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10+ Examples of Various & Meaningful Tales Examples [SINGKAT]

Tellsets are still less familiar to you. That is because the saga's literary works are indeed devoid of enthusiasts. Even so, that does not mean that saga is not good. Tell contains a lot of advice in it. Therefore, you must know the example of the saga. In this article we will give examples of saga with various themes.

10 Examples of saga with various themes

Following are examples of saga with various themes:

1. Hikayat Hang Tuah

 Example of Hikayat about Hang Tuah

One day, there was a papsangan named Hang Mahmud and Dang Merdu, which was blessed with a boy named Hang Tuah. The family lives in a village called the Duyung River. In the area, all citizens knew that Raja Bintan who was the leader of the region was well known and respected by all his people.

Mahmud finally lamented in front of his wife to be allowed to try his luck in Bintan, he thought who knows if he is there his fate will be good. And after he discussed with his wife.

At night Mahmud dreamed that there was a moon coming down from the sky and then shining above his son's head, namely Hang Tuah. Mahmud woke up from his sleep and then met his child and saw his child emitting a very sweet scent. And in the morning, the family would hold a thanksgiving event.

A few days later, Hang Tuah helped his father to chop up some of the wood that would be used as supplies. And right at that moment, came a number of rebels who intend to kill people in the village.

The villagers were running around frantically to save him, but Hang Tuah was still busy to chop wood. From a distance, the mother of Hang Tuah shouted in panic and told him to leave to save himself. However, it was too late because the rebel was right in front of him.

And the rebels tried to stab Hang Tuah's stomach with a dagger, but Hang Tuah managed to avoid it. Then when the opportunity arose, Hang Tuah swung his ax to cut the wood right at the rebel head's fennel and then the rebel died.

News of Hang Tuah's success in defeating a rebel had spread throughout the country. He was then invited into the palace by the king. For some form of gratitude, the king often invited him to be able to get to the palace and then become someone trusted by the king.

That must have made a number of employees and Tumenggung also feel jealous of him. These people then collaborated and then slandered Hang Tuah. A Tumenggung told the king that Hang Tuah had planned his betrayal to have a kingdom and he was also approaching a girl in the palace named Dang Setia.

After hearing that, the King became angry and then ordered a number of his bodyguards to kill Hang Tuah. However, God protected him, so the guards could not kill Hang Tuah. Because he did not want to leave other problems, finally Hang Tuah chose to exile himself into the forest.

2. Hikayat Sri Rama Looking for Sita Dewi


Sita Dewi, who was the wife of Sri Rama disappeared, did not know where and where. And as a husband, he must be feeling confused. Then Sri Rama decided to walk and wander to find his wife, assisted by a bodyguard. And then both of them sought Sita into the forest.

In the forest, they met a male that was very arrogant and had 4 wives. He also spoke to be able to look after his four wives, and while Sri Rama who was guarding one wife could not afford it. Sri Rama was offended when he heard this, then he prayed to the Gods so that the bird could not see his wife. Shortly thereafter, a bird went blind.

Then, Sri Rama and his bodyguards wandered again and then met hewa, a crane that was drinking right by the lake. Sri Rama then asked the stork if he saw his wife.

And the stork then answered that he saw the shadow of a woman being carried by Maharaja Rawana. And Sri Rama was happy that he could finally get a clue until he granted a request that a crane could stretch his neck so that it was easy to drink.

In the middle of his journey, Rama felt thirsty. And he released an arrow that could guide his guards to find a spring. the bodyguard brought him ait which after being drunk turned out to be unpleasant and the water smelled foul. And then they followed along the flow of the spring and met a large and dying bird, the bird named Jentayu.

Rama then asked him what had happened. Jentayu told about his fight with Rawana, then he gave a ring belonging to Sita Dewi that was thrown to him before falling to earth. Due to his extremely weak condition, Jentayu gave a message to Rama to be able to burn his corpse in a place that was not inhabited by humans. And soon, the bird died.

Rama ordered his guards to find a place that was not inhabited by humans. But unfortunately, he did not find his place. Finally, he decided to burn the bird in that place and then a huge flame. Because of his supernatural powers, Rama was not hurt at all. After the fire was extinguished, Rama and his bodyguards returned to continue searching for his wife.

3. The Hungry Nomadic Hikayat

 Examples of the Hungry Nomadic Hikayat

Once, there were 3 friends who were wandering, namely Buyung, Kendi and also Awang. During their travels, the three friends brought food supplies such as milk, fruits, rice, and meat. If they are tired, they will stop to fill their stomachs with the food they carry.

