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2 Ways to Activate Windows 10 Permanently (100% Offline)

To fully enjoy Windows 10 features, users must activate their windows. And to activate Windows 10, a product key is required that the user must enter when the installation process takes place / after the installation process.

Sometimes people are reluctant to buy a Windows 10 product key because the price is quite draining, especially for the people students who incidentally do not have enough money to buy it. Then the question is, how do I activate Windows 10 without requiring a product key?

To activate Windows 10 without having to enter the product key, we can use the help of many activator tools circulating on the internet. However, not all activators can be used, and here I use activators that have been proven successful and I have tried.

How to Activate Windows 10 Permanently

You may only use this activator if you are unable to buy Windows 10 products that original. If you have more money, you better buy it. Immediately, here are the steps on how to activate Windows 10 using the activator:

1. Please download the activator via this link . Don't forget to also install WinRAR (used to extract files) on a computer / laptop, if you don't have it, you can download here .

2. To use this activator, you first have to disable / turn off the antivirus temporarily (uninstall it first too, it's okay) installed antivirus. Usually after reinstalling Windows, there is only 1 antivirus by default already installed on the computer / laptop, i.e. Windows Defender / Windows Security .

3. To temporarily disable Windows Defender / Windows Security, type " windows security " in the start menu. Then click Windows Security as the arrow indicates.  Steps for activating windows 10 - 2 4. After that select Virus & threat protection .

 Steps for activation of windows 10 - 3

5. Next you choose Manage settings .

 how to activate Windows 10 permanently

6. In the options Real-time protection and Cloud-delivered protection select Off .

 Steps for activating windows 10 - 5

] 7. If it has been turned off, it looks like this.

 how to activate windows 10 offline

8. Extract the file activator that you downloaded earlier by right-clicking on the file> select Extract Here .

 Windows 10 - 6B activation step

9. After that open the KMSAuto application by right clicking Run as administrator . Choose KMSAuto (for Windows 10 32bit / x86) or KMSAuto x64 (for Windows 10 64bit / x64).

 how to activate Windows 10 pro offline [19659002] 10. After that click 2X Activate Windows button.

11. Wait for the activation process to complete.

 Steps for activating windows 10 - 10

12. To check whether the Windows 10 activation process is successful, go to Control Panel> System and Security then select System . In the option Windows activation there you will see the words Windows is activated which indicates that your Windows 10 has been successfully activated.

 Windows 10-11 activation step

That is a tutorial on how to activate Windows 10 that I can share. Once again, if you have money it's better you buy the original product key. But for students such as most who do not have enough money to buy the original product key, you can try the tutorial above wisely.


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