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2 How to Create a Watermark in Word for Beginners (Complete + Picture)

If you are a computer user, especially a computer with Microsoft Windows operating system, then of course you will know or even familiar with one of Microsoft's application suite that is Microsoft Office.

Among other application applications, Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used. This document file creation program does have so many functions and features, this is a wealth of features that make it widely used by users from various circles. One is to make a report or document that is indeed a specialization of this program.

But living in a technology-laden world like this, the potential for theft also occurs in so many occasions and in various media. Not only are financial data losses, sometimes thieves also target documents that you have previously published on the internet . This theft was later better known as plagiarism . To avoid this kind of crime of plagiarism, you may be able to take some precautions. One of them is to add a watermark in every document you create.

Fortunately Microsoft through Microsoft Word also understands the importance of this. This is evident with the Watermark feature that you can embed in your Word document files. Here we will explain some ways to create watermarks in Word easily.

How to Create Watermark in Word (Image Form)

1. First of all you can open the Microsoft Word application on your computer.

2. Then select Ribbon Design> Watermark . There will be several watermark options that you can use. But since you want to add the image as a watermark, then select Custom Watermark .

 Image 002

3. Next you will be directed to a window named Printed Watermark . Click Picture Watermark then click the Select Picture button to select the image you want to display as a watermark.

 Image 003

4. After click Select Picture you will be redirected to another window. In this window you will be prompted to select where the source or source of your watermark image. If the image is on the computer, then click From a file .

 Image 004

5. Select the image you want to make the watermark, then click Insert .

 Image 005a

6. You will then be redirected back to the Printed Watermark window. Here you can adjust the scale of the image you want to display. Please click OK after finished selecting the drawing scale.

 Image 006

7. You will be able to see the image you selected earlier as a transparent watermark.

 how to create a watermark in a word

8. If you do not want a transparent result, you can unclick Washout before clicking OK .

 Image 008

9. Here are watermark results that are not washed out. The image will look sharper.

 Image 009

How to Create a Watermark in Word (In Text)

1. First of all please open the Microsoft Word application that exists on your computer.

2. Please select ribbon Design then navigate to the Watermark symbol. To create a watermark writing you want, please click Custom Watermark .

 how to make watermarks in word easily

3. Next will appear box or window Printed Watermark . Please select Text Watermark . You can fill in what text you want to display on your document sheet. You can also manage things from font type, size to shape and color. After finishing the watermark text, then click OK .

 Image 002

4. Something like this is the result.

 how to create a watermark in word 2016

5. But if you want to reinforce the color of your watermark, please go back to ribbon Design> Watermark> Custom Watermark . In the Printed Watermark window, please uncheck on Semitransparent then click OK .

 Image 004

6. Your watermark writing will look sharper like below

 how to create watermark in word text

So some steps and tips on how to create watermark in Word easily. Hopefully this article can be of benefit to you.


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