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10+ Examples of Preface Proposals that are Good & Correct

Surely you've all made a proposal or other scientific work, right? In the paper there is definitely an introduction. Where the preface is one of the requirements in a paper.

Now, in this article we will discuss examples of preface for various kinds of scientific work.

Examples of Proposal Proposals

 Examples of Proposal Proposals

The preface is a page which contains the writer's remarks on the completion of the writing in this paper, this is both about his gratitude, gratitude, purpose, and benefits of writing.

The following is an example of a preface to the proposal:

1. Examples of Preface Research Proposals

Assalamualamualaikum wr.wb

All praise is due to Allah because of the blessings from Him the author can complete this research until completion. This research is intended to be one of the requirements for Data Structure and Algorithm courses. This study is entitled "Implementation of Djikstra's Algorithm in finding the Shortest Path". In this study also explains how the Djikstra algorithm is used and running.

The author is also very aware of the weaknesses and also the limitations experienced, so that in completing this research get help from various parties who want to help the writer to solve it. Well, on this occasion, the author would like to express my gratitude to:

  1. Ms. Rosmalina, M.Sc as the author of the author in completing this research and giving a lot of guidance.
  2. Mr. Suhaedi, M.Sc as the author's advisor in completing this research and also often provide constructive advice.
  3. Budi as a friend of the writer who is willing to help the writer when difficulties in doing this research.

The author also realizes that this research also has many shortcomings, both in terms of composition and contents. And hopefully this research can be useful for everyone, not only for writers.

Medan, 27 October 2019


2. Examples of Preface Business Proposals

Praise for the presence of God Almighty because with his grace and also the gift of the author can complete this business proposal with good spirit and enthusiasm. Because this proposal can be completed smoothly and also well without any obstacle.

The purpose of this proposal is that business designs that have been prepared in a systematic and structured manner can be well received. The proposed business is "Bag Knitting Business", where this business will rely on the knitting bag craftsman and then the results of the knitting will be sold online.

The author hopes that this proposal can be accepted and then approved. Because that way the business that will be designed can run smoothly.

Jakarta, 27 October 2019


3. Examples of Preface Thesis Proposals

By saying Alhamdulliah and all praise be praised to Allah SWT, the authors feel grateful because they have been able to complete this thesis in order to be a prerequisite for obtaining a Bachelor of Economics degree at Prima University.

This thesis is designed as well as possible with the title "Accounting for Responsibility With Cost Control". The effort and hard work put into completing this thesis are not in vain. Because in the end this thesis was completed in accordance with the right time.

The author realizes that without the support and assistance of those who helped the writer, this thesis could not be completed as well as it is today. Therefore, the author would like to thank as much as possible to:

  1. Mr. Idris, M.E as a supervisor. Because he often gives constructive suggestions for this thesis.
  2. Mrs. Asih, M.E as the supervisor II. Because he often directs and also advises writers when doing this thesis research.
  3. Tika, Rahman, Ayu, Celine, and Anwar as friends of the writer who are willing to take the time to listen to the writer's complaints when working on this thesis.

And the authors also hope that this thesis can be useful for others, not only for writers.

Bandung, October 28, 2019
Putri Nabila

4. Examples of Preface PKL Proposal

All Praise and thanksgiving are offered to God Almighty, which is because he is the author can complete this proposal. And thanks to the blessings and also His Grace, the author can pass the process of this street vendor as a requirement in vocational education. Finally, the author can complete the PKL task in the Telkom company, where penulia get a lot of learning.

And the authors would also like to thank the people who have helped and directed the writer in implementing this street vendor. Thank you to the staff and employees who are in the Telkom company for accepting the writers so well for doing street vendors for a whole month. Not only that, the writer also wishes to thank Mr. Amiruddin, S.pd as the teacher's supervising teacher to carry out this PKL.

The author is well aware in making this proposal there must be a mistake. With that, the authors thank those who helped the writer until finally this proposal was completed.

