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10+ Components of Physical Fitness + Exercise Examples [LENGKAP]

Body conditions can be affected when you rarely exercise. Easy pain and decreased stamina can be things that happen anytime when you rarely exercise.

For this reason, a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can be one of the choices you can make to keep your body healthy. One of them is by doing various physical fitness activities to maintain endurance.

Therefore, a healthy lifestyle must be applied in everyday life so that you can carry out various activities more freely without excessive fatigue. This can be proven by comparing yourself to a healthy and regular life with you living abnormally and eating carelessly.

There will be significant differences that will occur in the condition of your body. so that you still have to maintain your lifestyle and physical fitness activities.

Components of Physical Fitness

In doing physical fitness activities, you need to know the components contained in physical fitness. Physical fitness is very important to know the condition of your body to stay healthy.

In addition, by doing physical fitness, you can improve your abilities especially on the physical. To find out the components of physical injury, you can read the explanation in this section. The following are some components of physical fitness:

1. Strength

 component of physical fitness

Push up

Strength is muscle endurance when used to hold and lift weights. The strength of this muscle is included in the muscles of the arms and legs, so that to increase the strength of these muscles can be done by means of lifting heavy weights continuously. In addition you can do several activities such as:

  • Jump squats to train your leg muscles and abdominal muscles
  • Push ups to increase arm muscle strength
  • Sit ups to shrink the stomach, making your stomach muscles stronger [19659013] Backing up to increase the abdominal muscles stronger

2. Durability

Endurance is a person's ability to involve the heart, lung or respiratory system, and blood circulation which is effective and efficient to carry out work continuously. With this resistance can show the physical condition of your body. to train this endurance you can do sports such as running 2 km, running for 12 minutes and others.

3. Speed ​​

 Speed ​​


Speed ​​is a person's ability to carry out activities continuously in a relatively short time. To practice this speed, you can do sports activities such as running 100 meters or running 200 meters.

4. Balance

Balance is a person's ability to carry out movements with a position that is well balanced and correct. One way to practice balance is to do gymnastics. In addition, you can also do the exercises by walking on the beam with the position of the road with one foot support.

5. Agility

 component of physical fitness and for example

Playing badminton

Agility is a person's ability to move positions in a very fast time. The training you can do to train agility is to move left and right quickly like playing badminton …

7. Coordination

Coordination is an activity that integrates different movements and your body can do it correctly and precisely. The training you can do to coordinate is to reflect the ball to the floor and your right hand must catch it on and on alternately with your left hand.

8. Accuracy


Playing football

Accuracy is the ability of a person to control the body with a goal that must be precise. You can do this precision training in a way such as playing basketball, which is entering the ball into the ring, playing soccer, which is putting the ball into the goal and scoring a goal. This is a number of solutions for your practice in improving the ability to be precise in carrying out physical fitness activities .

9. Reaction

Reaction is the ability of a person to take action and respond to that which is stimulated by the senses. To practice this reaction you can do the exercises by catching the ball. By practicing the reaction, you will experience an increase in feelings for the reaction you will feel when doing physical fitness activities.

10. Flexibility

Flexibility is an agile stretching ability that is effective and efficient. With this flexibility, it will also affect the accuracy and speed of doing things.

11. Muscle power

Muscle power is the ability of a person who uses maximum strength to use his muscles to carry out activities in a short period of time. To exercise muscle power, you can use several sports options such as the following:

  • Vertical jump and Front jump to train limb muscle explosive power
  • Side jumps to train leg muscle strength

Examples of Exercises Physical Fitness

 Examples of Physical Fitness

To be able to do physical fitness training, you need to know some examples of activities you can do to improve physical fitness. The following are some examples of physical fitness exercises:

  • [1945910] Push-ups, were carried out to increase the strength of the arm muscles. So that your muscle strength can increase and get stronger.
  • [1945910] Sit-ups, [1945911] were performed to shrink the stomach so that it could make the abdominal muscles stronger.
  • Back-up, 1945 increasing abdominal muscles stronger.
  • [1945910] Sprint Running, was conducted to train your agility and speed in optimizing your immune system.
  • Weight lifting, was performed to increase arm muscle strength so that your strength can be increased and make your body more healthy.

Now, after you learn some components of physical fitness components and various examples, you can apply them to everyday life. So that you can increase endurance and learn to live healthier lives. Hopefully this article will be useful for you.

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