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2 How to Record Android Screen with Extremely Easy (Newest 2018)

Screen Recorder is recording a screen on a gadget and then making it a video. Sometimes, you have to use a screen recorder for a need, for example. You can demonstrate the application being made, recording step by step using the application.

Usually, a screen recorder is used to make tutorial videos or record mobile games to application demos. However, the problem is that a screen recorder is not always available on every android we have. So that requires additional applications to do screen recording. What applications can be used to record screens? Come see the explanation of how to record the android screen below.

2 Ways to Record an Android Screen

The following are applications that can be used to record a smartphone screen.

1. Using the DU Recorder Application

1. First of all, you must download the application DU Recorder on the playstore.

 How to Record an Android Screen

2. After downloading, open the application. Then, a dialog pop-up will appear containing the command. Click Allow to allow DU Recorder to access photos, media and files on your device. Don't forget to click on the section. Don't ask again so that whenever you open the application again, the dialog box will not appear.

 How to record an android screen with sound [19659002] 3. After that, open the video that you want to record the screen. Now, the DU Recorder icon button is already on your smartphone screen. Click on the icon.

 How to record an android screen with sound

4. Next, click the start button marked with a red circle. Consider the picture below.

 How to record the Samsung Android screen

5. After the recording runs and you want to end it. Click on the red square.


6. Video has been recorded. You can edit the video or just see it. Click edit icon as shown below to edit the video.


7. Here I crop the image of the video. Click crop .

 how to record the xiaomi android screen

8. You can move the box according to the image you want. When finished, click OK .


9. Well, the results of the video you have cut will look like the picture below. Kl save to save the video.


10. You can see the video in the video list. Look at the picture below.


2. Using the Mobizen Application

1. First of all, you have to download the application Mobizen on the playstore.


2. Then, run the application. Click Welcom e .


3. Since this application is in the form of a premium that allows users to pay. You can use it for free by clicking T ry it for free .


4. To record the video, you can click on the mobizen icon that has been printed on the screen.


5. After that, click icon record on the menu that is available.


6. Then, click Allow to allow mobizers to access photos, media and files on your device.


7. Click Allow to allow mobizen to record sound.


8. Next, click Settings .


9. Activate the section Allow to display in other app's interface .


10. If you want to end the video for a certain duration, don't forget to click the square icon .


11. The screen has been successfully recorded. You can view the video by clicking Video list .


12. Next, click on the video section. Then there will be some videos that you have recorded before.


There are some explanations on how to record an android screen using the application above. Hopefully useful until it can be applied easily on every android user. Thank you and good luck!


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