Until one day, they are in a dense forest. They also felt tight, but could not eat because the provisions they had brought were already gone. And in the forest they cannot find anyone who can be asked for help. While thinking of a solution, they then rested under a shady fig tree.

Kendi also said, "If there is rice down, then I can finish it myself." Buyung who also felt hungry also said, "If it is like this, then I was able to finish 10 roasted chicken. ”Unlike his friends, Awang only hoped that there was a long rice and also enough side dishes to be able to treat his hungry stomach.

And unexpectedly, what they hoped was heard by the tree the miraculous fig. The tree shed 3 of its leaves, each of which turned into the food they wanted. Buyung and Kenda were very happy to find the food and then rushed to eat it.

Awang was grateful to have got the food even though not as much as the two friends, the most important thing was to just fill his stomach. When finished eating, Awang noticed his two best friends who were still eating.

Even though he had eaten a lot and was also stuffed, Kendi was unable to finish his food ration. The rice in the crater turned out to be able to talk and ask them to finish it. But they are no longer able, he does not want to spend it. And then, the rice was angry and then biting the body of Kendi.

Likewise with Buyung who could only use up one chicken's ecosystem, then he threw 9 into the bushes. A few moments later in the bush 9 male chickens appeared and then attacked him.

When he saw the incident that happened to his friends. Awang was stunned for a moment and he felt like in a dreamland. However, when he regained consciousness, he had found his two friends dead.

4. Hikayat Scheherezade & Raja Shahryar

 Scheherezade & Raja Shahryar

One day, there was a cruel king named Shahryar. Every day, he marries a woman only to kill her the next day. This happened because he had been betrayed by his first wife, and he took it out on another woman.

This was what made the young girl in the kingdom's guardianship feel very scared. They do not want to marry the king if the eco day they can lose their lives. But, among the many girls, there is a kind girl named Scheherezade who wants to save the women in her village. The woman then asked for the blessing of her father to be able to marry the king.

Initially, his father did not approve of his intention. He did not want to lose the daughter he loved. But Scheherezade managed to convince the father that he had been looking for a way so that it would not end in a pathetic way like the wife of the previous king. With a heavy heart, Scheherezade's father agreed and married his daughter.

In the night before going to sleep, Scheherezade also stalled so that the king did not kill him by reading a tale. Although he was haunted by feelings of fear, but the woman began to tell the story before the king.

And unexpectedly, the king was very fond of the story he told and listened well. And because it was fun, the king did not realize that the day was already morning and the story was not finished. And unexpectedly, said he would continue the story the next day and the king who was known to be cruel agreed.

The next night, the King was very enthusiastic to hear the continuation of the story. The king listened carefully to what Scheherezade had said. Until the next day the woman had also not served her sentence to be killed.

This continued into the following nights, and it did not feel that 1001 days Scheherezade had told the king a fairy tale. Until the king forgot the death sentence he handed down to Scheherezade. Finally, all the courage of Scheherezade also bears sweet fruit, he can dive into other women in the region. And not only that, he could successfully change the king to be good and love his people.

5. The Story of Antu Ayek

 Example of the Story of Antu Ayek

Once upon a time in South Sumatra, there was a farming family who lived simply and lived around the river. The family has a beautiful daughter named Juani. Not only has a beautiful face, her body was slim and made many other girls jealous of her.

Therefore, many handsome men were attracted to her and wanted to ask for her hand. However, no one Juani accepted his proposal because he was not interested in to get married . His parents also feel worried that their children will become spinsters. However, the girl was able to hurt her parents that a biased man who was in accordance with her criteria would come.

Until one day, the area was hit by a drought which caused the coffee kebin to support his family's crop failure. And then, Juani's father owed a wealthy moneylender to be able to meet the expenses of daily living until the next harvest. And over time, his father's debt increased because he was unable to pay at the time of collection.

The loan shark also said he would consider the family's debt to be paid off if Juani's father was willing to marry his son to his son. And Juani was forced to agree to marry the loan shark's son. His son's name was Bujang Juandan. Although married to a rich child, but it all does not make him feel happy. Because the man was suffering from an incurable skin disease that was on his entire body.

On the day of his wedding, Juani felt unable to continue the program. And in his head had imagined he would be ridiculed by people for rejecting a number of handsome men and in the end he instead married a sick man. He also felt hopeless and ended his life by jumping into a very deep river.

And a few moments later, his family realized what was happening. But everything is too late. The next day, the girl's body was found dead. And it is said, since his death, in the river there was a voice from a girl who asked for help and cried.

6. Hikayat Bayan the Budiman

 Bayan the Budiman

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Azzam, there lived a wealthy merchant and had a family named Khojan Mubarok. The family is not complete because it does not have a child. Even so the merchant did not despair and was also not tired of saying a prayer that he would soon have a child.

