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10 Types of Brainware and Their Tasks (+ Explanation)

This time we will explain about the kinds of brainware which is one of the most important parts besides hardware and software .

Brainware is someone who uses or uses a computer. It is the brainware that is in charge of inputting as desired and then displayed according to the input given.

There is also a clarification that brainware is an intellectual device that plays a role in operating a computer. In addition, brainware is also known as the user. There are many kinds of brainware that are spread out where they have their respective duties or goals.

Types of Brainware

As we have explained that brainware has many kinds, each of which has its understanding, characteristics, and objectives. each. So what is included in the various types of brainware? Please refer to our explanation below.

1. Computer Operators

 Types of Brainware (Computer Operators)

Discussions about various types of users or brainware are computer operators. A computer operator is a type of brainware that has the responsibility in processing and changing data in a computer system. In carrying out their duties, computer operators must be based on instructions that have been determined through a run book that was previously compiled by programmer .

Please note that computer operators must be given restrictions so that they do not modify a program, both before and when the program is running. This is so that the program does not experience problems that can result in losses not only for the operator but also for others.

2. Technician

What is a technician? A technician is someone who is in charge of repairing and caring for all matters related to computer problems. Yes, it is this technician who will immediately be in charge of repairing when there are computers that are experiencing problems, especially those related to hardware or hardware . Before becoming a technician, they are required to have very broad knowledge about the world of computers.

So, the technician was able to predict the possibility of problems that exist in a computer. That way, they will immediately fix it so that the computer can be used and can operate again as before.

3. Trainer


The third types of brainware are trainers. Who is the trainer? Trainer is a brainware whose knowledge is broader compared to other types of brainware. Not everyone can become a trainer where they must have knowledge that is not only broad but also in-depth about the world of computers.

In addition, they must also have experienced experience before becoming a trainer. What is the job of the trainer? The trainer is tasked with educating and training someone to be able to master matters relating to computers . In fact, this trainer will be able to print reliable technicians which are certainly needed by many companies.

4. Consultants

Consultants are also a group of brainware. Maybe you already know that consultants work as a place to ask for advice and input for someone about anything related to the computer world. Indeed the way it works is like an advisor where the advice and input will be very heard and not infrequently will be directly obeyed by people who really need advice from him.

As with trainers, not everyone can become a consultant. Only certain people who do have vast experience and insight about computers and the ins and outs of them who can become a computer consultant.

5. Project Manager

 Project Manager

Project Manager is also an inseparable part of various users or brainware. A person who becomes a project manager means he holds a certain position or power and is also a command. He will lead several people who are members of a team to complete the projects that have been given to him.

6. Programmer

Programmers also enter into various kinds of brainware that may already be familiar to you. A programmer is someone who is an expert in the field of software or a program in a computer where they are tasked with creating applications or programs to be included in the computer. The goal is to further facilitate human work when using computers .

A programmer must also have extensive experience regarding computers, especially those related to software. Programmers also sometimes not only create applications but also modify the application.

7. Graphic Designer

 Various Types of Brainware (Graphic Designer)

Someone whose daily life is always dealing with the world of graphic design, they are named as graphic designers. Someone who falls into this category are generally creative people who are always trying to make a work to be enjoyed by many people. One of their work was making animation which would later be used for various purposes, such as entertainment, education, etc.

8. Network Specialist

As the name suggests, this brainware is a person who has expertise in the field of computer networking. This person has the responsibility in creating, managing and repairing computer networks.

9. Database Administrator

 Database Administrator

Someone belonging to a database administrator means that person has responsibility in managing everything related to databas in an application, organization, etc.

10 System Analyst

Who is this system analyst? This term is given to someone who is responsible for designing, designing, or also analyzing programs that are to be created as well as ready-made. Therefore, system analysts cannot be careless in analyzing, designing an application so that later it will not cause errors.

That is an explanation of the various types of brainware and their respective duties and responsibilities. Hopefully useful and easy to understand!


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