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2 Ways to Check Health BPJS Bills Online (Latest 2019)

If having had health insurance seemed difficult, then now we can enjoy it easily. One health insurance that can be enjoyed by all levels of society is BPJS. Even for those in the lower middle class, BPJS services are very helpful in ensuring their health.

When compared with health insurance, BPJS services charge users a more affordable price. The government as the first party that organizes BPJS services is very concerned about and cares for the people who use BPJS services.

If you are a member of BPJS Health, then of course you have to pay a monthly fee. The amount of your bill varies each month, depending on the class / type of service you choose.

How to Check BPJS Health Bill Online

There are several ways to check BPJS Health bills that you can do easily, even without the need install additional applications and can be done online. Immediately, the following methods are referred to:

1. Check Bills Online

The first way we can check our BPJS Health bill online through the official website of BPJS itself is bpjs-kempuan.go.id. How to check is enough, see the steps below:

1. Please open your browser, whatever browser you want, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. After that click on this link to check the BPJS Health bill online.

2. The initial page display will be more or less like this.

 check bpjs bill 1

3. After that you fill in all the fields that have been provided in accordance with the information on your BPJS card, such as card number and date of birth. After that enter the validation number requested, followed by clicking on the button Check .

 how to check the BPJS Health Online bill

4. After that, scroll a little down and swipe right, information will appear about the total bill you have to pay. Not only that, information will also appear about the participant's name, participant status, number of family members, date of last payment and so forth. For example, I can see 0 bills because I paid off my BPJS bill on 17 August 2019.

 check bpjs 3 bill

2. Check Charges Through Mobile JKN

This second method seems rather complicated but by using the application, you cannot check your monthly bills. But it can also do other things more than that, such as changing participant data, registering new participants, etc.

But first you have to install the application in PlayStore (via this link) and then register an account. If you already have a Mobile JKN account, please refer to the steps below for how to check the BPJS Health bill through Mobile JKN:

1. Open the Mobile JKN application, then log in by entering your Mobile JKN account email and password. After that, select Login .

 how to check the BPJS Health bill with Mobile JKN

2. After successfully logging in, you will be confronted with the Mobile JKN display as shown below. After that, select the option Invoice as the arrow indicates.

 check your billing bpjs 5

3. After selecting the option Premium .

 check your billing bpjs 6

4. A total bill will appear that you need to pay from each family member.

 how to check BPJS bills online

These are guidelines for how to check BPJS Health bills online or through an application called Mobile JKN. If you find the tutorial above useful, it never hurts to share it with your friends. See you in the next tutorial!


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