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2 How to Change Date Format in Excel for Beginner (Full)

In populating cell in Microsoft Excel as date, we are usually constrained by unmatched date format. Not infrequently the format changes after we write. Generally, the date format in Microsoft Excel follows the English writing format which begins with the month, then the date, and the year.

In contrast to the writing of Indonesia where the format of date writing starts from the date, then month, and year. Therefore, writing the date in Excel is done by following the default Excel format, which is English writing (m, d, y).

Typically, for writing the date that can be read by Excel will be instantly transformed into a format mm / dd / yyyy ( 12/30/2017 ) or dd-mmm ( 30-Dec ). This is automatically done by Excel when it finds date-writing formats like the example below.

If you do input:

  • 6/16/18 or 6-6-18 then Excel will convert it to 6/16/2018 meaning June 16, 2018
  • 6 / 16-Jun meaning June 16 [Tahun Saat Dituliskan].

The aforementioned writing is a date-writing format de fault Excel, where the writing starts from months instead of dates.

How to Change Date Format in Excel

Here, I use Microsof Excel 2016, not too much of a difference with the Excel type 2013, 2010, or others. You can still follow the steps in this discussion.

To change the format of your date writing in Excel, I encourage you to first check your date format whether it matches the default Excel or not. If your date writing matches default then you can change the format. The steps how to change the format in Excel is as follows.

1. Open your Excel file where there is a date you want to change the format. Suppose there is our date format like the picture below.

 how to change the date format in excel

2. Then select cell that you want to change the date format. Suppose I want to change the date format in the left column. Block all date columns that are on the left.

 select column

3. Next, press the Ctrl then 1 on the keyboard . This will bring up the Format Cells dialog box.

4. After that select tab Number then select Category Date . Select Type for the date format you want. You can scroll down to find the format you want. Then, you can see an example of the date format app in section Sample . When done, click the OK button to implement to your file. All these components you can see in the picture.

 how to change date format in excel for beginner

5. Your date format was successfully replaced in the format you chose.

 date format was changed

If you want to change the format into Indonesian form, you can follow the steps as above. In Format Cells, see the option in the Locale (l ocation) section that is under Type. Search Indonesian . Then the same way you can do as above by selecting the date format on Type and click the OK button to change the date format.

 select location [19659002] After that, if you find the date format changed to tags, do column widening on its cell . Sometimes, the date format is too long to appear as a row of tagar.

 set width wider

Well, the taggal format has been successfully replaced by Location: Indonesian.

 date in excel

Creating Custom Date Format

If you are not satisfied with the date format provided in Excel, or you do not find the format you want, you can create your own date format. To make it, consider the following steps

1. Perform step 1 to step 3 in the previous steps above.

2. After the Format Cells dialog box appears, select Custom for Category. Then, select the format on the available Type

 set format by custom You can edit the date format you want by using the code below.

 rule of format [19659002] After that, click OK to apply the new date format.

3. Furthermore, just like the previous step, if you find the date format changed to a row of tagar, do the widening cell or your column. Finally, your date format was successfully replaced.

 changed success


That's how I changed the date format in Excel. You can change the date format as you wish. Added by using the code rule available. If you have any suggestions and feedback on this discussion, please fill in the comment field below, yes. Thank you.


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