat see some files that you often open every day or visited
  3. Next, right-click on the Quick Access menu and
    choose the "Options" menu. Later a pop up or dialog box will open
    you need to choose.
  4. After the "Folder Option" pop up opens, then there is
    the words "Clear File Explorer History" in the "Privacy" section, all you have to do is click
    just the "Clear" button next to it.
  5. Wait until the process is complete. usually this process depends
    how many files are in this Quick Access. if the number of files
    a lot then the process also takes a lot of time. That is also the opposite.
  6. If the process is complete, try to look again
    on the Quick Access menu. If there is no file name, the cleanup process is on
    in Quick Access has succeeded.

Maybe you too
wondering if this deleted file can be restored again?
The answer is of course not. Because the same is true with the history feature on
browser, some files that are in Quick Access are shortcuts for
enter the desired file. If it has been deleted, then the data history
Quick Access will disappear. To be able to bring it back, you
just access it again as often as possible.

If you don't
want this Quick Access to run, in fact you can disable it.
By disabling this Quick Access, of course you will be safer in
save some of your confidential files or private files. To find out how
deactivate this Quick access, along with the review.

  1. Return to the Quick Access menu after you open the menu
    Windows Explorer.
  2. Next is to right-click on the Quick Access section
    and select "Options".
  3. A pop up window will appear and you select the "General" tab.
  4. Look at the "Privacy" section and uncheck the
    two columns. The first column is "Show Recently Used Files in Quick Access"
    and the "Show Frequently Used folders in Quick Access" column. Sure you
    completely eliminated the touch.
  5. After that, pay attention to the "Open file" section
    Explorer to .. "there you change from Quick Access to the" This PC "section
    This is so that when Windows Explorer is opened, the start menu
    which will no longer appear Quick Access, but "My Computer" as in
    previous Windows Explorer menu.
  6. If so, then press "Apply" for all
    the latest settings have been saved and press "OK" to save them.
  7. Completed

Those are the two ways to clean
Quick Access Windows 10 easily. Use Quick Access yourself at the time
this can only be known by a handful of people. it cannot be separated
still from some people who are updating the Windows 7 system to Windows 10 still
not quite familiar with this one feature.

Moreover, this Quick Access
also included in 7
hidden features of Windows 10 which many people don't know about. Then dati
that, for those of you who still use Windows 7 or 8 and plan to move to
Windows 10, make sure you know what are the differences
Windows 10 Pro and Home this is very influential on performance
system on the PC or on the laptop itself. You can also try a few
other nice features like way
file sharing in Windows 10 way
Windows 10 Drver update way
install Windows 10 on a new laptop and others. Hopefully this article can
provide benefits.


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