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10 Causes of Unreadable Hard Drive on Computers Most Often Occurs

Computer components
quite a variety of types. Each computer component also has functions and
their respective duties. One important component in it is
hard drive.

A hard drive is one of the components in a computer. The function of the hard drive is to store files on a computer or laptop. Without a hard drive, the computer and laptop will also have difficulty storing important files, including files to run an application and software.

Talking about hard disks, a disease that often appears in one of the components of computer hardware This is difficult to detect on computers and laptops. In general, the cause of a hard drive can't be detected by a computer or laptop can be caused by the following things.


Just like other electronic devices, hard disks also have the age to work optimally. The longer the hard drive is used, the lower the performance in it. Even if repaired, it does not guarantee the hard drive can last long. Therefore, replacing with a new hard drive is the right solution.

2. Wiring error

When installing a hard drive cable on the CPU, there may be an error installing the cable. An example is like a crooked or broken part on a pin, bent on a cable, or also one of a cable that is not in accordance with its place.

For problems like this, try to disassemble the hard disk, then reinstall the hard drive slowly. Try to install the cable in accordance with the place. In addition, it is also necessary to check the cable on HDD. Try to replace the old hard drive cable with a new one if the hard drive is still not readable.

3. The disc doesn't sound

The hard drive has a circular disk. A distinctive feature when the hard drive is lit there will be a slight noise on the hard disk. This shows that the hard drive is working. However, if you don't hear a rotating disk, that's why the hard drive is not readable by computers or laptops. The solution is to try to check the hard drive is damaged or not by replacing the old cable with a new cable. It could be that the old cable cannot drain the hard drive.

4. BIOS setup error

It may be that the hard drive is not detected on the computer or laptop due to an error in the BIOS settings. Try to enter the BIOS. If the hard disk settings in the BIOS are Off or Disable, set it to change to On or Enable. Actually this case is quite simple but very fatal.

5. Rarely do defragment

One of the bad habits of a computer user
is rarely cleaning "junk" on the computer. Examples are like deleting cache
or defragment the hard disk. Defragment is a way to renew
return the hard drive so that hard disk functions can return to work
better. Well, when hard disks are rarely defragmented, it will often
bad sectors occur on the hard disk. So that the hard disk performance can decrease and
can also make it unstable.

Therefore, in this case try to frequently defragment the hard drive at least once a week. That way the hard disk performance can still be maintained and the sleep is easily damaged.

6. The occurrence of a crash file

When a power failure occurs. The computer will go out immediately if you don't use a stabilizer. Whereas the function of the stabilizer was to provide temporary electricity to the computer so that it did not die suddenly. That way, there will be time to shut down.

If the computer dies suddenly, it can affect labor on computer components, especially hard disks. A file crash will occur when a data transfer process is performed. This made the file become corrupted and the characteristics of the hard disk were damaged [1945955] can be seen.

7. Hit by a virus.

Computer viruses also became one of the causes of damage to the hard disk . As we already know, computer viruses can attack computer components, including hard disks. This computer virus can damage or inhibit software, applications and computer components so that it can interfere with the system that is inside the computer itself. The way to overcome this is by restarting the computer.

8. Frequently shutting down your computer or laptop by force

If you force a computer shutdown, it can damage computer components. Because it is the same as the sixth point. If only once in a while the effect is still not felt. The severe effect will be felt if you do it too often. Therefore, avoid this bad habit if you want the components of the computer and laptop to remain durable.

9. Laptop or computer often falls

Another factor is a laptop or computer that has fallen. As with other electronic devices, when a laptop or CPU has fallen hard, it has a profound effect on its components. The most fatal thing is on the hard disk. When farthest, the components on the hard drive may be damaged.

10. The hard drive memory is full

Finally, the hard disk memory is full. When capacity
hard disk memory is full, there will be a warning from the system. If you
often ignore these warnings, the hard drive can be damaged
like a crash file even if the hard drive can't be used again. Because of
that, diligently clean up the garbage on the hard drive with the application
registry trash cleaners like Ccleaner, or something else.

That is why hard drives are not readable on computers and laptops. You can also read why the external hard drive is illegible as a reference for your reading. Hopefully this article provides great benefits for you.


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