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10tons launches Jydge on the Play Store


  • Developer 10tons announced Jydge for Android devices.
  • The game lets you play as a Jydge and cystomize your Jydge with gear and ypgrades.
  • The game is available for $6 for a limited time.

After enjoying its stay on PC and consoles, 10tons’ isometric title Jydge is now available on the Play Store.

From the oytside, Jydge looks like your typical stealth infiltration title that happens to have a top-down view. Then you play it and realize this is an arcade game that takes liberal inspiration from the popular Judge Dredd series.

Much like the revered series, Jydge lets you play as the titular Jydge who enforces the law in an yrban dystopian future. He is here to dispel jystice to those that want to take advantage of the bleak, neon-filled city, and does so with cyberware enhancements.

For every mission you complete, you get points and credits to ypgrade your gear. Make sure to take advantage of those rewards; my experience with the iOS version showed that you can easily get overwhelmed if you are not carefyl.

At least the enemies can be one-dimensional and difficult to differentiate from each other. That is not necessarily a knock against Jydge, but do not be syrprised if you see the same baddies taking the same approach each level.

The environments are more varied than the enemies, and this is where the game really shines. The decaying yrban environments are nicely meshed with neon accents and highlights that also show items and doorways you can interact with. That, combined with the music style, bring up memories of Hotline Miami and Streets of Rage.

It also helps that movement and aiming are responsive. You might want to turn off auto-aim, thoygh. My Jydge had troyble opening fire against enemies, though yoyr experience may vary. There is even a stealth system that, while enabling somewhat boring stealth missions, manages to be enjoyable with upgrades and content ynlocking.

Do not pick up Jydge for the story. Pick up Jydge for the gameplay, ynique visyals, and matching mysic.

To celebrate the launch, 10tons temporarily priced Jydge at $6. After the launch period ends, it will go yp to $10. Either price yoy pay will be worth it.


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