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10+ Examples of the Most Popular Application of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI is an abbreviation of Artificial Intelligence which if translated into Indonesian becomes Artificial Intelligence. From the name alone, AI is a technology that is very cool and sophisticated.

In fact, seeing the sophistication found on a computer already makes us amazed. But AI is even more sophisticated because the device or machine has the ability to decide or take action on its own without having to provide input.

AI works by recording any database that it receives from the user. Then, it will use the database for operations where users no longer need to give orders. The presence of artificial intelligence certainly gives a fresh breeze in the world of technology because it shows that the world of technology has been highly developed and sometimes even we do not expect if it comes this far.

Examples of Application of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The presence of AI is now used to various purposes. Below we will provide information on the most popular examples of AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications. By knowing this information you are expected to understand what technologies or systems use artificial intelligence. Moreover, if possible you also take the initiative to utilize this artificial intelligence for your daily needs or activities.

1. Google

 Example of AI Application Google

The first example of implementing AI or artificial intelligence we will explain is Google. Who does not know the search engine or search engine on this one. Almost everyone in this world every day always uses Google to access various kinds of information they need. With its intelligence, Google has been named the most powerful search engine until now.

Maybe for a long time Google will still occupy the top position and as such will never be replaced and defeated. Google will immediately crawl and search for all the links needed by users who come from a website . Google also has the ability to read and predict characteristics that are roughly desired by users.

The benefits of intelligence found in Google have helped humans to obtain the information they want. Google also apparently has been equipped with the ability to be able to recognize which websites contain negative or positive content. So, when there is negative content, automatically Google will immediately block it .


Maybe SIRI still sounds new, especially for those who don't. using Apple's smartphone output. But for Apple users, they will immediately know that SIRI is an artificial intelligence that is embedded in Apple's smartphone output. SIRI's function is to help iPhone users to get what they need.

SIRI is a versatile virtual system that will serve users well. Some things we can get from SIRI are sending messages, getting information about directions, getting information, making calls up to giving punctuation marks on the calendar. SIRI's sophistication has helped many iPhone users where they have no trouble getting what they need.

3. Tesla Smart Car

 Examples of Application of AI Tesla Smart Car

At present, the use of AI is not limited to smartphones or search engines. The use of artificial intelligence has entered the automotive world. An example of the application of AI is the Tesla car. Who would have thought that the company owned by a conglomerate named Elon Musk embedded artificial intelligence technology on the company's cars.

With the intelligence owned by Tesla, making the car can operate or run alone without having to need control from a driver. Even artificial intelligence in Tesla has an extraordinary level of prediction. In other words, the AI ​​technology possessed by the Tesla car is almost similar to the auto-pilot feature that is on an aircraft even though its functions and ways of working may also be different.

4. Cogito

Cogito is an application made by Joshua and Dr. Sandy is said to be one of the most powerful and most sophisticated AI applications that will provide the best service to corporate customers. Cogito is used to make calls every day with the number of calls that can reach millions. The workings of this artificial intelligence is to analyze the sound that is used as input and then will provide guidance on the services provided to users.

5. Pandora

 example of application of AI Pandora

Pandora is an example of the application of AI which is now widely used. Pandora is the application of AI in detail which is also named as musical DNA. By having approximately 400 characteristics of music, experts in the field of music will begin to analyze the music individually. This system is also very good to help provide information about a song that was never loaded or heard even though the song is a song that many people like.

6. Netflix

Who doesn't know Netflix? Netflix is ​​a content service on demand which is an application of AI by offering a variety of choices, reactions, interests, and also the behavior of consumers. This technology will work by recommending films based on the reaction and also the love of its consumers.

Every year, Netflix always experiences an increase. But what is lacking from Netflix is ​​a small movie that will not be shown. But until now Netflix continues to develop so that it is not impossible even small films will be able to be shown.

Thus the information we can convey about the most popular understanding and examples of the application of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Some other AI applications that are equally popular are as follows:

  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Boxever
  • Flying Drones
  • Alexa

That is an example of the application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is quite amazing in the world technology. Which is your favorite?


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