Tangerang, 30 November 2019


5. Example Preface Activities Proposal

We praise and thank God for the presence of God Almighty, it is because of His blessing we can complete the proposal for the anniversary of the TNI which carries the theme "Revive the Fighting Spirit". This activity was carried out on October 5, yesterday, where participants who participated in enlivening this activity were happy and enthusiastic in various competitions.

Success must be very difficult to find, so we as the people who compiled this proposal will not be free from mistakes. Therefore, we sincerely hope that the reader will give us criticism and suggestions that can motivate us to go in a better direction.

Acknowledgments to all members of the TNI and members of Suka Maju Village who have helped and also contributed in organizing TNI Anniversary activities this time. And we apologize for any shortcomings and also our mistakes as a committee for the implementation of the anniversary of the TNI.

Subang, 10 October 2019

Implementing Committee

6. Examples of Preface Apprenticeship Proposal

By saying Alhamdulillah and all thanks are offered to God the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful, because with His gift the writer can complete the internship proposal held at PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri, located on Jalan Mojopahit no 23.

The purpose of the preparation of this internship proposal is to be able to meet the requirements of the Job Training or Internship courses. The author would like to thank the staff and also employees who are at PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri for helping the writer complete this apprenticeship program.

The success of the preparation of this apprenticeship proposal will also not be realized properly and without the help, guidance and encouragement that can not be counted in value from various parties who sincerely help the author, both materially and morally.

And finally, the author hopes that this article can be useful for all readers.

Tanjung Pinang, March 14, 2019


7. Examples of Preface Augustus Proposal

We praise and give thanks to God Almighty because of His blessing, we can complete the proposal for the celebration of August 17, 2019, which carries the theme "Great Indonesia, advanced Indonesia!". This activity was carried out on the 17th of August, which the participants who took part in enlivening the activity felt happy.

Perfection must be very difficult to find, so we as the people who compiled this proposal will not be free from mistakes. Therefore, we really hope the reader to give us criticism and suggestions that can motivate us to go in a good direction.

Acknowledgments to all parties who have helped and also contributed in organizing this August 17 activity. And we apologize for any shortcomings and also our mistakes as the committee of the August 17 event.

Sulawesi, 20 August 2019

Implementing Committee

8. Examples of Preface OSIS Proposal

Gratitude is offered to God the Most Merciful and the Most Merciful, because of His blessings and guidance we can carry out Class 9 Separation activities at SMA Negeri 1 Suka Maju. With the preparation of this proposal, all reports from each division on the Farewell Class 9 activities of SMA Negeri 1 Suka Maju can be explained in detail.

We, as the committee of the Class 9 Farewell Farewell Activity, say many thanks to the teachers who have coached us to carry out this event until it runs smoothly.

And we apologize if there were errors in the preparation of this proposal.

Medan, 20 June 2019


9. Examples of Preface Equal Work Proposals

By saying praise and thanksgiving to Allah SWT we feel very happy and happy because we can complete this collaboration proposal. This proposal aims to establish cooperation between our company and P&G companies.

A perfection must be very difficult to find, therefore we realize that in this proposal there are accidental mistakes. Therefore we apologize if there is an error in the preparation of the proposal.

And we would like to thank the P&G company if you want to establish cooperation with this company.

Bandung, 30 December 2019

Hub Company

10. Examples of Foreword Proposals for Requests for Funds

Bismillahirrahmanirrohim, by saying Alhamdulillahirobbil alamin we offer our praise and gratitude to Alla SWT, because with the blessing of guidance and also our pleasure we can complete this proposal.

To be able to create a solemn atmosphere of worship and a comfortable activity of the majelis ta ‟lim, one important factor is the availability of adequate worship facilities. But in the construction of the Ar-Rahman mosque in the Sei Lepan sub-district, the conditions were below that of a partial.

Therefore, we ask to provide a grant to repair the Ar-Rahman Mosque. Where if it could create a solemn atmosphere of worship. With this proposal, it can be considered and also accepted to be able to improve the quality of solemn worship in the Ar-Rahman Mosque of Sei Lepan sub-district.

Medan, August 25, 2019

Mosque Administrator 19659075] Thus the article provides examples of preface proposals for various activities and events. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.


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