His long wait was over, because his wife was pregnant and also gave birth to a baby boy and had the name Khojan Maimun. The child grows up to be a good and pious child. At the age of 15 years, the child was later married to someone named Aunt Zainab, he was the son of a wealthy merchant.

And at one time, Maimun asked permission from his wife with the aim of sailing. And before sailing, he bought a male bird that is male and also a female bird. And he also advised his wife if he had a problem he should discuss it with the two birds.

And a few days later when he had left her husband, Aunt Zainab felt lonely. Until one day came a son of a king who fell in love with her beauty and the child approached him. the man then asked an old woman to help him get acquainted with Aunt Zainab. And it turns out that Aunt Zainab was also attracted to the man and they fell in love with each other.

One night Aunt Zainab went with the child and he said good-bye to the tiung. The bird then advised him not to go because it was against the rules and he also had a husband. After listening to this, Aunt Zainab became angry and then slammed the cage of the bird, causing the bird to die.

And Aunt Zainab also saw a parrot sleeping. But in fact the bird only pretended to sleep because if he gave the same answer, then his life was also threatened.

When Zainab said goodbye to a parrot, the bird said, "You may go, and hurry because the child been waiting for a long time. What you have done, I will bear it all. What do people look for in the world besides patience, dignity and wealth? I am only a parrot which has been removed by its owner's wife. "

And the following night Aunt Zainab often went to meet with the young man. Every time he said goodbye the bird told a story. And then Aunt Zainab felt remorse for his actions and would not repeat his actions again

7. Hikayat Putri Kemuning

 Example of Hikayat about Putri Kemuning

Once upon a time there lived a famous king with his wise and just nature. The king has 10 very beautiful daughters. Her children have names that are based on color names, from the name of the first eldest daughter, Putri Jambon, then Putri Nila, Orange, Purple, green, blue, gray, blush red, orange and her last daughter is named Putri kuning. [19659007] But that happiness was not complete because his wife died while giving birth to a yellow princess. And because he was busy taking care of his kingdom, the King was increasingly rarely met with his daughters. The ten daughters were cared for by a caregiver host and then they grew up to be very spoiled and always fighting children. And from his children only the youngest daughter who was never involved in the quarrel between her siblings and she was happier when playing alone.

At one time the King wanted to travel "Dad will be gone soon, do you want anything?" the king. His nine children were also busy mentioning various expensive items. Examples such as silk cloth and jewelry.

But unlike other siblings Yellow princess also replied "I don't want anything. I just want father to come back healthy and also safe ". The king smiled at his son to hear his daughter.

And while the king was gone the behavior of the 9 daughters became more and more. They just had fun and then told the servants to do whatever they want. While the destructive yellow lightning was very sad when he saw the park in his father's favorite location became dirty because the servants were busy taking care of his brothers.

He then cleaned the park. And when he saw that, his brothers did not help but ridiculed him by calling him a new servant. And even they did not hesitate to throw stones at the yellow princess and littered the place. So that made the Yellow Princess have to clean it again.

The next day, the King went home and gave gifts to his children. Even though she didn't ask for anything, the yellow princess still got a gift, a necklace that was green and very beautiful. Seeing that the green princess felt jealous of the yellow princess and then she instigated her brother and said that the yellow princess stole the necklace from her father's pocket.

They also intend to give a lesson to the yellow princess for taking the necklace. And when they took it by force they accidentally hit the head and then caused the yellow princess to die. They all panicked and then buried the yellow princess in the park. And no one dared to open his mouth about the incident.

For months the king had been looking for a yellow princess, but he could not find it. And at one time above the yellow princess tomb overgrown with a plant that is yellow and emits a fragrant aroma. The king took care of the plant and named it Kemuning.

8. The Story of Two Mothers

 Two Mothers

Once, a court judge was confused by two mothers who were seizing a baby. This is because both have very strong evidence. The judge did not know how to determine and decide who the baby's biological mother was. And in the end he went to King Harun Al Rasyid to ask for help so that the case did not last long to be resolved.

The king then intervened to solve the problem. But he felt hopeless by the two mothers. Both mothers remained stubborn and also wanted the baby.

Then the King called Abu Nawas. Abu Nawas is a smart person. He was called by the King to come to the palace. And after Abu Nawas found out about the problem, he also sought a way to determine the fate of the baby so that he would not be displaced and be with his biological mother again.

The next day Abu Nawas went to court and he brought an executioner. Abu Nawas also ordered the executioner to put the contested baby on a table. "What are you doing with the baby?" The two mothers asked simultaneously.

