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10+ Example Image Poster about the Environment, Health Etc.

Everyone must have seen a poster. Posters are widely used for promotional media, advertisements, announcements and also for notifications within a broad target. For more details, let us together recognize various posters including examples.

Posters are generally made to be able to share various types of information . In conveying information on this poster, it can be done by combining it with graphics, pictures and writing. The contents of posters generally can be made as minimum as possible to get the main message that has been conveyed on the poster.

This article will explain and give you some examples of posters and give a little explanation of the poster.

10 Example Image Poster

Before an example of a poster image is explained, you should first know what is meant by a poster. Poster is defined as a media public that can integrate images, graduates, or a combination of the two with the aim of providing information to the public.

Posters are generally also installed in places that are crowded and also strategic. Examples include places in the market area, offices, bus stops, schools, health facilities, and other places. The information conveyed from the poster also has an encouraging nature.

And below are 10 examples of poster images on various themes, you can make some examples of the following poster images as a reference for making a poster.

1. Poster Image about the Environment

 Example Poster Image about the Environment

The poster above is a poster used to save the earth. The poster above aims to reforest the earth by replanting trees. That way, when the trees grow bigger, they can protect the earth from the threat of global warming or global warming .

2. Poster Image about Health


Postaer above is a poster about health. You can see in the picture above that says healthy belongs to all, it means that we as living things have the right to live healthy. Therefore, we must maintain the health of our bodies for a better life.

3. Poster Image about Drugs

 Poster about Drugs

We all know that drugs have a huge impact on us. Therefore, we must stay away from drugs. Definitely posters about drug prevention often we find. In the picture above is an example of a drug poster. You can use the poster above for your reference to make a drug poster as well.

4. Poster Image on Education

 Example Poster Image on Education

The poster above is one example of a poster about education. In the poster above, we are asked to read a book. Because the poster contains the word 'Read one book, get a million of knowledge'. Therefore, if we want knowledge, we must read a lot of books. The function of education poster is also useful for reminding someone about education and inviting people to do good in the world of education.

5. Poster Image about Saving Energy

 Poster about Saving Energy

Excessive use of energy is one of the most important problems in this day and age. Therefore, we must save our energy. To enliven and also remind everyone about saving energy can be published by using posters. Examples like the example poster above.

6. Poster Image on Prevention of Sexual Diseases

 Poster Image on Prevention of Sexual Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are dangerous diseases, for example, such as HIV / AIDS . So we need a media to remind everyone about the language of the disease. One way is to publish it by posting a disease prevention poster in a crowded place. An example of this poster image for the prevention of sexual diseases is as shown above.

7. Poster Image about Water

 Example Poster Image about Water

We must save water, because if we fear water will run out in the future. One way to campaign for water conservation is to make a poster. Above is a poster blank for the prevention of excessive water use. The poster image above can also be used as a reference for other water posters.

8. Poster Image on Religion

 Poster on Religion

A religious poster is a poster that must be made well, because it involves a certain religion. Therefore, you can make a poster about religion as shown above. The function of the picture above is so that there will be no more violence in the name of certain religions . Because all religions teach good things.

9. Poster Image on Global Warming

 Poster on Global Warming

Surely you all feel that the earth is very hot right now, right? That was caused by global warming. In the poster image above also shows a car that raises the smoke and makes the earth feel sad. Therefore, we must reduce doing things that can cause global warming effects. The poster above also has another function for global warming.

10. Poster Image about Community Service

 Example Poster Image about Community Service

To campaign for something from community service that is by distributing a poster. As an example of the poster image above, the poster above was issued by Bakti Husada so that wise housewives choose food. You can also make posters for other community services by using the poster above as a reference.

Thus the article describes 10 examples of poster images. The poster image above can be your reference for making posters with various purposes. Not only that, you also have to make posters with interesting pictures and words, so others can see them clearly. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.


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