Who does not know about soccer? Surely you are all very familiar with this one sport. Because soccer is often competed and broadcast on television. Many people like this sport to all corners of the world.

Thanks to that, this sport is often referred to as the most popular sport in all countries. Football also has a league in every country in the world. Lots of soccer clubs that are very famous and successful in their field. For example, in European countries which are the kingdoms of soccer.

And in this article we will discuss 10 basic techniques of football along with the rules.

10 Basic Techniques of Football

In the game football certainly has techniques that can be done when playing the game. These techniques can also help you outwit your opponent or kick the ball well so that the ball is as far as possible. Here are 10 basic football techniques:

1. Dribbling Technique

 Dribbling - Football Herding - Basic Football Techniques

Dribbling techniques can be done by having to carry the ball using your feet and you can also control the speed of the ball.

A. Closed Dribbling and Speed ​​Dribbling

In dribbling techniques there is a Closed Dribling technique, this technique is a dribbling technique that you can do by controlling and dribbling the ball correctly, and you can also do it when you are blocked or flanked by other players who are the team of the opponent.

While Dribling Speed ​​is a technique where you can run, throw the ball in front, and chase the ball. Not only that, there are not 3 basic techniques of dribbling other balls, namely dribbling using the outer side of the foot, the inner side of the foot, and the back of the foot.

B. Dribbling using the back of the foot [1945919]

The stages of the dribbling technique using the back of the foot are:

  1. Try to look straight into the front of the eye.
  2. Put your foot on the end of the ball.
  3. must push the ball using your back.
  4. Finally do it repeatedly, and then you can stop the bole using your feet.

C. Dribbling using sideways in

Stages of the dribbling technique using the inner leg are:

  1. Try to direct your eyes to the front.
  2. Turn your ankles outward.
  3. Next You can start pushing the ball using the outside side of the foot.
  4. Finally do it repeatedly and you can stop the ball with your foot.

D. Dribbling using the outer side of the foot [19959002] On the dribbling technique using the outer side of the foot is not much different from the dribbling technique using the inner leg.

You only need to practice step by step with the previous technique that is herding ball using the inner side of the foot. However, you have to rotate your ankle inward, and you can push the ball in.

2. Kicking (Kicking Ball) Technique

 Kicking - Kicking Ball - Basic Football Techniques [1945944] </p data-recalc-dims=

As you have seen in the game of soccer, most of the game is dominated by kicking the ball. Therefore the next basic football technique is kicking or ball kicking techniques.

You can use 3 techniques in kicking this ball, which are using the outside side of the foot, the inner side of the foot, and also on the foot. You can practice these techniques by focusing your eyes on the goal that will be your target, and then position your body.

Then you can put one right foot or your left foot on the side beside the ball. And finally, you swing your foot to kick the ball and focus your energy on the upper area of ​​your foot and your gaze to the side you have targeted.

3. Passing Technique

 Passing - Kicking Nesabamedia Ball

A technique that is always used by football players to give their friends a ball is passing technique, where passing technique is a technique for passing the ball to fellow teammates. Passing and receiving the ball must also be mastered by soccer players, and this technique has 3 ways, namely by using the outside leg, inner leg, and also the back of the foot.

You can do the passing technique by positioning your body facing in the direction of the ball first, then you can focus on the direction of the player who you will pass the ball to, then you can pull at the same time swinging your leg which you will kick the ball towards the other player, and don't forget you have to adjust the power in your feet to fit the range of the player you are shifting.

4. Ball Retaining Techniques

 Hold the Ball

After mastering the passing technique or passing the ball, you also have to master the technique of holding the ball. Where this technique will be very useful when you get a ball that has been passed from your friend.

You can hold the ball using your chest, legs and thighs. Not only that, you can also hold the ball using your feet, namely the outside of the foot, the inner leg, the sole of the foot, and also the foot.

5. Heading Technique

 Heading the Ball

Heading a ball will be very useful for you if you cannot reach a ball that is too high from you, which has the purpose of being able to put the ball into the opponent's goal and pass the ball. You can practice this technique in a way that you must be able to position your body first and then you have to wait for the right time to jump when the ball is coming.

The important thing is, you have to use your forehead to head the ball instead head crown. This is useful so that you can control the ball as you wish and the ball will immediately glide with power and direction too.

6. Intercepting Techniques

 Intercepting - Seizing the Ball

You can use this intercepting technique when you want to snatch the ball from the opponent's feet. Before doing this technique, you must be able to read the movements of your opponent in advance.

You can also withstand the pace of enemy bait. Because this technique is the most important technique for surviving the opponent's attack, but you have to be careful, and grab the ball, not the leg. Because if you are wrong, you can be given a warning.

7. Mencedok Technique

Just like intercepting techniques, the technique of scooping or sweeping the ball is also a technique that is useful for being able to withstand the attack that your opponent is doing. However, you also have to be careful when practicing this technique, because it is considered very risky. If you do it wrong, you can injure your opponent and you can get a yellow card from the referee.

This technique is that you have to adjust your speed from the enemy, then you can drop your body while straightening your foot so you can hold the ball.

8. Technique Throwing In

 throwing the ball

When the ball has left the left or right side of the field, you can use this one technique. The way to do this is by simply throwing the ball using your hands, and you have to position your hands behind your head.

To get better results, you can be able to tie your legs so that your throws are stronger and then your friend can catch the ball you throw.

9. Technique Goalkeeping (Capture the Ball)

The goalkeeping technique is usually used by players who are goalkeepers, or commonly called goalkeepers. This technique is also a very important technique as a last defense that existed in the team .

To be able to do this technique, you must continue to train your reflexes when you catch the ball, which is in the direction of the left and right .

10. Juggling Technique

Ball juggling technique is a technique where you can train ball control, and can also cheat or play tricks on your enemies in the field. To do this, you only need to focus on the direction of the ball, then you can pull the ball using the palm and fall to the end of the foot.

If the ball has touched the tip of the ball, then you have to lift your foot and make the ball lift too. Focus yourself so that the ball doesn't fall to the ground.

Football Rules

[1945955] Soccer Rules [1945956]

In a sport, there will be rules that can limit the game. Where the regulation must be obeyed by the players in it. Likewise with football, here are the football rules [1945919]:

1. Number of Players

Number of players in the game of football, there are 11 players in one team. Which 11 players can be divided into 1 goalkeeper, 2 to 5 players become midfielders, 4 players become defensive players, and 1 to 3 players become attackers.

Every soccer team also has a captain, whose job is to be able to lead friends in one team to play fairly and according to direction.

2. Size of a Football Field

The soccer field is a grassy field. And on each side of the soccer field also has a dividing line, that is, on the inside and outside areas of the field. Below is the standard soccer field for adults:

  • Width: 65 – 75 m
  • Length: 100 – 120 m
  • Goal height: 2.44 m
  • Goal width: 7.32 m [19659073] There is a penalty box right around the goal area, which is an area where the goalkeeper can catch the ball using his hands and at the same time the penalty kick area if the player can survive to violate the opponent.

    3. Duration

    In accordance with international football regulations, the duration of a soccer match is 2 x 45 minutes in 2 rounds. However, referees who are leaders of a match can provide additional time according to their needs, which is about 1 to 5 minutes for each round.

    In certain matches, for example in the knockout, if for two minutes the soccer match is still balanced, it will be given an additional time of approximately 2 x 15 minutes. And if during the extension of time the score is still balanced, then there will be an opposition penalty shootout, so that one of the teams wins.

    Thus is the discussion of the 10 basic techniques of soccer and football rules. Hopefully this article can be useful in providing information about football.

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