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2 Versions How to Check Online Ticket Fines

The lifting of motorized vehicles is an annoying event
for everyone. Not only for motorists who violate, even also
for drivers who also have complete letters and attributes
feel anxiety when raids on motorized vehicles occur. The reason is when
there is always a fine that must be paid.

The main problem is that the payment system is mostly fine
misused, triggering a cynical attitude towards the raid operation
carried out by the police. But now this concern can
reduced because there is now an application that is used to check
fine ticket ticket named E-Tilang.

As we have seen, the history of computer development briefly [1945955] and also the development of computer networks [1945955] which were increasingly advanced. Many fields have benefited from this digital era. for example the role of technology in the field of education government, business and economics, even now that has penetrated into the world of law.

The function of information and communication technology in life has been truly felt by various layers of society. An example is the making of an online ticketing fine called E-Tilang. The purpose of making E-Tilang is of course to provide convenience both from the road violators and the police itself.

How to check online ticket fines imposed on you, there are 2 versions of checking methods that you can use the following E-Tilang yourself.

To check through
website, the methods are as follows:

  1. Open the site at www.etilang.info.
  2. After you succeed
    open the site, a page will appear that has a search box
    Stamp Number / register.
  3. Then, enter
    the ticket number that you get at the police ticket, then click "Search".
  4. If you have
    ticketed and have the correct ticket number from the police, the results are certain
    will appear immediately. The page will appear in detail what the number is
    the ticket, whose name is ticketed, what is the fine to be paid, what
    the proof, and also the date of the trial that must be undertaken.

Well, it's easy to find it? But that is a website version of the ticket check, then what about the Android smartphone version?

For the Android version, actually
not much different from the version of the website, for how to check the fine

  1. First download the E-Tilang application on the Play Store
  2. After downloading, open the E-Tilang application
  3. If so, enter the ticket number that you got from the police and click "Search"
  4. If the ticket number matches, then fine details will appear that you must pay and also other details.

Besides being used for
checking ticket fines, this E-Tilang application also has
other advantages are as follows:

  • Payment of Direct Fines to the Bank

Well, for the system
payment in using E-Tilang does not have to be through a police officer
in place. You can pay it to the bank that has been shown in the application
E-Tilang. It can be through ATM, E-Banking, SMS Banking, or also come
directly to the bank.

  • No Need to Join the Session

In the E-Tilang application
also given the option of whether to attend the trial privately or
represented by the police concerned. If you want to follow the trial,
You can set the schedule as you wish so you can
set the right time for trial.

  • More Fast and Accurate Reduction Process

With the existence of the E-Tilang system, a lot of positive things are given to road violators, namely the faster and not long-winded refining system. In addition, guarantees of fines are ensured to be safe and reduce fraudulent practices within them.

The police also received the benefits of computer development [19459955] from the E-Tilang system, which reduced acts of fraud such as corruption. It is common knowledge that the practice of corruption in the act of adding to drivers who violate traffic rules is very common. Therefore, the E-Tilang system is made with the hope that it can also reduce such commendable actions.

  • Number of fines to be paid more accurately

This is what is wrong
one advantage for traffic violators, namely the amount of fines that must be
paid for. With the existence of this E-Tilang system, violators can find out
how much the actual fine must be paid without any additional costs
any. With the existence of clarity, fines like this can also grow taste
responsibility for offenders.

That's how to check the ticket penalty fine using E-Tilang. Although now a computer system has been created that can take care of the existence of online upgrades. But that does not mean we are more free to commit violations.

However violations remain wrong. Our duty as good road users must comply with existing regulations, so that traffic can be orderly and safe so that the safety of road users will be better maintained. Hopefully this article can provide great benefits for everyone.


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