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11 The Most Easy-to-Use Karaoke Karaoke Application

Music is an art that comforts almost everyone. For those of you who like to be creative, edit a variety of songs and combine it with some applications is fun. In addition, karaoke became a hit thing a few years ago. For those of you who like or hobbies singing, karaoke will be great fun. In addition, karaoke can be an event to bersosial with family, colleagues, and friends. But karaoke takes time, money, and opportunities so you can not do it all the time. For those of you who love karaoke, now you can karaoke with your android phone without spending much cost with the application without. Lots of applications available for those of you who like to work on music. For example app for song cutters on android piano app for laptop If you are creative, there are several ways to make songs into karaoke songs.

Karaoke apps have now been made widely, online or offline. Lots of karaoke apps available for laptops or PCs. This application is provided for those of you who like music and singing. With these apps, you do not have to make a deal with your friends to karaoke because it can be done anytime. In addition, karaoke with this android app is cheaper than karaoke in karaoke place because you only have internet quota capital. Even now many karaoke applications provide offline services. Here are some of the most popular quota karaoke apps among teenagers:

1. SING! Karaoke By Smule

Who does not know the karaoke application of a million people. SING! Karaoke By Smule initially can only be used karaoke via audio only. But this application continues to develop so that now can be used to record video as well when you karaoke. You can also karaoke with 2 or three of your friends. For online use, Smule allows you to get lots of friends and likes if you upload your karaoke results. Now you can download certain songs to be able to sing offline.

SING! Karaoke By Smule provides sound effects feature as well. For example studio effect, room, and so forth. The tracks are pretty complete. Without having a premium account, you can karaoke for hours with Smule.

2. Yokee Karaoke Sing & Record

Karaoke Sing & Record has many designers. One of them is Yokee. Having a size of 18 MB, you can karaoke and record it. The results of your singing can also be shared to social media. You can enjoy Yokee Karaoke Sing & Record by connecting Youtube directly. To anticipate quota saving, first download videos on Youtube in offline mode. That way you can karaoke with quota saving

3. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

This red-designed karaoke app allows you to record both audio and video. With a size of 18 MB, you can karaoke with quota saving mode. Special, you can duet with friends and give audio effects to your voice. This is why Red Karaoke Sing & Record has many users. The number of downloads or users of this app has reached 7 million people worldwide.

Another reliable feature in this Red app is the presence of Chromecast. Chromecast is a feature where you can enjoy karaoke on your Smart TV. You do this by plugging Chromecasts on the HDMI port on your TV. Your karaoke will be more relieved on the big screen.

4. SingPlay: Karaoke You

The karaoke app without the next quota is SingPlay. This application is designed by NextStreaming Corp and can be obtained for free in the play store. Measuring about 13 MB, you can karaoke as much as SingPlay. In addition, you can record your karaoke with mp3 format. Another interesting feature is that you can adjust the tempo and music tone to your liking.

5. Karaoke Offline Dangdut

Karaoke dangdut song has its own preoccupation. Dangdut songs usually make the atmosphere of karaoke more festive. Now you can karaoke dangdut songs as much as possible with this Offline Dangdut Karaoke app. In addition to quota savings because this application is offline app, you can also record your karaoke in audio and video formats. That's why the size of the application designed by Petakalet has a slightly larger size of about 46 MB.

6. StarMaker

The karaoke app without the next quota is StarMaker. With a size of 28 MB, this application is designed by StarMaker Interactive and can be found in the playstore for free. This karaoke without vocal app makes it easy for you to collaborate with your friends. Features provided by the StarMaker application quite complete, ie there are audio and video filters. Recording feature you can use to store your karaoke results and menshare it in your social media.

7. The Voice: On Stage

Having the same designer with StarMaker, The Voice is a karaoke app with no quota you should try. You can sing hits songs that become the main feature of this application. Features a sound filter effect you can use to enhance your karaoke recordings. In addition to audio, The Voice can record your karaoke videos. This application also allows to share your song to social media.

8. KaraFun – Karaoke Singing

Has a simple look, KaraFun application has a fairly light weight. Features that complement this application is the control tempo, offline sync, and the use of not complicated because the display is very simple. Although lightweight, KaraFun features the Chromecast, a feature that lets you karaoke directly on your Smart TV. Connect your Chromecast via the HDMI port on your TV.

9. Gaao Bollywood & Hindi Karaoke

Though lightweight, you can record your karaoke in the form of audio and video. As the name implies, Gaao Bollywood & Hindi Karaoke provides many Indian songs. In addition to other regional songs are also available in this application. For example the songs Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Malaysia, Bengali, and Kannada. This application is suitable for those of you who are learning to sing the genres.

Gaoo provides audio effects feature when you karaoke. With your creativity to edit audio and video, you can share your karaoke results to social media.

10. Mini Karaoke

As the name suggests, Mini Karaoke has a very small capacity of about 2.7 MB only. This app is designed by Giant Land and you can get it for free on your playstore. Because this app is lightweight, the songs available are not as many as the other apps. Mini Karaoke provides songs that are popular only.

11. Magicsing MP3s

Magicsing designed by Entermedia Co Ltd has a size of approximately 18 MB. You can karaoke and pick many songs from around the world that are popular. A special feature of this application is the guitar. So you can karaoke while playing the guitar by displaying the guitar cord. You will be able to get your acoustic version perfectly using Magicsing.


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