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10+ Most Dangerous Computer Viruses of All Time, Check!

In 2017 the world was shocked by the emergence of a malware virus named Ransomware Wanna Decryptor. This abbreviated WannaCry virus quickly infects several large countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia and even in Indonesia.

Compared to other Ransomware, WannaCry is more sophisticated and more dangerous because it is made using cyber weapons belonging to the American Intelligence Service (NSA) and was hacked by someone with the Shadow Broker code. But in the end this virus can be overcome slowly over time.

Such a virus attack was apparently not the first time. Long before WannaCry had appeared many viruses that were no less dangerous and could create an uproar in the world. For a more complete review you can see below:

10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses

1. CIH (1998)

 The Most Dangerous Computer Virus CIH

The first is a virus called CIH which infected in 1998, often also called the Chernobyl virus because the year of its appearance was the same as the year of the nuclear accident at Chernobyl . Despite this virus actually infects the country of Taiwan and is responsible for losses of around 20 to 80 million worldwide, including damage to PCs and lost or damaged data.

This virus is recognized as one of the most dangerous viruses. This is because CIH directly infects Executable on PCs with OS Windows 95, 98 and ME. Hard drives on PCs also have an impact as soon as CIH is activated, even to the point where it cannot be polarized anymore. Therefore the data loss experienced is very large.

2. ILOVEYOU (2000)

On May 3, 2000 a virus was detected in the Hong Kong area. A bug is sent with the subject "ILOVEYOU" and sent with the attachment text Love-Letter-For-You.TXT.vbs. therefore this virus is called ILOVEYOU.

This virus attacks all contacts in Microsoft Outlook where this was still a trend at the time. It is believed that this virus has spread about 10 percent of computers in the world and caused a loss of approximately 10 billion dollars.

In addition this ILOVEYOU virus also damaged media files such as music, pictures, videos and others with its own copy. And the most troublesome is when ILOVEYOU targets IDs and passwords on the infected computer and then sent by e-mail the author.

3. Code Red (2001)

 The Most Dangerous Computer Virus Code Red

A year later after the appearance of ILOVEYOU this time in 2001 a virus called Code Red was released. This virus is also considered very damaging to its target on Microsoft IIS Web Server and gives the message in the form of "Hacked by Chinese" text. Losses due to the Code Red virus is estimated at 2 billion dollars. Approximately 2 out of 6 million ISS servers have this virus.

4. Morris (1988)

This virus was of the type of internet worm and managed to damage part of the computer that was connected to the internet at that time. Approximately 6000 computers were affected by this attack from the Morris virus, even though at that time there were only 60,000 computers that could be connected to the internet. That means the Morris virus has been able to cripple one tenth of the connected computer. The estimated total loss is around 100 million dollars to prevent it from widening and restoring computers that have been affected.

5. Conficker (2008)

This virus is also categorized as a worm type and its spread is very fast. Its name is Conficker and began to be detected in 2008, spread through the operating system Microsoft Windows and in a short time had infected approximately 9 million computers worldwide. This Conficker virus is also the biggest cause of damage ever with a total loss of 9 billion dollars.

6. Stuxnet (2010)

Next is a malware type virus called Stuxnet. The emergence of Stuxnet was the beginning of a cyber war on the internet. In mid-2010 this dangerous virus appeared and attacked the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System. According to news circulating initially the United States created Stuxnet to attack Iran's state-owned nuclear facilities.

7. SQL Slammer (2003)

Next is a worm type virus known as SQL Slammer. This virus did not attack the PC but on the server causing denial of service on some hosting and causing internet traffic to slow down at that time.

Within just 10 minutes SQL Slammer was able to cripple 75,000 computers. This SQL Slammer virus attacks by exploiting loopholes from Microsoft SQL Server which were then in a vulnerable version and then generates random IP addresses.

8. Poison Ivy (2005)

This virus is a type of Trojan remote access that infects computers by taking control remotely (sending) clandestinely. After Poison Ivy can penetrate your computer's defense and enter, the maker or attacker will be able to directly control your computer, manipulate content, and suddenly activate the speaker and webcam to access audio video.

9. Agent.btz (2008)


This malware virus successfully attacked the Pentagon defense system in 2008. Because it is so troublesome for the pentagon to set up a special US Command military department to deal with this problem. Agent.btz is spread through a thumb drive and then automatically installs malware and steals important data . Agent.btz is also commonly called Agent.awf and attacks the Microsoft Windows operating system.

10. Blackshades (2014)

This Blackshades virus is fairly new but has been able to infect computers in more than 100 countries by attacking software systems. Much like a Trojan, this Blackshades virus enters computers and takes control of computers so that attackers can retrieve important information, prevent incoming messages and hijack webcam cameras.


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