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10+ Computer Software: Functions & Examples [LENGKAP]

As discussed earlier, computer devices consist of two parts, namely hardware and software. On this occasion I will share information about what kinds of software have developed to date.

Certainly, you are already familiar with Microsoft Word, Chrome, Mozilla, Excel, Photoshop and so on. These programs fall into the category of computer software.

But before, what was the meaning of software? Software or software is part of a computer that refers to digital forms. This component is not physically visible, but can be operated by the user by executing any command from the user. Without software, the computer is only a machine that is abandoned because it cannot do any task.

Computer Software

In general, the function of software is to bridge between computer users and hardware. This software contains program codes made using the programming language .

These codes are a collection of commands or instructions for carrying out certain tasks in accordance with the wishes of the user. To add to Anad's understanding, below are various types of software and their explanations.

1. Operating System Software  Operating system Computer Software

Operating system software or operating system (OS) is the basic device that is in a computer before any other software. The role of this device is to control, control or provide connections between computer hardware to work together.

There are several examples of software that are included in the operating system category, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and many more. Each operating system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Like Windows, which is the excellent operating system among the people. This is because the design is user friendly and easy to use on various computer devices on the market.

2. Word Processing Software word processing software ” width=”550″ height=”276″/>

Word processing software called word processing 19459016 is software related to document making, editing or document compilation. The results obtained from this device are documents such as job application letters, proposals, speech papers and so on. Although said to be a word processor, this device can also present data in the form of graphics, images, tables and more.

The history of the development of word processing devices is based on the anxiety of users who still use the machine when manually making a document. The development began when a graphical word processing device was made known as bravos.

At present, there have been many types of word processing devices such as Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, LibreOffice, Lotus World, WordPerfect and others. These devices are widely used in the fields of human life, such as economics, education, finance, social affairs and others.

3. Number Processing Software number processing software ” width=”550″ height=”367″/>

As the name implies, number processing software is concerned with processing data in the form of numbers. Some of the processes that can be done by this device such as creating tables, processing data in graphical form, calculating and storing the data in the form of numbers. Examples of number processing software include Microsoft Excel KSpread, Open Office Calc, Star Office and others.

4. Data Processing Software  Computer software data processing

Data processing software is a type of software that is associated with managing large amounts of data (database). By using this device, we can create data, edit, select data with certain criteria and make reports. Some examples of data processing software such as Microsoft Access, Foxbase, SPSS, MySQL, dBase and others.

5. Presentation Software  presentation software

Presentation software is software used in making files commonly used when making presentations. The function of this device is to help you convey ideas or ideas using an attractive and interactive display.

By using this presentation program, we can insert objects such as images, videos and sounds. There are several examples of presentation software including: Microsoft PowerPoint, Open Office Impress, KPresenter, iWork KeyNote, Macromedia Authorware and others.

6. Image Processing Software Image processing software ” width=”550″ height=”344″/>

Image processing software is software related to graphic design. This device is used to make, process and edit images.

Usually, this program is used in the field of marketing and security. Some examples of devices included in image processing are Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand and many more.

7. Browser Software browser software ” width=”550″ height=”352″/>

Browser software is software that is used to help us explore or access information through the web. In addition, this device provides search engine services that make it easier for users to search data by typing keywords in the search field provided.

There are several examples of browsers that are often used by internet users including: Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

8. Graphic Design Software Graphic design software ” width=”550″ height=”275″/>

From the name alone, we already know that this device is used in the field of graphic design. The function of this graphic design device is as a form of visual communication in delivering information in an interactive manner. Examples of graphic design software such as Photo Scape, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Frame Maker, Picture Manager etc.

9. Computer Network Software  Computer Software computer network

Computer network software is a type of device designed to help computer hardware in carrying out its functions properly. In addition, this device was developed to manage, supervise and maintain computer networks. The goal is so that computers can connect with other computers.

There are several examples of computer network software such as Microsoft Network Monitor, Angry IP Scanner, OpenNMS, Wireshark and others.

10. Chat Software  chat software

Chat software is a type of device used to support communication activities between one user and another user. Each user can exchange messages with the desired user without being obstructed by distance and time. There are several examples of software that can be used to chat like Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp and others.

Now, you already know what is included in the computer software and its examples. Hopefully the above explanation is easy to understand and can add insight. Thank you for visiting.


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