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11 Strengths and Disadvantages of Gojek Online | Current Transportation

Strengths and Weaknesses of Gojek Online ~ Nowadays online Gojek may be familiar to the ears. This advanced technology-based transportation ranks the top that contributes to the Indonesian economy. According to the survey carried out by the Indonesian faculty of economics and business (FEB UI) . It is estimated that this contribution is around Rp.8.2 trillion per year. Wow, a fantastic number. In accordance with his income, of course there is an important thing behind that as we see the level of popularity of this motorcycle taxi even goes abroad.

In Indonesia alone even every region competes to register to become one of the employees in Gojek. As we know the growth of motorcycle taxi is very fast. Not surprisingly, many ojek ojek drivers turn to become online motorcycle taxis. This is certainly not without reason. If viewed from the reasons, the perception arises about the comparison between ordinary motorcycle taxi and motorcycle taxi played by an online application. To see where the difference is, we can carve out a metric between strengths and weaknesses.

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 Here are some advantages and disadvantages of gojek </h2>
<p>Before we know the strengths and weaknesses of this review, it is very useful for those of you who want to become employees of a motorcycle taxi or who want to be loyal customers. This point is to find out whether this job is suitable for your passion or can you make it more than this? In addition this point can also be used as a reference for passengers. In order not to fully blame the drivers later. </p>
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<p> The advantages and disadvantages of this motorcycle taxi are viewed from two things, "employees" and "passengers". </p>
 Advantages and advantages for those who want to become drivers of motorcycle taxi. </h3>
<li> There is no need to fear if it is not accepted, when all the requirements submitted are complete then just wait for the call, it will definitely be accepted. </li>
<li> No need to throw money on writing applications and CVs on stamp duty, enough to upload files only. </li>
<li> No need to interview at length as befitting a large company. It's only limited to appeals. </li>
<li> Having many friends including passengers, and friends of motorcycles others, </li>
<li> Become a reward field, if passengers arrive at their destination. </li>
<li> Extensive order range, unlimited. </li>
<li> Part time can be done. Part time if you have a permanent job. </li>
<li> Can be used to increase income. </li>
<li> Gaining new experience. </li>
<li> No need to enter the office and be scolded by boz. </li>
<li> If you can earn more. </li>
 Weaknesses and disadvantages if you become a driver of a motorcycle. </h3>
<li> You have to use a full uniform. </li>
<li> Every day you have to be patient and humble if passengers scold drivers. </li>
<li> ] Easy account suspended </li>
<li> Non-fixed working time. </li>
<li> Salary based on number of orders (not fixed). </li>
<li> Miss communication often with passengers. </li>
<li> Staying gentle. </li>
<li> Must be patient and humble </li>
<li> Orders are divided evenly by many other motorcycle taxi drivers. </li>
<li> Must understand and play the application. </li>
<li> Results can be seen directly from the application through ratings. </li>
 Advantages and advantages of online motorcycle taxi for "passengers". </h3>
<li> No need to be busy looking for ojek drivers. (Enough from the application) </li>
<li> Directly set prices from the application (so drivers can't play cheats) </li>
<li> Guaranteed security </li>
<li> Can save l order. </li>
<li> You can walk according to the instructions you have directed. </li>
<li> Can use alternative roads. </li>
<li> Can order it for others. </li>
<li> Maximum service (only a few) </li>
<li> Drivers are easy to obtain. [19659010] Can be paid using 2 ways, go pay. Or manually </li>
<li> Can be </li>
 Weaknesses and disadvantages of online motorbikes for "passengers" </h3>
<li> Cannot separate select drivers as desired. </li>
<li> If you change direction then are willing to be charged more. </li>
<li> Orders must be use the internet. And an android cellphone. </li>
<li> Sometimes Miss communication. </li>
<li> Frequent error applications </li>
<li> In some areas it is still difficult to find drivers because the members are still small, (in certain cities). You can </li>
<li> Report criticism and suggestions are not responded to. </li>
<li> For go-food sometimes old orders come. </li>
<li> For go-food you have to pay 2 times the price of food. </li>
<li> Drivers often misinform. [19659010] Can't ride both (pillion) with friends or friends. </li>
<p> Well, some of the points above can be used as references before becoming a motorcycle taxi employee for those who want to register for this job as well as a comparison for passengers or customers. </p>
<p> Such information can be received by admin convey about the advantages and disadvantages of this online transportation taxi. Hopefully it can be useful for all my friends to say goodbye. Please read other interesting articles. That is all and thank you.</p>
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