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2 Ways to Change Youtube Channel Names Via a Cellphone / PC (+ Pictures)

Social media became one of the places to look for entertainment in the digital world. With the existence of social media it can make it easier for users to get the pleasure they want.

Various kinds of information and references can be obtained easily. Nowadays, information and references are very much provided through video. Information media is increasingly developing and increasingly in demand by many circles.

Not limited to the younger generation, even at the level of children can also enjoy the existence of this information media. Media information in question is through the Youtube platform. Many influencers and vloggers continue to spread their wings by developing a variety of interesting content.

2 Ways to Change Youtube Channel Names Via HP / PC

Therefore, they usually have their own channel on the Youtube platform.

Channel names are identity that is used by others in recognizing and remembering the content of the creator. So the channel name becomes quite important. Here's how to easily change the name of a YouTube channel:

Method 1: Change the channel name via cellphone

The YouTube channel name is important to note. Even if you don't focus on that area. The channel name becomes an icon of yourself. Your YouTube channel name will be easier for others to remember. Therefore, if you want to change the name of a YouTube channel, here's how to change the channel name via cellphone:

1. Make sure your mobile has sufficient internet connection

2. Open the youtube application on your cellphone

 how to change the Youtube channel name via cellphone

3. You will see the main view of YouTube, where this display is usually adjusted to the recommendations that you might watch

4. Look at the top right corner, there is a photo icon of your account. Click on your account icon (see arrows)

 Youtube Main View

5. Select the Your Channel section to find out the contents of your YouTube Channel

 Your Channel Youtube

6. Then you will see the contents of your YouTube channel

7. To continue to change the name, click on the settings section (as the arrow indicates)

 Youtube Settings

8. In the Name, section on the right there is a pencil icon, click the pencil icon to change the name

 Youtube Pencil Icon

] 9. Enter the first name and last name of your channel

10. Click OK, to save your channel name change.

 Finish Changing Channel Names

Method 2: Change the channel name via PC / Laptop

Besides changing your cellphone name, you can also change the name. channel via a laptop or PC. Here's how to change the channel name via PC or Laptop:

1. Enter google.com and type in the youtube website at www.youtube.com

2. You will immediately go to your youtube homepage, then click your account icon (follow the arrow)

 The main youtube laptop

3. Select the settings menu to continue renaming

 how to change the Youtube channel name via PC / Laptop

4. Look at the section Your Youtube Channel click on the section edit on google

 Your YouTube account

5. Then you will find your google display, and there is a name. Click the pencil icon located next to the name

 Change the channel name

6. Enter the new name of your channel, then click OK to save changes

 tutorial on how to change the Youtube channel name

That's how to change the Youtube channel name easily. With the existence of the Youtube platform in entertainment media, it makes it easy for people to find entertainment that suits their characteristics. Youtube does not have content specification restrictions.

So that the development of information is also no limit, and is one of the tasks for each user to be able to limit themselves. This is to maintain the proper ethics and information content.

Information content that is useful, informative and useful for many people becomes the content that must be provided by content creators. So it's not limited to channel names, but the quality of information and uploaded content must also be considered. Hopefully this article is useful for you.


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