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2 How to Check the Actual Internet Speed ​​(100% Accurate)

The Internet seems to have become our primary need. Even very difficult to escape from the name internet . With the internet, we can easily get any information we want, download various files like music, videos, pictures and so on.

To access the internet you need to subscribe to internet services like Indihome, connect to wifi or use package internet berkuota. The speed of your internet connection depends on the service / package you use.

Of course the internet speed between provider A and provider B may be different, even 2 users using the same provider can also have different internet speeds. That's because of several factors such as location, phone or package used and so forth. In this article I will explain thoroughly on how to check internet speed accurately.

2 How to Check Internet Speed ​​

Maybe some people are curious about their internet speed. To do internet speed test is not difficult, you do not need to send SMS to the ISP / provider, let alone have to come all the way to Plaza Telkom (if you are user of Indihome / Speedy). Immediately, here's how to check the speed of the internet with ease. Not only easy, but also accurate.

# 1 Through PC or Laptop

The first I will explain about how to check the internet speed through your PC or laptop. There are many online tools that you can use but I would recommend Speedtest.net for being more accurate and reliable. Immediately see the way below:

1. Go to site Speedtest.net .

2. Then click the Go button to start testing your internet speed.

 Internet speed test

3. Wait a few seconds until the testing process is complete. After that you will get information about the speed of the internet that includes the speed Ping (ms), Download (Mbps) until Upload (Mbps)

 how to check internet speed

But it's not really download speed yes, that means there are other calculations you need to know, I'll explain more detail below.

# 2 Through HP / Mobile

To check your internet speed via mobile, can actually use the service from Speedtest.net but users have to install their APK first in playstore. Instead of wasting your phone's storage space for installing applications that are used only for internet speed tests, I'm looking for alternatives, using the online tool from SpeedTest.co.id .

1. Visit the site SpeedTest.co.id .

2. Next to perform your internet speed test, just click the Start Test .

 how to check wifi internet speed

3. Wait a while until information about your internet speed is measured from the speed Download Upload Ping and Jitter .

 checks the internet speed 4

Is the above data a true download and upload speed?

I will explain it briefly yes. MB (Megabyte) and Mb (Megabit) are different, 1MB (Byte) = 8Mb (bit). So suppose when you check your internet speed through the above and get the result that your download speed 10 Mbps. So to calculate it like this (Note: 1 Mbps = 1024 Kbps):

10 Mbps = 10240 Kbps / 8 = 1280 KB / sec .
So when you download the file, then the download speed is approximately 1280 KB / sec or 1MB / sec . Download speed is also influenced by the server where we download the file, if the server is only limit 500 KB / sec, so even though your download speed from the ISP 10 Mbps, then the download speed of the file from the server is max 500 KB / sec (because it is set from the file server side of it).

FUP policy for Indihome users also affects the download speed. Suppose your FUP limits are exhausted, even if you subscribe to 10 Mbps from Indihome, still, the download speed is quite slow and will not be up to 1 MB / sec (Quota FUP will be refreshed every month).

So that's how to check internet speed accurately. In the article above also I have explained about how to calculate the actual download speed. Hopefully the article above is easy to understand and useful for you. Thank you.


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