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2 How to Make Hyperlinks in PowerPoint (Complete + Images)

Users who are used to using PowerPoint may have often heard the term Hyperlink. In its use, hyperlinks are commonly used to make presentations more interesting. Usually, each slide will be displayed linearly via the Slide Show menu. That is, the first slide will automatically move to the second slide if we click on one of the keys on the keyboard .

However, with this hyperlink you can move from one slide to the next or even from the presentation slide to other file types. This hyperlink feature will be inserted a command to do the activity you want. So, how do I add hyperlinks in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Now, in this article I will explain how to add hyperlinks in Microsoft PowerPoint. The trick is quite easy. You just have to create a shape that will function as a button from this hyperlink. Or more clearly, please refer to the following steps.

How to Make a Hyperlink in Powerpoint

The hyperlink feature contained in a powerpoint presentation functions to connect between slides, slides to files or slide to websites through a command. For example, to move from the first slide to the second slide using the Next button that has been enabled using this hyperlink. Okay, see how to create a hyperlink in PowerPoint below.

First Choice: Hyperlink Between Files

Judging from the naming, of course this type of hyperlink functions to connect slides to other types of files or a website. For example, you connect a presentation slide with a PDF file type . Here's how to create this type of hyperlink.

1. Open the powerpoint presentation file on your computer.

2. First, make a shape that functions as a button used to execute commands. How, click the menu Insert> select Shapes . Select the shape of the shape you want. For example, here I choose the shape shape "Rounded Rectangle".

 how to create a hyperlink in PowerPoint

3. Then, to create a hyperlink on that shape, activate the shape first or look like the picture below. After that, return to the Insert> menu, select Hyperlink .

 how to create a hyperlink in PowerPoint

4. The Insert Hyperlink window will appear as shown. Then select the menu tab Existing File or Web Page because you want to add another file type. Here I will add the type of PDF file stored in the directory. When you have finished selecting the file, click OK .  how to create a hyperlink in PowerPoint 2007

5. Run the presentation slide through the Slide Show menu, then point the cursor to the shape that has the hyperlink inserted and click it then you will be directed to the PDF file that you have selected.

 how to create a hyperlink in PowerPoint 2010

Second Choice: Hyperlink in One File

This type of hyperlink will connect between slides contained in the same presentation file. For steps similar to the first type of hyperlink, it is only different in the section Insert Hyperlink .

1. First make a shape and place the shape on the slide you want. The method is the same, click the menu Insert> Shape .

 click the Insert menu> Shape "width =" 670 "height =" 440 "/> </p data-recalc-dims=

2. Activate the shape, then return to the Insert> Hyperlink menu.

 to the Insert menu> Hyperlink "width =" 670 "height =" 350 "/> </p data-recalc-dims=

3. When the Insert Hyperlink window opens, select the tab in This Document . I put the shape in the slide rules, and the hyperlink will be directed to the slide solution. When you have finished selecting the slide, click OK .

 Insert window Hyperlink open

4. Run the slide via Slide Show, click on the shape that has been inserted in the hyperlink then the command that will be executed moves to the next slide.

 the slide via Slide Show

Well, that's two ways to make hyperlinks in PowerPoint . Easy, right? You not only make hyperlinks that come from text only, but can come from image media. That is the article about how to create hyperlinks in PowerPoint. Hopefully useful so that you can make more interesting presentation slides.


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