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14 Steps and How to Check the Oppo Warranty

Mobile phones are different from cellphones a few years ago. The development of computer networks helped make cellphones also experience growth. Starting from the side of a more specific function for communication purposes only, now it has developed into one of the tools for everyday life.

Just mention the smartphone technology that you can get
reached by several groups of people. Starting from children to adults
already able to use how to work on a smartphone. Starting from just entertainment
arrived at business needs.

Currently there are many smartphone brands circulating in the community. Smartphones with the Android Operating System to the IOS Operating System can now be purchased in an easy way. Apart from the advantages and disadvantages of the Android OS Android-based smartphones are very popular with the public. Of the many outstanding brands of Android smartphones, there is one brand that is enough to grab the attention of the public, namely Oppo.

Oppo is one of the Android smartphone brands
quite a lot of sales in the community. Many strategic places
trade this smartphone. Apart from indeed the price is quite affordable,
the quality is also not inferior to other brands.

Same with other electronic devices, Oppo too
include an official guarantee that you can get when buying items
still new. Usually to see the guarantee is to look at the section
receipt of purchase. But what if the purchase receipt is gone? Moreover,
You really need information about whether the cellphone is still under warranty
or not.

For that problem you don't need to worry, actually Oppo has a secret that you can use to find out the warranty. Here's how to check the Oppo warranty for you.

  1. The first thing to do is make sure the cellphone is active. If the battery has run out, the charger should be done first.
  2. If you are ready, open dial phone or the application used for the telephone. In general, you can find dial phones on the home screen.
  3. When the dial phone application is found, open the application and type the code with serial * # 06 # on the screen.
  4. If you enter the code correctly, it will appear a number. The number is the IMEI number of the cellphone itself.
  5. After you have succeeded in getting the check the IMEI immediately on paper, or you can also do a screenshot
  6. when the cellphone IMEI number has been obtained, next is to open the Oppo site.
  7. To open the Oppo site, visit oppo-id.custhelp.com.
  8. If you succeed, the main page of the Oppo site will appear.
  9. After that, click the menu that says " Status Warranty. "
  10. If successful, you will enter the page containing the box that you have to fill in with the IMEI number and also the validation code.
  11. First is to input the IMEI number that you have already received and then enter also the validation code.
  12. If so, click "Check Now"
  13. If you do it correctly, the results will appear in the form of product model, IMEI number, warranty status, and mobile insurance status.
  14. That's where you will find out whether the cellphone still has a warranty or has expired.

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Although the Oppo smartphone's warranty is still valid, Oppo has rules when the cellphone the warranty still applies or not. You can see these rules below.

  1. If damage is caused by a user or accident, then the warranty can still be used. Examples are just like a dropped cellphone, cracked screen, wetness, and other damages.
  2. The warranty cannot be used if the cellphone has been disassembled, repaired or tampered with by a party not from Oppo itself.
  3. The warranty cannot be used if cellphone has been done by the root system. That is to open the source code in order to add applications, delete applications from Oppo or also give certain codes on the cellphone.
  4. If you buy an Oppo cellphone but not accompanied by a warranty card and purchase receipt, the warranty on the cellphone is considered non-existent and also the cellphone is considered an unofficially circulated cellphone.
  5. Additional accessories on cellphones such as batteries, chargers, data cables, and earphones have a different warranty. For batteries, chargers and data cables a six-month warranty is provided. Whereas for earphones only a warranty of around three months is only given. The warranty is also given if there is damage caused by the user's negligence such as cracking, breaking, or breaking.
  6. If the problem is found in the software on the cellphone and wants to renew, the renewal will not be charged a penny because it is included in the warranty from Oppo
  7. If the cellphone is severely damaged in the hardware component, you can exchange it for a new product with the maximum condition of the cellphone being purchased before seven days.

That's how to check the Oppo warranty using a secret code. To prevent cellphones from entering the service room, you should be able to take care of the best cellphone you have. Because the price for servicing and changing its components is not cheap.

Try for small things like how to keep the Android battery durable . Because the problem most often damaged on Android is the battery. Hopefully this article can be useful for you all.


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