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2 How to Enable Bluetooth on Laptop / Computer Quickly

If you have a computer or PC, you are more likely to use it for various activities. Starting from office activities for various jobs, teaching and learning activities, and so forth. This is not surprising, considering the feature features present in this hardware can cover in almost all fields. One that you can use is a feature called Bluetooth.

Yes, Bluetooth. If the first feature is highly loved by HP users to exchange music files between HP one to another HP, over time computer also embed the feature in it. But the function of exchanging files is now more and more taken over by many features in third-party applications or precisely the innate application of the HP brand.

Even so this application or feature is still maintained, or even more massive use, both in HP and computer . If the first application is popularly used as a medium to exchange files, now its function is increasingly widespread. There are at least 6 Bluetooth functions that are currently widely used by the gadget community mania around the world.

The first function of Bluetooth, none other than and certainly not as a medium for sending and transferring files. This feature allows us to exchange data in a very practical and complicated wireless way. Then the next function, Bluetooth you can use to print a variety of documents by using wireless printer whose connections only use Bluetooth. You can now also use a wireless mouse or more often called Bluetooth wireless with the help of Bluetooth.

In addition to the mouse and printer, now you can also enjoy music wirelessly, because now has a lot of handsfree and speakers that support the performance without wires alias wireless and rely on Bluetooth performance support to connect it to a computer. Lastly, you can also use Bluetooth as a modem that allows you to stay connected to the internet.

2 How to Enable Bluetooth on a Laptop / Computers

The more sophisticated technology that now rely on Bluetooth as a network interface, makes Bluetooth more and more sought or used. That's why we want to help you to enable Bluetooth on your computer. There are 2 ways to enable bluetooth on laptop / computer that you can try, first through Setting and second through Device Manager.

1. Opening Bluetooth Through the Settings Menu

1. To open Start Menu then you can click on icon setting as shown in the picture below.

 how to enable bluetooth

2. Next you will be directed to the Windows Settings page. You can click Devices .

 how to enable bluetooth on laptop

3. You will then be directed to the Bluetooth & other Devices page. Please click Bluetooth & other device on the left tab. Click the sign under Bluetooth to enable this feature on your computer.


4. Now you can use this feature to run various wireless-based activities.

2. Enabling Bluetooth Through Device Manager

In addition to Windows Setting, you can also open and enable Bluetooth by using Device Manager . Steps on how to enable bluetooth on laptop / computer through device manager you can see below:

1. Next you go to Control Panel and select Hardware and Sound .

 how to enable bluetooth on laptop and computer

2. You will then be directed to Hardware and Sound page. Please click Device Manager as you can see in the picture below.

3. Next you will be directed to device manager page. Click on Bluetooth . There will be a warning sign on one of the Bluetooth icons as a sign that the feature is still disabled. To enable it, please right-click on the Bluetooth icon, then click Enable device .

4. You will see that the warning mark has been lost. That means Bluetooth feature has been used on your computer device

 how to activate bluetooth on asus laptop

So some ways to enable bluetooth on laptop / computer that you can try. You are free to choose which way you want to use, both ways above equally easy applied by anyone even for beginner. May be of benefit to you all.


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