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2 of the easiest ways to open ENC files on Android (for beginners)

Aside from chat and phone applications, Whatsapp can also transfer files, so Whatsapp often replaces e-mail or media for other data transfers.

Sometimes when we get file transfers via Whatsapp, often get files that encrypted that's because the file has been configured by Whatsapp so that the file extension changes to (.enc).

What is enc? ENC stands for encryption. This enc file is a config file from whatsapp / other chatt applications. Files with the RAR format will also change to ENC if sent via WhatsApp.

ENC format is a file security where the file will have an enc format password. Well, maybe you have got a file in .enc format, the file you got from whatsapp submission and the file can't be opened. This article is very suitable for you to read.

How to Open ENC File on Android

ENC file is an encrypted file ENC. Encrypted files containing protected data are usually intended only for official viewing. In particular, ENC files are generally encoded in Uncoded format, although they can use almost any type of standard encoding or specifically for security purposes.

1. Using the Zarchiver Application

To open .enc files on Android you can use third-party applications such as Zarchiver. In addition to the Zarchiver application there are many applications for opening enc files. But in this tutorial I gave an example using the Zarchiver application.

Actually I have tried to replace the file format with the default file manager of the cellphone, without the help of third-party applications, but the file still does not open.

1. First, install the application Zarchiver on your Android, you can download the application in the Google Play Store. See the example in the picture.  install the ZArchiver application

2. After the application is installed on your Android, open the application ZArchiver . See the example in the picture.  open the zarchiver application

3. Then search for the Whatsapp folder, because the file .enc you previously got from Whatsapp submissions. See the example in the picture.  How to Open an ENC File on Android

4. Then search for files ending in .enc. See the example in the picture.  find the file .enc

5. Then tab on the file .enc then extract file. enc . See the example in the picture.  extract the enc file

6. Now, the file. enc can already be opened. See the example in the picture.  open enc file

7. Completed.

2. Using Online Converter

Besides using third-party applications, you also open an enc file by using an online converter. You just have to make sure your android is connected to the internet.

1. First, open the browser on your Android. See the example in the picture.  How to Open an ENC File on Android for Beginners

2. Then enter the site extract.me/id . Actually there are many converter sites for enc file conversion, but in my opinion the best is this site. So I recommend this online converter site.

3. Then tab on Select File to select the .enc file you want to open. See the example in the picture.  select enc file

4. After selecting the file, then wait a few moments to convert the .enc file.

5. After the conversion process is successful, the .enc file is already open. And you can download it again in .zip format. See the example in the picture.  How to Open ENC Files on Android Easily

6. Done.

Those are the ways to open ENC files on Android. Very easy right? You simply use the Zarchiver application or use an online converter. Now you don't need to get confused if you get a file in .enc format. Because you can apply the 2 methods above.

That's all the article about how to open the ENC file on Android, hopefully this article can help your problem and be useful. You can choose one of the ways above which you think is easier to apply. Good luck and thank you.


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