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2 How to Hide a Drive Letter on a Drive Partition

The more technology develops rapidly, the size of memory provided is also very diverse. If you first want to save a file you have to be really economical because of the inadequate storage size for many files, then in this day and age users no longer bother to look for large storage capacity. As we know, the disk or storage area on the computer can be divided according to its partitions .

Thus, files can be placed or stored in accordance with a shared drive or partition. If we look at the entire drive partition on my computer or file explorer, then we will find different letters on each partition.

The letter or drive letter that each drive partition has , besides being able to be replaced, it turns out the letter or drive letter can be hidden. So that the drive letter or drive letter is like (C :), (D :), (E :), (F :), etc. can not be seen.

Then how to hide letters (drive letter) on the drive partition ? This article will tell you how to hide letters (drive letters) on the drive partition. Come on, see the review below.

2 How to Conceal the Letter (Drive Letter) on Drive Partitions

The drive can we change its name according to our wishes. So that your drive no longer has the name 'Local Disk'. By changing the name according to our wishes, of course this can facilitate us in remembering files stored in accordance with the partition. Even so, the letters or drive letters on the drive partitions still remain and may look less attractive.

By default, drive partitions will be labeled with letters (A-Z). In general, each drive that is partitioned or divided will be given a letter label starting from (C :), (D :), (E :), (F :), and so on. Usually, partition (C πŸ™‚ or primary partition is to store all application data installed on the computer. Although it does not rule out the possibility of storing it on another partition, the computer by default sets the partition (C πŸ™‚ as its storage .

Therefore, below it will tell you about steps -step hide letter (drive letter) on drive partition . The following is the view where the letter or drive letter is still present.

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A. Through Folder Options

1. The first step is open the File Explorer window or Windows Explorer or My Computer or This PC (depending on each computer). The trick, you can right-click on the Windows icon on the taskbar> then select File Explorer.

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2. Or you can also search for it from the search field or search. Select the search icon> then type File Explorer> then select File Explorer.

 2- open explorer

3. After File Explorer opens, please select the tab view > select Options > then select Change folder and search options .

 3 - select folder option

4. After that select the View tab.

 4 - select the view tab

5. Then delete the checklist on Show drive letters> then click OK .

 5 - remove the last show drive letter checkbox

6. Then the letter or drive letter has been hidden.


B. Through the Registry Editor

1. Open Run by pressing the Windows key + R on the keyboard simultaneously> then type regedit > then click OK or Enter.

 method 1 - open regedit

2. Next open the following paths: HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Microsoft [1945990]

 method 2 - open path

3. After that open the next path: Windows> CurrentVersion> Explorer [1945990]

 method 3 - open path

4. Then create the value ShowDriveLetterFirst if it doesn't already exist by right-click in the empty area of ​​the explorer path > then select New > then select DWORD (32-bit) Value . 19659002]  method 5 - for dword

5. Next for [1945913] the name value ShowDriveLetterFirst .

 way 6 - for the name

6. After that, please double click on the value ShowDriveLetterFirst.

 method 4 - double click

7. Then change the value of data manjadi 2 > then click OK . If you want to display it again, please change the data value to 0.

 method 7 - fill in number 2

8. Take a look at the drive partition, the letter or drive letter has been hidden.


It's easy not to hide the letter (drive letter) on the drive partition? Although this drive letter does not have much influence on user performance, but with things that are seen to be calming or interesting to be seen (different from usual) then it could be that your performance can be completed properly. Good partition management can make it easier for users to separate files according to their categories.

Articles about how to hide letters (drive letters) on drive partitions . Hopefully this article useful for you. Keep visiting Nesabamedia to get interesting and up-to-date information.


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