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2 Ways to Check Effective Motor Online Taxes

The development of computers continued to progress. The things that previously did not affect human life, are now getting closer to our daily lives. Just mention it with the application of social media, information flow, online shopping, etc.

Whether we realize it or not, we are now almost using various purposes just by using a device called an Android smartphone. Because of the benefits of the computer network, companies also began to use online systems to provide services because the benefits of computers in the field of global network communication began to be increasingly felt. One of the services that we can now enjoy is a motorbike tax check.

Let's look back to a few years back, at that time in order to find out how much vehicle tax we had to come to the local Samsat office. Sometimes this is quite troublesome especially if the distance is quite far. Around the beginning of the 2000s a new system emerged in checking vehicle tax using SMS.

This method is quite useful at that time, but it still has shortcomings because the response is long enough to make us curious and annoyed. It was only when the internet and smartphone phones began to be known and used by the community. The government sees this opportunity as a new way to provide services.

To find out, here are two ways to check motorcycle tax

1. DKI Jakarta

The city government has created a website called e-samsat. The goal is to get information needed by the community, one of which is tax. The e-samsat website can be accessed based on their respective regions.

For example, this is the capital city of Jakarta. The ways to check motorized vehicles online in DKI Jakarta are as follows.

  1. First visit the website at http://samsat-pkb.jakarta.go.id/cek-ranmor+pajak-dki/
  2. After that, fill in the list of forms that have been given to the website with the information of the vehicle you are using.
  3. Do not forget to also include the vehicle number plate that you are using
  4. If you have, enter the verification code then click "Process"
  5. , you will see vehicle tax information that you have to pay.

You need to know if the tax amount is displayed
does not include penalties if you exceed the payment and tax deadline

2. East Java

For those of you who are in the East Java area, you can also check motor vehicle tax. The method itself is almost the same as the first point, you visit the e-samsat site. It's just that the name of the site is different from the site belonging to DKI Jakarta.

Therefore, do not let you enter the name of the site incorrectly. The way to check motorbike tax for you in East Java is as follows:

  1. First visit the site at http://www.dipendajatim.go.id/page-info-pajak-kendaraan.
  2. After that, you will see a page for
    checking motorized vehicles.
  3. Enter the vehicle number plate that you have
  4. After that, also enter the verification code
    and click "Search"
  5. If successful, the tax amount will appear
    the vehicle you have to pay for.

Same with the DKI Jakarta version, the number that appears
not including fines and progressive taxes.

3. Yogyakarta

DI Yogyakarta has also used an online system for
provide services to people who need information about checks
vehicle tax. It's just that the name of the site used is different. For you
who live in DI Yogyakarta, here are ways to do it.

  1. Visit the website to http://infonjkbdiy.com/.
  2. After that, a page will appear which you must fill in by entering the license plate number of the vehicle you are using. Then click the "submit" button.
  3. If successful, the amount of tax that you have to pay will appear.

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Similar to other websites already mentioned that what is raised is the amount of the main tax only and that has not been added to the fine if it has and progressive tax. For other regions the way it works is just the names of the sites. Therefore, some regions that have used the online system can be seen below.

4. Central Java: dppad.jatengprov.go.id/info-pajak-kendaraan/.

5. Riau: badanpendapatan.riau.go.id/infopajak/.

6. Central Sulawesi: dispenda.sultengprov.go.id/addons/pkb.php.

7. Aceh: esamsat.acehprov.go.id/

8. Riau Islands: dispenda.kepriprov.go.id/#esamsat.

  • Via Android Smartphone Application

1. DKI Jakarta

At present there is only a motor vehicle tax check
by using the Android smartphone application only. First area already
using this system is DKI Jakarta. The application name itself is Tax
Online DKI Jakarta. How to use it is as follows.

  1. Download the application via the Play Store
  2. If you have, open the application and select the Vehicle Tax or PKB menu.
  3. After that, enter the motor vehicle license plate you are using.
  4. Later tax bill information will appear that must be paid with the payment limit.

By using the mobile version of the application, you can
pay directly through the application or through the office
local samsat

2. West Java

Well, maybe you are wondering why West Java is not in the e-samsat website list. Because, West Java is more focused on mobile applications than the website version. The website version only shows the procedures and requirements in Motor Vehicle Taxes only.

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For the mobile version, Java Bara has launched an application
which is named SAMBARA. SAMBARA itself stands for Samsat
Mobile West Java. For those of you who live in West Java, you can download it
directly in the Play Store. How to use it yourself is quite easy
like the following

  1. Open the SAMBARA application
  2. Select the PKB Info menu
  3. Enter the vehicle number plate that you
  4. If successful, data will appear regarding
    the vehicle you are using and the amount of tax you have to pay.

You can pay directly through this application with
the way of SMS Banking or also through internet banking that has been provided at
in the application.

For other regions that have used a mobile system are West Sumatra and also East Java. If you want to try downloading, please go to the Play store and search for the name of the application SAMSAT MOBILE PROV SUMBAR for West Sumatra and E_SMART SAMSAT JATIM for the East Java area.

Those are 2 ways to check motorbike tax online that you can use. Hopefully this article can provide useful information for all of you.


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