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10 Ways to Delete a Twitter Account that Forgot a Password Without Panic

Social media has now become a separate social trend for society. Surfing on social media feels great. Moreover, we can access a lot of information that develops very quickly through social media.

The development of social media does not necessarily change the behavior of today's society. The development of social media began when Friendster was present in the internet world. Then along with the times, various new social media also emerged and began to be loved by the public. Starting from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, to Pinterest.

The number of social media users also shows an increasing trend every year. According to data collected by We Are Social, within a year (from 2015 to 2016), the number of internet users in Indonesia has increased by around 15%. This data will continue to grow, as the use of social media through smartphones has increased by six percent from previous years.

This is directly proportional to the growth of the population that uses smartphones or cell phones to communicate and surf social media. According to data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), of Indonesia's total population in 2018 which reached 265.2 million, 58.3 percent had used cell phones or smartphones in daily life. Meanwhile, the population that uses the internet is 51.8 percent.

Almost the same data was released by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII), in which 48% of internet users in Indonesia are people who consume internet on a daily basis. That means, the Indonesian people cannot be separated from the name of gadgets and the internet to access social media every day.

Social media offers fun entertainment and many other positive effects, such as the benefits of Facebook that we have reviewed. on this site. Starting from the ease of selling, raising funds for social action, establishing communication with old friends, and others. It seems, we all have felt the positive impact caused by social media.

But inevitably, if it is not used properly, social media can also have a negative impact on its users. Many crimes, even criminal acts, are caused by haphazard use of social media. Starting from kidnapping, digital data theft, fraud, rape, hoaxes, incitement, etc.

Apart from the positive and negative effects of social media, of course everything returns to each of them. Do you want to use social media for good or bad? Of course, you have to accept all the consequences that will occur, can be a beneficial or even detrimental outcome.

Speaking of social media, surely you will have the name of the account used on social media, as well as the password. When you log in to your social media account, the account name and password must match the data of the user registered on the social media site you are using. If not, you cannot access your account.

Often, the reason people cannot access their social media account is because they forgot their password. It is also possible to forget the username (username) used. It could also be because your social media account has been taken over by an irresponsible party, or another term is hacked. Usually, hackers use your account to do how to get a lot of followers on Twitter .

To return the social media account back to your lap, you can just apply for a password reset to your e-mail address used to register for the account. However, what if your hacker social media account has changed the e-mail address used to register your social media account?

Inevitably, you cannot use that account and have to delete it so that it does not cause undesirable effects. If you do not use the social media account, you better delete it immediately so that the offender does not use your account to commit a crime. Such a thing should not be allowed, so that your good name is not tarnished due to actions that are not done by you.

On this occasion, we will provide information about how to delete a Twitter account that has forgotten the password. Why do we discuss Twitter? The reason is that the social media with the blue bird symbol is still used by internet users in Indonesia, although the number has diminished with the emergence of new social media. In addition, Twitter is a pioneer in the use of hashtags (#) which are still the pioneers of a cyber movement or action. Well, here are the ways:

  1. To delete a Twitter account, you must open the Twitter site through a web browser. You cannot request account deletion using the mobile version of the Twitter site or the Twitter application for smartphones. Open the address "www.twitter.com" in the address bar of your browser.
  2. Click the "Enter" or "Login" button to the right of the Twitter page.
  3. On the login page, click "Forgot password?" Or "Forgot password? "
  4. On the next page, you will find a column where you can fill it in with the e-mail address, username, or cellphone number that you registered on Twitter. If you forget the e-mail address used, at least you still remember your Twitter username, or the mobile number used to sign up for Twitter. Enter one of them, then click "Search".
  5. Then the username will appear that matches the data you entered on Twitter. At this stage, you don't press the "Continue" button. Click on the words "I don't have access to one of them". Clicking on the text means that you notify Twitter that you have forgotten your Twitter password and you do not have access to the registered e-mail address.
  6. Then the browser will bring up the problem description form from Twitter, then click on the message "Still need help?"
  7. Next, you will be faced with a form to explain detailed problems when you try to log in to your Twitter account. Describe your problem to Twitter, then enter the e-mail address that you can access, then check the box in the writing "I 'm not robot". If asked to enter the captcha code, just enter the requested code.
  8. For an explanation of the problem written in the form, you can actually use the language you understand. However, the core of the problem description can be written as follows: "I do not have access to the e-mail address that I registered on twitter because I forgot the password and e-mail address. I want to delete my Twitter account that I registered via GMail / Yahoo / Hotmail / other e-mail account, but I can't log in to my Twitter account because I forgot the password and e-mail address. Please Twitter to delete my account. "You can write it in Indonesian, but it should be written in English.
  9. After two days, Twitter will reply to your submission via e-mail. Open your active e-mail inbox. If you experience problems when you want to enter your e-mail inbox, specifically for you GMail users, just read how to recover a Google account that forgot the password on our site.
  10. Follow the instructions given by the party Twitter. Usually the Twitter will send a link to upload a photo of your identity, can be a KTP, SIM, or passport.

After all the steps above are done, the next step is that you just wait for confirmation from Twitter. If Twitter has confirmed the account deletion request that you submitted, that means how to delete a Twitter account that you have forgotten the password you have managed to do.

You can of course create a new Twitter account using a new e-mail address You are still active. However, make sure you have secured your Twitter account and e-mail address properly. Because at this time, crime can lurk anyone through the internet.

That's how to delete a Twitter account that forgets the password that we can give you. If your Twitter account has already been taken over by someone else, calm down. You can still delete it. Just read how to delete a Twitter account taken over by someone else on our site. Good luck and good luck.


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