"Now before I answer your question, I will ask you once again. Which of you wants or is willing to hand over the baby to his real birth mother? "Said Abu Nawas.

" But the baby is my child. "The two mothers answered in unison.

" Good if so, because you two both want this baby then I will be forced to split this baby into two "answered Abu Nawas.

Hearing this, the first mother felt very happy and immediately agreed to that suggestion. Whereas the second mother felt very sad and cried hysterically and she also begged Abu Nawas not to do that. "Please don't split the baby, just leave the baby to the woman. I'm letting it go as long as Yes can stay alive. "Cried the woman.

Abu Nawas was very satisfied to hear the two answers from the two mothers. That way, he immediately learned who the biological mother of the baby was. Then he handed the baby over to his second woman, his biological mother.

And then, Abu asked the court to punish the first woman for his crime. This is because there is no mother who can bear to see her child killed, especially killed in front of him. The problem was resolved well and finally the baby can be reunited with his biological mother.

9. Hikayat Malim Deman and Bidadari

 Example of Hikayat about Malim Deman and Bidadari

Once upon a time, there lived an orphaned young man named Malim Deman. So that he can survive, he also works in the field of his uncle's location on the edge of the forest. And not far from that place there is a house inhabited by an old widow named Mandeh rubiah.

The woman is a good woman and also close to the evening. He often cooks Malim food when he takes care of his Uncle's fields at night. Even Malim was considered by her as her own child.

And one night Malim Deman felt thirsty when he was guarding his Uncle's fields. He also intends to ask for drinking water and he also asked to Mandeh's house. Arriving right in the yard, he also heard the voices of a number of women who were not far from the pool whose position was right behind the widow's hut. Malim was very impressed when he saw the beauty of the angels.

And not far from where Malin stood, he saw 7 shawls. And the scarf belongs to the angels. He did not want to waste the opportunity, and then he took one of the angel's scarves. And he also hid the scarf in his foster mother's house. And it turns out that the scarf he took was the youngest angel.

The youngest angel kept crying because she could not return to Kayangan. Seeing this, Malim then approached and invited him to stay at Mandeh's house. The angel was later appointed by Mandeh as his son.

At that time the nighttime even more often visited Mandeh's house and he became very close to the Princess. Because they often met, they fell in love and then they married. Their happiness also increased when they were blessed with a son who was very handsome and named Sultan Duano.

But their happiness did not last long because Malim was very fond of gambling. He also often does not go home for days. Advice from his wife was not listened to. Seeing her husband's behavior, the youngest daughter could not stand it anymore and could only cry and then missed her home in heaven.

At one time when she was looking for things, the youngest daughter accidentally grew a shawl stolen by Malim. The youngest daughter immediately told someone to call Malim with threats, if he still wants to see his wife and children at home, then he must go home immediately. And in fact the nightmare did not come.

In the end the youngest daughter decided to return to Kayangan and bring her son without telling her husband. Whereas on earth Malim returned to his home feeling very sorry for not seeing his wife and children again at home.

10. The Tale of a Man and Narrow House

 A Man and Narrow House

Once there was a man who came to the house of Abu Nawas. The man wanted to complain to him about the problem he was facing. He also felt sad because his house was very narrow when inhabited by many people.

"O Abu Nawas, I have a wife and also 8 children but my house is very narrow. Every day they complain and also not comfortable living in that house. We also want to move out of the house, but we don't have money. So please tell me what I can do, "he asked.

Hearing the question of the very sad man, Abu Nawas thought for a moment. And not long after an idea passed in his head.

"You have a sheep in your house?" Abu Nawas asked the man. "I do not ride a sheep and therefore I do not have it." Answered the man. Then when he heard the answer, Abu Nawas also asked the man to buy a sheep and told him to put it at home.

The man then followed the proposal from Abu Nawas and he went to buy a sheep. The next day, he came again to the house of Abu Nawas. "Abu Nawas, how about this? In fact my house is now increasingly narrow and also messy. "

" Yes, then you try to buy 2 more sheep and you can choose it in your home too ". answered Abu Nawas.

And then the man went to the market and also bought 2 more sheep. But the results did not match his expectations because his house felt increasingly cramped.

With great annoyance, he went to Abu Nawas again to complain about the matter for the third time. He also told everything that had happened, including about his wife who became angry because of the sheep. And then Abu Nawas suggested selling all the sheep he had.

The next day, Abu Nawas and the man met again. And Abu Nawas asked "How is your house now? feel relieved? "

" And after I sold the sheep, my house became comfortable when I lived. my wife is no longer angry "the man replied, smiling. And in the end, Abu Nawas was able to solve the man's problem.

Thus the article saga examples in various themes and also the story above. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.


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