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10+ MALUKU MUSIC TOOLS along with Pictures + Explanations [LENGKAP]

Maluku is one of the regions in eastern Indonesia that is rich in culture and art. So do not be surprised if the Moluccas musical instruments are enjoyed by many tourists visiting the Moluccas.

Apart from the abundant natural beauty in Maluku, Maluku Island itself also has various musical instruments.

Musical instruments are a part of the arts in each region in the archipelago that has a role that cannot be separated from daily life, especially for regional communities that have strong traditional beliefs and rules.

10 Maluku musical instruments

Maluku is one of the regions which is in Eastern Indonesia which is very rich in local arts. Maluku, the capital city of Ambon, is known to have abundant natural wealth such as pearls, and spices such as cloves and nutmeg.

Not only does it have natural resources, Maluku also has musical instruments of various types. A traditional Maluku musical instrument that is very interesting and a pity to miss if we. Here are some traditional musical instruments from Maluku.

1. Arababu

 Maluku Arababu Musical Instrument

Arababu is a traditional Maluku musical instrument which is played by swiping, the form of Arababu is almost the same as an Arababu musical instrument from North Sulawesi, but the difference is South Sulawesi Arabicabu the bottom is a bit longer.

Arababu is a musical instrument similar to Rebab made of wood, but in the sound producing part it is made of bamboo. This musical instrument has been developed since a long time ago, the spread of Arabic musical instruments was influenced by the spread of Islam in Maluku.

Rebab, a musical instrument that is also similar to Arabic because of the ancient Arab traders and the introduction of Islam into Indonesia which eventually developed in Indonesia under another name. Arababu only has 1 string.

3. Tahuri

 Tahuri Musical Instruments

Tahuri which is also called in the culture of Fu. Inflatable instruments made from this tap produce very loud sounds. Usually tahuri is played when starting a race or event.

Formerly Tahuri was also used by coastal communities as a means of communication between individuals or between kings and people. Some coastal communities in the Maluku Islands also call it Korno.

3. Tifa Maluku

 Tifa Maluku Musical Instruments

Besides in Papua, Tifa musical instruments also developed in Maluku and became a traditional musical instrument in the Maluku region. The shape of the Tifa varies, there is a circular width and a slender elongated size.

The way to play a Tifa instrument is to be beaten, and Tifa is one of the traditional rhythmic instruments. Tifa is usually played as music that accompanies traditional dance.

The difference between Tifa Papua and Tifa Maluku lies in the motives that are on Tifa's body. In Tifa Maluku, there are no motifs or patterns on Tifa's body, while on Tifa Papua, it is full of carvings from typical Papuan motifs.

4. Rumba

 Maluku Rumba Musical Instruments

Rumba is a Moluccan musical instrument that looks like Maracas. The way to play the rumba just rocked. This instrument includes percussion instruments.

Rumba has similarities to Cuban musical instruments. This was reinforced by the arrival of the Spanish nation to Indonesia. Which is the tip of the head is round and filled with sand or gravel.

Rumba is usually played to accompany songs when dancing. Which will later be combined with traditional Ukulele musical instruments.

5. Transverse Flute

 Transverse Flute Musical Instrument

Melintang / Malintang Suling or Floit is a traditional musical instrument of the Maluuku community which is played by being blown. Transverse flutes are usually used for the accompaniment of traditional dance music . Floit is usually played by 5 more people.

Floit is made of bamboo which is given a barrier on one end of the bamboo, and the upper part of the bamboo is punched. This traditional Maluku musical instrument is usually used to accompany traditional dance, welcome guests, and traditional events. In the show, Transverse Suling can also be played with other musical instruments.

6. Tifa Totobuang

 Maluku Musical Instrument Totobuang

Like other Tifa, Tifa from Maluku is also played by being beaten or beaten. The difference is, Tifa Totobuang has a larger size and is hit using a punch device whose material is made of wood. Whereas the other Tifa were beaten by hand

Tifa Totobuang is a device that looks like a Bonang musical instrument in a Javanese gamelan ensemble. The way to play Tifa Totobuang is the same as Bonang even the sound produced is the same. Tifa Totobuang is a melodic instrument.

7. Jukulele

 Jukulele Musical Instruments </p data-recalc-dims=

The Jukulele is actually a musical instrument made from a Portuguese musical instrument. It is made from natural materials such as coconut shells, goat skin, wood, and nylon strings as strings. Jukulele is played by picking it.

Jukulele produces melodic tones so that the sound sounds very beautiful. Therefore, the ukulele usually accompanies traditional Maluku music such as keroncong and hawaian.

8. Gong Medium

 Gong Sedeng Musical Instrument

Gong Moder usually has the symbol of two dragons which means strength. Existence of Gong While Maluku starts from the Javanese swordsmen giving souvenirs to the king of Maluku.

Gong is usually played to accompany traditional dance. Acceptance of Moderate Gong by Maluku officials is a symbol that Maluku people are open and respectful of their culture from outside Maluku.

9. Leko Boko / Bijol

 Leko Boko Musical Instruments

Traditional musical instruments played by picking are from North Maluku, commonly referred to as Leko Boko / Bijol. The way to play Leko Boko is very easy, because the way to play it is similar to playing a guitar.

Bijol has a resonance container made of wood and a forest gourd as a string place. Leko Boko is usually used for traditional ceremonies or it can also be for personal entertainment.

In some areas Leko Boko is also played along with East Nusa Tenggara musical instruments, Heo. So as to produce a beautiful and interesting tone.

10. Hitada's Bamboo

 Hitada's Bamboo Musical Instrument

Hitada's Bamboo was a musical instrument whose material was made of a large piece of bamboo. How to play Bamboo Hitada is very easy, namely by slamming the bottom of the bamboo into the ground to make a sound.

Hitada Bamboo is played as music to accompany songs, usually when playing this instrument there is not one but many or more than three. [19659051] Riska Amaliyah ” class=”avatar avatar-100 wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-100 alignnone photo”/>

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