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15+ Examples of Certificate of Income, Domicile Etc. [+Doc]

To propose a wish, scholarships, research and other matters will certainly require various types of files to support the achievement of goals.

So preparation for completing files is very necessary in this matter. For this reason, the process of completing files is also not allowed to be arbitrary and at will.

Because not all files can be obtained by themselves, there is interference from other people or other parties. Therefore, the existing procedures need to be considered and obeyed to complete the required files.

Collection of Examples of Certificates

One of the files required for various purposes is a statement . This letter is usually used to make a statement stating that the person really has the data in the original and is not made up. The following are some examples of statements that are often used and needed:

1. Example of Income Statement

When you work in a company or agency, you will usually get income every month. This income is a form of [1945915] reward from the hard work you have done in becoming an employee or employee of the company.

Sometimes in several activities or submissions, there is a file of income statement that you must provide. Now this income statement you will get can be asked to the office administration department or so on. The following is an example of income statement:

 Example of Income Statement

2. Example Work Certificate for KPR

When you are oriented or willing to buy a house. So, you must have planned it carefully. One of the files that you must complete is a work certificate to apply for a mortgage.

You can request this letter directly to the place where you work, and express the need for this letter to be used to apply for a mortgage. The following is an example of a work certificate for KPR:

 Certificate of Employment for KPR

3. Example Certificate of Domicile

Domicile is a term for someone to settle in an area. So if you are not an original person from the area and you want to settle in that area, then you will need this domicile certificate as proof that you really live in the area.

This domicile certificate can also be used to prove that someone really actually lives in the area intended in the letter. So the truth of the letter can be justified. The following is an example of a domicile certificate:

 Example of Certificate of Domicile

4. Example of Business Certificate

When going to run a business, such as opening a shop or other business, of course, it will require several documents so that the business is legal and official and does not violate applicable laws in Indonesia.

effort that can be obtained at the relevant institution. This letter is needed to explain that the business you are running is a legally authorized business and in accordance with applicable laws in Indonesia. The following is an example of a business certificate:

 Business Certificate

5. Examples of School Certificate

When we are in school, of course there will be many things that make us need a school certificate. This letter is usually used to hear clearly that you are really a student or student from that school. This letter can be used for the purposes of registering scholarships, internships in companies and other needs. The following is an example of a school certificate that can be used:

 Examples of School Certificates

6. Example of Moving School Certificate

Moving a school can be a natural thing because it usually follows parents who are moved to place by their work place. In addition, other things usually happen that require students to change schools. So when this happens, the old school must issue a certificate of transferring school.

The purpose of this letter is to prove the recommendation to the new school that the student really wants to move and not be affected by the problem. The following is an example of a school transfer certificate:

 Certificate of Moving School

7. Examples of Lecture Certificates

Likewise when you are at school level, while in college also still need a lecture certificate for some things that need the file.

So when someone needs the letter, it is certain that the letter will be used as one of the supporting files of the agenda or event to be achieved from students, one example of which is an internship, scholarship, and so on. The following is an example of a lecture certificate:

 Lecture Certificate

8. Example Internship Certificate

Internship or practical work is one of the great and best experiences to have while still in school or college.

With the experience of internships in the company, we can indirectly get experience of working life directly.

One file obtained from an internship is an apprenticeship certificate or it can also be an internship certificate. Where with the existence of this letter, then someone has been recognized that has carried out an internship at the company. The following is an example of an internship certificate:

 Example of Internship Certificate

9. Example of Graduation Certificate

A certificate of graduation or can be referred to as SKL becomes one of the files needed to continue school or register when a diploma has not been legally issued.

With this letter we are acknowledged that we have completed school studies we seek knowledge or universities. So that the existence of this letter can be used as a substitute for a diploma temporarily. The following is an example of a certificate of graduation;

 Graduation Certificate

10. Examples of Company Certificates

In work life, such as in a company or other environment, it will certainly require several documents to complement the company established legally and officially. One of the documents is a company certificate.

Where this document is used as legal and official evidence that the company operates legally and does not violate applicable laws. The following is an example of a company statement:

 Company Certificate

11. Examples of Not Affordable Certificates

Not all Indonesian people are people with middle to upper status. However, there are still many middle-class people in Indonesia.

One example for education, many middle-class people continue to struggle in order to continue their education to a higher level. One of them is the scholarship.

This scholarship usually requires a certificate that is unable to complete the administrative requirements, so that as a middle to lower society, it can submit the letter to the local village so that it can be used to register for the scholarship. The following is an example of a certificate of incapability:

[19459959] Letter of Inadequate Information ” width=”601″ height=”922″/>

12. Example of Work Experience Certificate

Having work experience is very important to have because it can be used as evidence that can be written in curriculum vitae or job application letter. This certificate of work experience can be obtained when someone has worked in a certain company or institution with a minimum set time. The following is an example of a work experience certificate:

 Certificate of Work Experience

13. Examples of Heir Certificates

A certificate of heir is a letter that can be used to explain the heirs appointed to obtain their rights regarding heirs. With this letter, a person appointed as an heir becomes legal and official as an heir. The following is an example of a certificate of heirs that can be used:

 Certificate of Active Teaching

14. Example Certificate of Active Teaching

Profession as a teacher becomes a very noble and good thing because it can spread various useful information to many people.

With the existence of people who work as teachers this can be one of our places to seek knowledge and get many new opportunities to gain new knowledge. For this reason, sometimes the active teaching certificate can be used as evidence that someone is truly active in teaching. The following is an example of an active teaching certificate:

 Certificate of Heirs

15. Sample Certificate Not Married

Unmarried certificates are usually used for unmarried people who want to find work. Where, this letter is used to explain as written evidence that a person is truly unmarried. The following is an example of an unmarried certificate:

 Certificate Not Married

With the existence of several examples of certificates that can be used as reference examples to make a certificate in accordance with their respective objectives and functions. Hopefully this article will be useful for you.


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