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12 Computer Parts You Need to Know (+ Function)

Maybe in this world there are no people who don't know computers. Computers have become a necessity because of the benefits that facilitate our work.

Even though laptops are now available, the use of computers is still needed for several reasons. One of them is the process of upgrading a computer that is easier than using a laptop where you have to break the seal first.

If it is a computer, you can immediately replace it with the device you are replacing. Then what are the computer parts? Below we will give an explanation to you about what parts are in a computer that are actually not much different from the parts that are in laptops, netbooks, or notebooks.

Computer Parts

1. Casing

 Computer Parts - Computer Cases

The first computer part we will explain is the case. Casing is one of the hardware that is useful as a home of all the devices in the computer. The function of the casing is also to protect the device inside from being exposed to dust or dirt. Some devices are in the casing such as motherboard RAM, processor, power supply, etc.

Generally the casing has a box shape with a width of approximately 30 to 40 cm. For its own length reaches 50 to 60 cm. But there is also a case that becomes one with the monitor so that the shape of the case varies.

2. Motherboard

 computer parts

Motherboard or also known as mainboard is an important part in a computer. If the casing is the home of all the hardware that is in the computer, but the motherboard is home to several core devices in the computer and becomes a container and a path. Some hardware that is on the motherboard such as RAM processor, heatsink, etc.

All components installed on the motherboard do have an important role so that when one experiences a problem. So the computer is almost certainly not going to work properly.

3. CPU


CPU is an abbreviation of Central Processing Unit which is part or place to process data. When compared to the human body, the CPU is a brain that plays a role in processing all commands given by the user. The CPU has an important role in regulating and controlling all computer activities, both receiving and outputting input to the screen.

CPU development is also getting better and better. This is proven by the number of CPUs that have very high speeds. But the price you have to pay is also in accordance with the quality.

4. RAM


RAM is an abbreviation of Random Access Memory in which this part of the computer has a role that is no less important than the processor or CPU. Then what is the function of RAM? Its function is to store temporary data where the data is obtained from the hard drive, data from the program, or data that comes from input or output.

You need to know that RAM works in tandem with the processor where the data stored will then executed or processed by the CPU so that it is then able to display images or visuals to the screen. There is plenty of RAM capacity available and the longer the RAM capacity has also increased.

5. VGA Card

 Computer Parts - VGA Card

VGA or Video Graphics Array is another name for a graphics card. This graphics card is a graphic storage media where it receives commands from the processor to process data which is then displayed in visual form. Some well-known VGA Card brands include: NVIDIA GeForce, ATI Radeon, Intel HD Graphics, etc.

6. Monitor


Montor is a computer part that acts as an image or output viewer. There are three types of monitors available. The first is called the monitor tube, the second is called the LCD, and the third is called the LED.

7. LAN / Wi-Fi Card

 Wi-Fi Card

What is LAN or Wi-Fi Card ? Both of these computer hardware are useful for connecting between computers to an LAn or Wi-Fi connection.

8. Sound Card

 computer parts

Sound card is also a computer part that is used to display output in the form of sound or sound. Sound cards come in various shapes and brands. This sound card also includes an external part so that even if it is not installed in the computer, your computer can still function properly.

9. Hard drive / SSD

 hard disk

What is a hard drive? Maybe one of the computer parts on this one is familiar to you. Hard drive is a part that is used to store data permanently.

Similar to RAM, the capacity of hard disk or HDD is also increasing. In addition, there are many well-known hard drive brands such as Samsung, Seagete, and so on. Not to mention that there is now a new version of the hard drive called SSD that works similar to a flash drive.

10. Optical Drive

 optical drive

Optical Drive is one of the external computer hardware. This means that even if this device is not installed your computer will still be able to run. What function? The function of the optical drive is to read data in the form of a CD or DVD.

11. Power Supply

 Computer Parts - power supply

Power Supply is a part that also has a major influence on the running of computers. Similar to its name, PSU or Power Supply functions as a place or receptacle for electric power when your computer is first plugged in. Power Supply requirements also depend on the needs of the computer itself.

If you want a gaming computer, then the power supply you use is certainly different from the power supply for typing or doing assignment needs.

12. Keyboard / Mouse

 Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard or mouse are two computer hardware including input devices. Both of these devices are also external devices so that even if your computer doesn't have one or both of them installed, it still works. As with other parts, this computer part also has a variety of well-known brands and the price is also diverse.

Those are the computer parts that we need to know about. Hopefully the above article is useful and easy to understand!


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