As animals that are famous for their loyalty, dogs are animals that are quite popular these days. Aside from being a pet, there are also many who consider dogs to be best friends because there are several types of dogs that have quite sensitive feelings.

In its development to date, many dog ​​breeds are increasingly cute and funny, making many people interested in maintaining them.

There are more and more types of dogs now. In addition, the current dog breed can be said to be quite smart when compared to dogs in ancient times. Therefore, many also raise dogs not only for guarding the house but also as friends and friends at home.

Types of Pet Dogs and Their Prices

In this article I will discuss the types of dogs -popular dog species that are widely maintained. Let's look at the reviews below for more details.

1. Labrador Retriever

 Labrador Retriever Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the United States. The reason that this dog is popular because of its attitude that can adjust the atmosphere and also does not have an aggressive nature like most dogs in general.

Labrador is a type of dog that is fast learning and intelligent. Although it does not have an aggressive nature, if you are trained by a labrador you can be brave in protecting your election. This one dog is also very happy to play water.

This type of dog has a wide snout and a large head and also its body size is much longer than its height. Has a stiff, waterproof and short coat. Most Labrador are brown, yellow or black

Price Range: Rp. 13,000,000

2. German Shepherd

 German Shepherd </p data-recalc-dims=

German Shepherd is a dog better known as a herder in Indonesia. This dog is one of the most popular types of dogs in the world. The reason this dog is one of the popular ones is because it is loyal to its owner. In addition, Shepherd was also very brave and agile.

This type of dog originated in Germany. German Shepherd is easy to train because this dog is famous for being very intelligent. Therefore many people make this dog a guard dog because it has protective and territorial properties.

Price Range: Rp.11,000,000

3. Golden Retriever

 Golden Retriever Dog Breeds </p data-recalc-dims=

Golden Retrievers are the most hunted dogs because they are active and easily trained dogs. This dog is from England. Called the Golden Retriever because the color of gold is fur and also in ancient times this dog was tasked with taking hunted animals that had been shot.

The reason why this type of dog is hunted by many people is because it is easily friendly to humans and even other types of dogs , besides that this dog is also known to be friendly.

Golden Retriever rarely attacks and has a small guard instinct but this dog can also be aggressive when there are strangers coming in.

Price Range: IDR 20,000,000

4. Beagle


Beagle is a type of dog known as a hunter. This dog has a fairly good response, no wonder the beagle is often used as a patrol dog. Beagle comes from England.

This dog has ears that go down and big. Beagle has a muscular body shape and a long tail. This type of dog is also one of the most hunted dogs because it is friendly, gentle, smart, cheerful, happy and also full of love.

Price Range: Rp.10,000,000

5. Bulldog

 Bulldog Dog Breed </p data-recalc-dims=

Because it's from England this dog is often called the England Bulldog. This dog has a strong and aggressive character, so usually the dog owner will make it a fighter.

In Los Angeles the Bulldog is a popular dog. Even though the physique is scary, if trained by this dog it can be a friend to humans.

Price Range: Rp26,500,000

6. Yorkshire Terrier

 Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the popular dogs from England. This dog is known to have distinctive fur such as a coat that hangs with each side as long and straight, its fur splitting in the middle from the nose to the tip of the tail.

This type of dog is very good as a playmate. The popularity of this dog cannot be denied anymore. In the United States this dog is very popular. In addition, Yorkshire Terriers also often win dog competitions that are often held throughout the world.

Price Range: Rp. 13,000,000

7. Boxer

 Boxer Dog [1945-1946] </p data-recalc-dims=

Boxers include large dogs and muscular strands that are based on Germany. Because of the nature of boxers who like to play and energize, sometimes they are called peter pan.

Boxers have a very careful, fearless, strong and smart character. If properly trained, boxers can be one of the best guard dogs.

Price Range: Rp. 17,200,000

8. Poodle

 Type of Poodle Pet Dog

At first, dogs raised in Germany were dogs trained to be hunting dogs.

Poodle dogs are good swimmers. Poodle has long curly hair where these long feathers are useful for protecting important body parts.

Price Range: Rp. 17,350,000

9. Rottweiler


Rottweiler is known as one of the best guard dogs in the world. Due to its territorial nature, it is very suitable to be used as a house keeper.

This dog is from Germany and belongs to a large dog with a weight that can reach 50 to 60 kg and a height of 56 to 63 cm. Rottweilers are one of the 10 most popular dog breeds, especially in the United States.

Price Range: Rp. 13,300,000

10. Dachshund


Dachshunds or often known as sausage dogs or hot dogs. This type of dog comes from Germany. Having short legs and a long body, this type of dog usually serves as a guard dog and hunter.

Because of having short legs that make this dog have difficulty when passing through bushes and finally this dog is no longer used for hunting. [19659011] Price Range: IDR 21,000,000 [19459008

Now that's the type of pet dog with its latest price. Besides being cute and beautiful some of the dogs above are also very smart. However, be careful because no matter how intelligent the dog still has an animal instinct in him. Hopefully this article is useful. Thank you 🙂

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