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2 How to Save TikTok Video to Android Android Gallery (Newest 2018)

Technology is a complex science. But thanks to technology anyway, all our activities can be helped and can be done more easily and efficiently. One of the things that is also not touched by technology is the field of entertainment.

If we are satisfied and even saturated with serious application applications like Office Suite or PDF, then continue with each other reply messages with messaging app, then it is not excessive if we then switch briefly to the application of lightweight applications that provide entertainment or entertainment. Some time ago netizens dihebohkan with applications such as Musically . But now apparently there are similar applications that are not less excited. The app is called Tiktok.

With this app, you can see the various acts of a unique netizen pattern. Starting from the funny to the peeve. It's really an exciting app type that will make you forget time. Often you even want to save the video in it. How to save TikTok video? Let's take a look at the article on how to save the TikTok video below.

How to Store Private Ticket Video

1. There are times when you also want to save a video that is on your own profile. To know how, first thing you have to do is to open TikTok application via application menu as exemplified in picture.

 how to save video tiktok

2. After opening the application, please select the profile icon. You will be directed to your own profile page. Then select one of your TikTok video files you want to save or download.

 how to save video tiktok

3. Open the video file. When playing a file, click horizontal dot icon at the bottom right.


4. Then it will exit window named Send To . Please select an icon that has the label Save locally .


5. The TikTok app will automatically download or download. Please wait until the file has been completely downloaded.


6. When you are done, you will see TikTok providing notifications and information about which folder the video is stored on HP.

 how to save the video of tiktok

Saving Ticket Video of Others' (19659005) 1. As you walk on the TikTok timeline, you will often feel attracted to the video presented and may feel like saving it for later to be shown or shared with the people closest to you. The way is easy enough. First open the TikTok app via the apps menu.


2. Once you open the app, you will be directed to a timeline that begins with some of the existing and famous users. If you feel like saving or downloading it, please click on the share icon you can find on the bottom right of the screen.

 click share

3. Next you will be directed to a window named Send To . To save or download it please click on the icon Save locally .


4. Then automatically TikTok application will make the process of downloading or storing the video file. Please wait until the download and save is complete.


5. Once completed, the TikTok application will provide a notification that contains information about the location of the folder or storage of the video file you just downloaded.


6. Please go to the folder that has been previously shown, it will look the video that you have previously downloaded and saved from the application TikTok.

Well readers, that way and steps you can do to save video files in TikTok application. Please try and if there is any difficulty in storing TikTok video in your HP gallery please ask through the comment box below.


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