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10 best study apps and homework apps for Android!

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Studying is something we all have to do eventually. You need to do it in high school and college at least. There are also a variety of other times where study is necessary, even in your work life. For instance, many food service managers need to certify with food safety organizations and that requires testing. In any case, apps like these are helpful for doing home work or studying for a test. Here are the best study apps and homework apps for Android!

My Study Life is a planner specifically for students. It lets you plan out your various activities, including class times, study times, homework times, and all of that. To do list apps are generally better than this one. However, its tools for students make it better for this particular subject matter. It also features reminders, a calendar function, and more. It’s a decent way for students to schedule the best study times for them. Plus, it’s entirely free as far as we can tell.

My Study Life

Socratic is a study app for math and one of our picks for the best Android apps from 2017. It basically helps you out with math homework. You take a photo of the problem. The app uses OCR to identify the problem and show you the steps to solve it. That way you can see the answer and also see how to get there so you can learn the process. This only works for math questions and we believe there is an upper limit on how well it works. However, those studying math can’t find a better Android app except for maybe Wolfram Alpha, which is another excellent study aid for math and statistics courses.


If we missed any great study apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!


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