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17 Ways to Edit Anime Videos To Escape Copyright using Camtasia Studio

Currently, the Youtube platform
become a strong magnet for some circles. This can be seen with
many new Youtuber who decorate the homepage on Youtube. One of the reasons
people want to be Youtuber is to get additional income as well
channeling his hobby.

One of the frequent hobbies
appeared on various Youtube videos is anime. Anime is a cartoon film
originating from Japan. Since the development of computer networks can be reached by
people, now many anime fans are easy to access the anime
liked it.

Many things were done
by the fans in channeling their hobbies in the field of anime like being
comic artists, cosplay, making fan art, cover songs to make creative videos
uploaded to Youtube. However, since Youtube introduced rights regulations
copyright, all content on Youtube that is not original work, will be very vulnerable
violating copyright. This also applies to people who upload
anime to Youtube.

Therefore, if you are
really want to create creativity from the anime you like and want to upload it
to Youtube, you must know what parts need to be edited.

  • Edit the video pieces

Things that often violate copyright
on Youtube is uploading the original video without editing at all. That matter
of course it is one of copyright infringement. Therefore, for
You can escape copyright, you have to edit anime videos as creatively as possible. You
can only take a few pieces of the image and then reprocess so
produce new videos. For this, you need to have skills in editing videos. try
use the 1945912 application
android edit video for Youtube or using various
video editing software on PC.

  • Edit voices in anime videos

Besides the visual part, the sound
also must be edited. The sound of music in the anime also goes into
in copyright, especially in the opening and ending. Therefore
if you want to upload an anime it's better not to upload parts
opening and ending. However, if you still want to upload with the opening
and the ending, then you have to edit it. Same as the first point,
You have to edit it by changing the sound or also using the version
the remix. Try using the application
song cutters on Android or using the application
combining songs on Android . For computers, you can too
study the [1945916] application
edit voice video recording .

Basically, only two things make the anime video vulnerable to copyright. If you are not very good at editing videos, you can try using a software called Camtasia Studio. this software can be an alternative for you who want to edit anime videos and audio. Don't worry about some tools that look complicated in a video editing software. This Camtasia Studio software uses features that are very easy to edit audio and video so you no longer need to use separate software. For how to do this, here are the steps.

  1. First of all, you have to download it first. Look for it
    on Google using the keyword "Camtasia Studio".
  2. After you have downloaded it, the next step
    intal the software as usual.
  3. If you have, open the software.
  4. After successfully opening it, you will see the display
    the beginning of the Camtasia Studio software. Now click on the "import media" section.
  5. After that, you have to find the video you want
    to edit.
  6. If you have found it, click twice or you can
    also by clicking "Open."
  7. If it is already, then the video will automatically enter
    in Clip bin. Right-click on the video section then select "Add to timeline at
    playhead. ”
  8. Next, for the audio section, you can edit it
    on the "Audio" icon.
  9. A page will appear that contains features
    you can use to be able to edit audio. In this audio section, you can
    created with your own taste.
  10. For the edit section
    video, you can use video editing by increasing the speed of the speed. For example,
    You want to increase the speed to 110% or even more. The trick
    is right-click on the timeline that already has video and then select "Clip
    Speed. This is where you can adjust the video speed.
  11. To edit
    in the vius section, click the icon that says "more" and click on the "Visual
    Properties. "
  12. Later visual effects will appear for you
    create it yourself.
  13. If you want
    throw away the opening and ending of an anime, things can be done. The trick is
    pull the timeline line to the last intro section.
  14. After that, click the "Split" icon, then the intro section
    automatically separate.
  15. After that, you can remove the intro section
    or can also be re-created.
  16. If editing the video has finished, then click on the section "Procedure
    and share ". Later you have to follow the instructions until it's completely finished.
  17. Edited video is complete.

That's 17 ways to edit videos
anime to escape copyright by using Camtasia Studio. Basically,
Youtube will only crack down on accounts that upload videos that are too similar to
the copyright owner's video or the cool term is reupload. Therefore,
if you want to learn more deeply, you can read how to get away
Youtube copyright and causes
Youtube videos are blocked in various countries . Hopefully it can provide benefits.


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