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10+ PETIC MUSIC TOOLS along with Pictures + Explanations [LENGKAP]

Indonesia is one country with a very diverse cultural wealth. Basically, every region in Indonesia has distinctive culture and arts, such as traditional clothing, traditional weapons, traditional houses and traditional musical instruments.

So do not be surprised if many say that Indonesia is a country rich in culture. One culture that is in great demand by many is in the musical instrument field .

What is a musical instrument? Musical instruments consist of various forms and ways of playing them. On this occasion I will repeat about the instruments played by picking them. For more details, let's look at the reviews below.

Stringed Musical Instruments

 type of stringed musical instruments

In this article I will discuss the types of musical instruments especially on stringed musical instruments. [19659002] Previously I will explain first what is a stringed instrument? Stringed instruments are traditional and modern musical instruments that can sound when the strings are picked.

Usually all stringed instruments use strings or strings to produce a sound or sound. But there are also some opinions that when vibrated or picked on the string parts stringed instruments will make a sound or sound.

10 Examples of Traditional and Modern Musical Instruments

In the current era, developments in the world of music are very much in the interest of many people especially the musical instruments. Because of this, musical instruments now have more diverse modifications. One of them is stringed instruments that have many varieties and forms.

1. Guitar

 Type of stringed instrument

Guitar is one of the stringed instruments that can produce sound by picking it on the strings. This one musical instrument actually originated from Europe precisely in Spain. But nowadays almost all over the world there must be a guitar musical instrument.

Usually the guitar has a string which is usually called a string. As for the material of manufacture, namely by using wood. In the neck and body, the guitar has a variety of shapes.

It's easy to play a musical instrument just by picking it. But to play it must learn some key notes on the guitar. Guitar only has two types, namely electric and acoustic guitars. In addition, the Guitar also has 144 chords that can be used to vary the tone when playing it.

2. Ukulele

 Type of stringed musical instrument

Many people do not know where this one is from. Ukulele is a musical instrument from Hawaii. If translated in Hawaiian the word Ukulele means "Flea Lice."

If viewed in terms of its shape, the Ukulele has a form that can be said to be almost the same as a guitar, but the difference is only in its size. For its size, the Ukulele is indeed smaller than a guitar, which is around 20 inches.

In addition the Ukulele is also widely used in the main instruments in keroncong music . many musicians in Indonesia are interested in playing it, because the sound produced by the ukulele is very unique.

The Ukulele has 4 types of models, namely:

  1. soprano (standard) measuring 33 cm.
  2. concert measuring 38 cm. [19659023] Tenor measuring 43 cm
  3. baritone measuring 48 cm.

3. Shamisen

 Type of stringed musical instrument

This one musical instrument may still be strange to our ears. Shamisen is a musical instrument that comes from a sakura or Japanese country. As is known Shamisen is one type of stringed instrument, so the way to play it is by picking it on the strings.

Unlike some other stringed instruments, Shamisen only has 3 strings. In Japan Shamisen is the most important tool in traditional music performances in Japan.

One characteristic of this one musical instrument is the Shamisen body part. Shamisen body parts are usually wrapped with the skin of a dog's back or the skin of a female cat's stomach.

However, there are also some Shamisen that are not covered with leather, but with plastic. For the parts the same as the others, namely body (Do), neck (Sao) and stake (Itomoki).

4. Harp

 Type of stringed instrument

Harp is a musical instrument that has existed since ancient times, so it's not surprising that many say that Harp is one of the oldest stringed instruments in the world. Until now, this instrument is still often used in several musical art performances, especially the performing arts of string music.

Historically, this instrument was made of arrowheads which are often used for hunting and later developed to become these musical instruments. When viewed from its shape, in general the Harp is triangular and has gold color. And what makes it unique is that the Harp can also be played using hands or feet.

In this instrument there are very important components, namely the sound board, neck, and strings. As for the number of strings there are generally 22 pieces, but there are also 47 strings.

This oldest stringed instrument is often played in several musical performances such as orchestra and only played by one person. [19659002] In ancient times many people mentioned that the harp was a "musical instrument of heaven". This is because usually the players of Harp musical instruments are always connected with angels.

5. Sasando

 Type of stringed musical instrument

Sasando is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument that is played by picking. This instrument is from the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) precisely on the island of Rote.

According to history, Sasando has existed since the 7th century AD, and at that time many people played around there. When viewed from its type, Sasando consists of two types, double Sasando and ankle Sasando.

However, over the times, Sasando is currently using electricity or electricity. Sasando is usually played on several traditional custom events by the community on Rote island.

The main ingredient in making Sasando is bamboo which is formed into a long tube. So when picked, Sasando will produce sounds that are almost the same as other stringed instruments, but Sasando has its own differences and uniqueness compared to other stringed instruments.

6. Banjo

 This type of stringed instrument

The origin of this Banjo musical instrument was triggered when there were African slave lives in the American region. At that time African slaves then made an instrument and also developed it into a musical instrument capable of producing distinctive sounds.

This one instrument is usually found in bluegrass, folk, country and traditional irish music. Then Banjo musical instruments have become an important component in the type of blue grass and country music.

Banjo is the oldest musical instrument in America. When viewed closely, Banjo also has similarities with Shasemen musical instruments. However, the difference between the two is the number of strings, which are 4 to 6 strings.

7. Hasapi

 Type of stringed musical instrument

If seen from its shape, Hasapi is similar to a harp, and many even mistakenly think that Hasapi is a harp because its shape is very similar. Hasapi is a traditional musical instrument originating from the Toba Batak region.

In general Hasapi is divided into 2 types, namely Hasapi doal and Hasapi ended. In addition Hasapi is also widely used in several important events such as weddings. In addition, Hasapi is also referred to as a rhythmic instrument because it does not use scales.

The main ingredient of making it uses ijor wood. One of the things that makes this musical instrument unique is the Hasapi body part which is filled with carvings as decorations.

8. Gayageum

Gayageum is still not widely known by the people in Indonesia. Gayageum is one of the stringed musical instruments similar to the harp. This one musical instrument comes from Korea.

The number of strings from Gayageum is only 12 strings. This instrument consists of 2 types, namely Jeongak and Sanjo. The difference between the two only lies in its function.

Usually Sanjo is often used on solo performances. As for Jeongak, it is usually used in orchestral performances. In addition to Gayageum, there are still many stringed instruments from Korea that are still of one type with Gayageum, namely geum seul, geomungo, and yanggeum.

9. Danbu

 Type of stringed musical instrument

Danbu is a stringed musical instrument from Vietnam. In accordance with the classification of types that enter into the type of stringed instrument, the way to play it is by picking it.

The shape of the Danbu is very simple, which only consists of strings, bamboo, silk strings and coconut shells. Along with the development of the times, this instrument was later developed and used by many people.

10. Sitar

[1945985] [Typeofstringedmusicalinstrument” width=”2500″ height=”1638″/>

This one musical instrument is indeed less well known in Indonesia, but not a few also play it. Sitar is a stringed instrument originating from southern Asia.

Because it comes from South Asia, Sitar usually uses instruments from Hindustan classical music to accompany Indian dance performances. The number of strings used in this zither is only 7. Dawai Sitar itself consists of two types, namely sympathetic and ordinary strings.

Hopefully this article about stringed instruments is useful and can help many people. Thank you 🙂

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