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2+ How to View Windows Computer Specifications (Complete + Image)

How to see computer specifications is an easy thing to do. Even so, there are still many who do not know how to do computer checking specifications because sometimes it is considered difficult, do not understand and maybe there are those who do not care about the specifications of their computers or laptops.

Actually this is not mandatory , but if we know the specifications of the computer or laptop, we can adjust the application or the suitable software and games. Because not all software can be installed and run on computers and laptops.

How to View Computer Specifications

How to view computer specifications can be done in several ways, which can be done without using software. and also by using software . The types of applications used are also varied.

Well, in this article we will explain about looking at computer specifications through DxDiag (without software ]. ) and Speccy [194591010] (using software ). Which of the two methods is the easiest one? See the tutorial below to find out!

A. Viewing Computer Specifications Through DxDiag

This first method was a fairly easy method, and it did not require software . For those of you beginners or for those who have never known, it turns out that the way to check computer specifications does not need to use the software. Yes … Although actually using the software can also be done anyway. How is that? Now the steps are as follows:

1. The first step is to open the RUN. The trick is to type RUN in the Windows search column (usually in the lower left corner) or press the Windows 1945 key + R

2. The second step, in the Open column type DxDiag and click Ok as shown by the arrow.

 how to view computer specifications via dxdiag

3. Then it will appear DirectX Diagnostic Tool with 2 options and click Yes, 1945.

 Computer specifications 2

4. After that information will appear about the specifications of your computer / laptop. On the menu the information will be shown in more detail, such as the display below. Well, to see as a whole as Display, Sound, and Input just click on the menu indicated by the arrow or click Next Page. If you want to leave, just click Exit.

 Computer specifications 3

B. Viewing Computer Specifications Through Speccy

The first method is a fairly easy method, but if you don't like the first method, there are still other alternatives, namely by using software . One type of software used is Speccy. How to use this software is also quite easy.

The following are the steps to check the computer specifications with Speccy:

1. The first step is to download the software Speccy .

2. The second step, after being downloaded, open the software and the install command will appear as in the arrow below. Wait a minute until it's installed on your computer / laptop.

3. After being installed automatically the specifications of the computer / laptop will appear in the [1945995] Summary menu (on the left) and the specifications will appear as shown in the arrow (right). For detailed specifications, just click on the menu on the left (such as the operating system, CPU, RAM, motherboard, and so on).

 how to see the Windows 10 computer specifications

After reading and following the tutorial, hopefully add insight and also make it easier for you to see information about the specifications of your computer or laptop.

Judging from the two ways of looking at the computer specifications above, the first method is easier, faster and does not require software anymore. Because if you follow the second method you have to download and install software again, a little more complicated because you need more internet data to download and eat more memory storage for the software.


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