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2 How To Block Someone's HP Number on Android (Newest 2018)

In this era of technology, communicating activities become easier. How not, with a variety of media communication options, the distance as if just a word that is getting smaller meaning. But although there are various ways to communicate, making calls via mobile phone will still always be an option. Not to mention the various activities that still depend on the availability of the number on HP or phone respectively, making the provider HP number will not disappear so quickly.

With the increasingly vital role of HP's number, the more open the various potential threats made by unscrupulous individuals. irresponsible person by utilizing HP number. Starting from telemarketing that sometimes do not know the time, to the potential of fraud that would be very dangerous. That's why we want to share how to block someone else's HP number either manually or with third-party applications.

2 How To Block Someone's HP Number

To block someone's HP number through manual way can be practiced by anyone because the step – the steps are very easy. As for the second way, namely using the application, the way is also easy but with features that are much more complete. Immediately, see more below:

1. Blocking HP Numbers By Manual Mode

In this step, you can perform the blocking process directly by configuring your smartphone

1. First open your smartphone, then open Contacts .

 how to block no hp 2. On the list page or contact list, click the horizontal dotted three-point icon indicating the menu as shown below.

 how to block other peoples no hp

3. In the menu window, select it and click Spam block .

 click Spam block

4. Then you will be redirected to the Call / Messaging blocking window. Please click Call / Messages blocking service to enable blocking feature of one or more HP numbers from contacting you either via phone or messaging. Continue with the click List Management .

 click Call / Messages blocking

5. Next you will be faced with a window named List Management . In this window, you will see two tabs named tab Blacklist and tab Whitelist . On the Blacklist tab, you will see a list of HP numbers that will not be able to contact you either via phone or message. To add the number you want to block, please click the add icon at the bottom right.

 click the plus icon at the bottom right

6. Next will pop out the pop up box. In the pop up box there are two options you can use to block. In the Import from Contacts option, you will be able to block any previous HP numbers you have stored in your contact list. While the Add manually option is available, you can block any previously unhanded HP numbers that are not already in the contact list.

 Options Import from Contacts 7. Here is a sample view if you select Add manually . Fill in the HP number and the corresponding name, then click the check mark to block the HP number.

 chose Add manually

8. If you want to block the existing HP number in the contact list, please click Import form Contacts .

 click Import form Contacts

9. Then you will be directed to a window containing your HP contact list. Please select one of the HP numbers you want to block.

 select one of the HP numbers you want to block

10. Then the system will automatically read it and process your request. You will be directed to the List Management window with one notification Completed: 1 Failed: 0 which means the process of blocking the HP number is successful.

 notification Completed: 1 Failed: 0

2 . Blocking Mobile Number With Call Blocker Application

In this step, you can perform blocking process by using a third party application called Call Blocker . Download first application here .

1. First of all please open your smartphone, then open the application menu section. Select app Call Blocker .

 Call Blocker app

2. Once the application is open, you will be presented with a view like below.

 open application

3. Then, move to the Blocking tab and click on Blocking to enable blocking as shown below.

 move to Blocking tab and click on Blocking

4. Move to the tab Blacklist Please click the icon add to do the blocking.

 Move to Blacklist tab

5. Next will pop up box appears. This pop-up box contains various choices of different ways or methods of blocking. From call log you can choose if you want to block any number in history your phone. Form contacts you can choose if you want to block the existing HP number on the contact list on your mobile phone, Input number if you want to block the mobile number you know and memorize the number, then Begins With you can choose if you want to block an HP number that has an identical initial number.

 how to block someone's HP number

6. Here we will block one of the existing HP numbers in contact, then we select From contacts . Then a new window will appear containing a list of contacts in your phone. Select one by checking the box and then click the check icon at the bottom right of the screen.

 select Form Contacts

7. Next you will be directed to the blacklist window. The contacts you have selected previously have been listed on the blacklist.


These are some ways of blocking HP numbers either by using manual methods or with the help of third-party applications. If I am private, just using the first way is more than enough but if you want a more complex arrangement, the second way becomes the answer. Hopefully these tips can be a benefit for you.


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