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10+ Remote TV Applications (All TV Brands) for Android, Best!

In this modern era, various technologies continue to emerge to facilitate human work. Making everything possible effectively and efficiently as possible. In fact, trivial things that don't seem too needed can emerge as a proud innovation.

One of them is the presence of various TV remote applications that allow us to control television, such as changing channels, adjusting the volume, turning on and turning off the television.

Remote TV Application

With these various applications, you no longer need to bother when the TV remote is tucked somewhere. Enough with a cellphone that contains a TV remote application, everything is in your control. And here we have summarized some TV remote applications.

1. Mi Remote Controller

 Remote TV Application

For you Xiaomi cellphone users, there is now a special Xiaomi application that can be used as a remote control, the Mi Remote Controller. Not only television, this application will make it easier for you to interact with various electronic devices, such as DVDs, air conditioners, projectors, audio receivers fans, and other devices that use infrared .

However, Mi Remote Controller can only be enjoyed by users whose phones have supported infrared so that the cellphone can function as a remote. Some of the Xiaomi brand mobile phones that already have these specifications include the Redmi 4, Redmi 4A, Redmi 4X, Mi 5, Mi 5S Plus, and various types of Xiaomi phones the latest output. While some other mobile brands that can support this application include Samsung S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, Samsung Note 3, Note 4, Huawei Honor 3, and several other types.

2. Universal TV Remote


Universal TV Remote is a TV remote application developed by Twinone and you can download it for free. Universal TV Remote is designed for Android phones, but not all Android phones can support this application. However, this application is capable of being operated on almost all TV brands.

The advantage of Universal TV Remote is its simple interface so that anyone can immediately understand each menu. In addition, this application also has a complete remote menu. While the deficiencies that users sometimes complain about are the difficulty of adjusting the volume of television and the improper rotation mode.

3. SURE Universal Remote

 Remote TV Application

This purple TV remote application is claimed to be one of the best TV remote. Not only can you read the infrared but it can also support Wifi and DLNA networks which allow you to browse photo or video content via cellphone or computer and send it to your television.

There are several advantages to SURE Universal Remote compared to similar applications, which can support voice commands, transmit content such as music, photos and videos from a cellphone to a television, and control the roku media streamer. This application can also work on air conditioners, streamer media, and various other electronic devices. However, there are some features that can only be accessed by paying.

4. Anymote Universal Remote


For those of you who have brands like Samsung, Avr, Sharp, Panasonic, Xfinity, and Xbox, you can count on this TV remote application for television You because it is considered to work very well for some of these TV brands. Just like other TV remote applications, Anymote Universal Remote can also be used to control DVDs, DSLR cameras, air conditioners, and so on. Some features are free from this application, which allows running multiple commands in one touch, supporting voice commands via Google Now and can execute commands without interaction using automated tasks.

5. Zaza Remote

 Remote TV Application

Zaza Remote is an Android application that has an extensive database, capable of supporting more than 6000 brands of electronic devices. By using the Zaza Remote application, you only need to sit sweetly without looking for a remote to control various kinds of electronic devices, such as TV, AC, Fan, DVD, Projector, and many more. In addition, this application also has a simple appearance so you will be able to easily recognize the functions of each menu.

6. Peel Smart Remote

 android remote tv application

Peel Smart Remote has a main function that is not much different from the applications already mentioned, such as controlling TV, DVD, Bluray Player, audio system, AC, and so on. However, this application is equipped with additional features, which help us find favorite TV shows, easy in terms of configuration, can detect favorite shows through the favorite program information that we selected before. This application can be operated on several TV brands, including Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, and Apple.

7. Universal Remote TV IR  Screenshot_2018-08-11-17-54-38-1

Universal IR Remote TV is an application that works on Android. Not only can it replace a physical remote, this application also works on other electronic devices, such as AC, fan lights, Cable Box DVR and many more. Universal TV Remote IR is easy in terms of configuration and appearance making this application very practical to use. This application is claimed to be one of the most universal applications in the Google Play Store because it can support various devices.

8. LG TV Remote  Screenshot_2018-08-11-17-54-51-1

Before you download this application, first make sure that your television is LG because the LG TV Remote is only compatible with LG-branded TVs. Some features offered are allowing watching television through your mobile screen, having hot keys to control the volume / channel and entering the channel list, Mini Home to access premium content providers and MyApps can instantly capture television screen images, channel content from mobile to television, and various other features.

9. TV (Samsung) Remote Control


Just like the LG TV Remote, the TV (Samsung) Remote Control application can only work on Samsung brand televisions. However, you can still use it on any Android phone as long as the cellphone supports infrared 1945. In this application all remote buttons are available. The latest features offered are displaying various content such as photos and videos from cellphones on your television screen. In addition, there are also other interesting features, such as sleep timer voice commands, shake the phone to turn on or turn off the television.

10. Roku TV Remote Control


Roku TV Remote Control is an application that can instantly turn your phone into a Roku remote. This application is compatible with all TV Roku. Some of the features offered by this application are automatic device scanning, easy to change channels, support the keyboard, have quick access to pause or start, and various other features that make it easy for you to use this application. However, there are some of these features that you can only enjoy if you have access to premium features.

Of the ten TV remote applications above, almost all of them have been equipped with the ability to control a variety of electronic devices, provided that these devices support infrared. . So, you no longer need to have various remotes for each type of electronic device. Simply pocket a cellphone that contains a TV remote application, so you can control everything easily and practically.


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