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10 Ways to Charge the Right Cellphone to Make the HP Battery Durable, Proven!

Cellphone batteries that have a large battery capacity are indeed the choice of users today. Because a long-lasting battery will last long for a day, especially if you want to travel.

Therefore, keeping the cellphone battery to stay durable must be charged with the mobile phone in the right way, considering the cellphone battery is very important in a cellphone. Because without a battery, the cellphone cannot turn on and be used.

10 Ways to Charge the Right Cellphone for Long-lasting HP Batteries

During this time we often charge the wrong mobile phone so that the cellphone battery is damaged and leaking quickly. Well, in this article I will give you a number of ways to charge the correct cellphone so that the HP battery stays durable, and this is a must for you to try so that your mobile can last a long time:

1. Don't Charge Mobile Using a USB Port From a PC or Laptop

 Charge a cellphone using a laptop

Image: Digital Mobile

Charging a hanfphone battery on a laptop is not recommended. Because the electric current released from the laptop's USB port is not comparable to a charger that is directly connected to the socket.

And because the electric current is not as strong as when charged in the socket, it makes the cellphone battery last longer. If that happens then the mobile battery can be damaged over time.

2. Charge using the original charger

 Original charger

Image: Spaceku

Using a charger that is not the default mobile phone can cause the battery to become damaged quickly. Because basically every cellphone has a maximum ampere power in its charging.

And if you use a charger that is not the default mobile phone, it could have a very high charging power. So that it makes your cellphone heat up quickly when charged. This includes the cause of your mobile phone battery being damaged quickly.

Not only does the battery break down quickly, but there are also some problems that arise when you charge using a charger that is not genuine. That is most likely the USB port on your cellphone can also be damaged.

That is because the length and width of another USB charger does not match the USB port on your cellphone. So it is recommended that you use the original original charger from your mobile.

3. Charge your cellphone before it's completely empty

 Cellphone battery charging

Image: Digikala

It is highly recommended to charge a good mobile battery when the battery is not completely empty or used up. Because if you often charge the battery when the cellphone battery is 0%, it can reduce the life of your cellphone battery.

Well, therefore you have to charge the battery at least when the battery reaches 30%. That's the right time and good when you want to charge the battery so that your cellphone battery stays durable.

So never charge the battery again when the cellphone battery is below 30%.

4. Do not charge the battery to the full or 100%

 battery full

Image: Oketekno

If previously we were not allowed to charge the cellphone battery when it was under 30%, then for the maximum mobile battery charge it should not be full or 100% . This can also lead to reduced age on cellphone batteries.

Many people mistakenly respond to full charging on cellphone batteries. And there are also those who believe that pulling a cellphone when it hasn't reached 100% can make a cellphone battery damaged.

But that is not true, even pulling a cellphone when the battery is below 100% is highly recommended.

So you for you those who often unplug the cellphone charger when the battery is not fully charged do not need to worry anymore.
It is recommended that you remove the cellphone battery when it reaches 80%. That way your battery will still last.

5. Turn off the cellphone while being charged

 charging the battery

Image: Riaume

Mobile is a man-made machine. But even though it is man-made, it doesn't mean that the handphone doesn't need rest either. To keep the cellphone battery durable, you must give at least a few hours for it to rest.

You can turn off your cellphone when it is charged, this can also extend the battery life if you diligently do it.

You can also turn off the cellphone at night when you want to sleep. Because as we know, cellphone waves are not good for our health.

So keep your handphone or turn off the cellphone when you want to sleep.

6. Remove the cellphone case when it is charged

 cellphone case

Image: Selularonline

The heat will come out of the cellphone when it is charged. But if your cellphone uses a case, you should remove the case when your cellphone is being charged. Why? Because cellphone casings can inhibit the removal of heat during charging.

Yes, even though the new mobile phones now don't need to be afraid anymore, because the latest mobile phones now have a very sophisticated cooling system.

But it doesn't hurt to remove the case when charged. So that the cellphone can release warm air when connected to electricity.

7. Don't use Powerbank too often

 using Powerbank

Image: IDN Times

The use of Powerbank that is too often can cause your battery's durability and age to decrease. Although Powerbank is a powerful savior when you are traveling, you should reduce the use of the Powerbank.

Because unlike electricity, Powerbank does not supply fully stable electrical power and is compatible with your mobile.

Therefore you have to be less or less use of the powerbank so that your battery remains durable.

8. Don't play your handphone when it is charged

 Play your cellphone when it is charged

Image: Hipwee

Using a cellphone while it is charging will make your cellphone heat up quickly. So that your cellphone battery will leak quickly.

Therefore, you should turn off your cellphone when it is being charged so that the cellphone can rest and the cellphone will not heat too quickly.

9. Charge your cellphone in the morning

 charge your cellphone in the morning

Image: Sharia Consultation

Many people charge their cellphone batteries at night, and are left to sleep until morning. This is not very well used because cellphones which were charged and left to sleep are quite dangerous because the cellphone if it is fully charged must be revoked to maintain the health of the battery.

But for today's cellphones you don't have to worry, because many new output cellphones already have automatic circuit breakers when your cellphone battery is fully charged.

But even though it is allowed to charge overnight, you should charge the battery in the morning because the morning is a good time to charge your mobile battery. You can fill it before leaving for work or going to campus.

10. Decreases contrast on the mobile screen

 contrast of the cellphone

Image: Jalan Tikus

If you still want to charge the battery, the cellphone is turned on, it is recommended that the screen on your mobile phone be reduced. Because the screen contrast is the main factor that will make your battery run out faster when used.

Therefore, in order for the charging process to run smoothly and smoothly, you must reduce the contrast on your mobile screen.

That's 10 ways charge the right cellphone so that the battery stays durable and lasts a long time. If there are other suggestions, you can share them in the comments section below.


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