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2 How to Open Gmail & Yahoo Email on HP Android (Latest 2018)

For Android users certainly have email is nothing new. Each user can certainly have an email when starting using Android. The current email may be an important identity in which it is useful in messaging and documents.

Emails are also often used in sending messages that are as formal as job applications. For you social media lovers also definitely need an email for login to your account is not it? The financial statements of your Bank can also be obtained from your official email. If translated, there are many benefits of owning email .

How to open email is very simple. You just have to enter your email and password . It is required that you remember your email and password before opening the email. However, if you have previously logged in an email application such as Gmail, you no longer need to enter the email and password . Then, do you know how to open an email on Android?

How to Open Email on Android

On this occasion, I will discuss how to open popular email used by people, namely Gmail and Yahoo on Android. Check out how to open the following email

1. Opening Gmail Email

Gmail is Google's built-in email feature. Gmail is one of the most popular email types today. You can open Gmail email on your Android, either directly through the Gmail app or through the browser . Here I will discuss how to open a Gmail email through the Gmail app and via Google Chrome browser.

1.1 Opening Gmail Emails via the Gmail App

Each Android has usually linked a primary Gmail email on the app Android. However, that does not mean you can not open another Gmail email. You can link some Gmail on your Android.

Here are the steps to open Gmail email through the Gmail app on Android.

1. Open the Gmail app on your Android. In that view will display a list of incoming email or inbox email connected to your Android. To open a new email, click menu icon designated by arrow like image below.

 how to open email

2. Click down arrow as dicotakin in the following picture.

 click the down direction

3. Select Add account .

 select add account 5. To open Gmail email, select the option Google .

 how to open email

6. Enter your Gmail email on this page. After that, click the NEXT .

 insert email

7. Then, enter your password or password your Gmail email. Click NEXT thereafter.

 insert password

7. If there is an access request after you succeed login then grant permission to your email. Click the ALLOW button as shown below.

 how to open email

8. Next, you'll find your new email has been successfully linked to Gmail. You can click on it to open your inbox .

 success login

1.2 Opening Gmail Emails via Google Chrome

Here are the steps to open Gmail emails via browser Chrome.

1. Open the Chrome app on your Android. Tap on the Search or type web address to enter searches for Gmail. If your Chrome opens another page, open a new tab. Or directly tap on the link address to type search

 open chrome

2. After the above view, the display will appear like the image below. Type in Gmail or gmail.com in the search field, and click as pointed at the arrow.

 how to open email on android

3. Next, you will be prompted to enter your Gmail email. If you find a page where you are required to choose one of the Gmail accounts you have used, select the Gmail email you want to open. If you do not find the Gmail email you opened in the email list, select Use Another Account . Continue by entering your Gmail email in the view as below. Click NEXT if you have finished entering your email.

 gmail email insert 4. Next, enter password or your Gmail email password on this page .

 gmail password insert 5. Finally, Gmail email successfully opened. You will be redirected to the inbox page of your Gmail email.

 success login

2. Open Yahoo Email through Google Chrome

How to open Yahoo email through Google Chrome is not much different from how to open Gmail email through Chrome. You should really know the set of emails and passwords that you want to open.

Here are the steps to open Yahoo email through Chrome

1. Open browser your Chrome. Tap on column Search or type web address to enter search

 open chrome

2. Type yahoo.com in the search field. Or if you have found a search suggestion, click it as directed in the image below.

 type link

3. Next, you will be on the Yahoo page. Click the account icon in the right corner as dicotaki on the picture.

 click to login

4. After that, select the option Email Sign in to directly open your Yahoo email.

 select incoming email

5. Before you can access your email, first enter your Yahoo email on the page like the following picture. After the email is entered, click Next .

 insert yahoo email 6. Then, enter password on the following page. After that, click the Sign in .

 insert password

7. Ok. You have successfully logged into your account. Page inbox Your Yahoo email will automatically open.

 login success

So some ways to open Gmail and Yahoo emails that you can apply for your purposes. If there is a response and suggestion, please input your comment below, yes. Thank you.


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