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10+ Best Hackers Applications for Hacking Action! (Newest 2018)

Now, being a hacker doesn't need to be too expert. Technology makes anyone easily become a hacker. In fact, we do not have to use a PC to do hacking, because now there are various hacker applications that can be downloaded on your Android phone. Although its features may be simpler, it will be very useful if you maximize it.

Hacker Application

In general, hacking applications function to access a system with a specific purpose. Indeed, in the hacking community got a negative connotation. Even so, that doesn't mean we will stay away from it, right? Instead we need to study it so that it is not easy for someone else to take fun.

1. Hackode

 Application Hacker

Hackode is an application that is intentionally designed for tester penetration, hacker ethics, IT administrators, and cyber professionals. When first running this application, 4 menus will appear immediately, namely recconaisance, scanning, exploid and security feed. Each menu has a specific function and is still divided into several sub-menus.

Recconaisance is a tool that works to gather information about targets, such as finding the vulnerability of a website and finding information about domain names. Scanning functions to scan targets, such as testing the host's range, measuring the speed of delivery time, identifying intermediary devices, and so on. Exploit to penetrate. And security feed to display the latest notifications regarding hacking.

2. IP Tool: Wifi Analyzer


The IP Tool or Wifi analyzer is an application made to optimize the network. This tool will help you to detect network problems, provide a complete picture of the state of the network, and then help improve it to reach the strongest network. The IP Tool is designed by combining a variety of popular network utilities and comes with lots of features, such as LAN scanning, port scanning, DNS Lookup, Wifi Analyzer, Whois, Connection log, IP calculator, and more. [19659004] 3. Wifi WPS WPA Tester

 Hacker Application

Wifi WPS WPA Tester is an Android application that is specifically for users who want to access a security code or Wifi password. But the condition is, Wifi target must activate the WPS. If not, this application cannot execute the Wifi. Information about whether WPS is active or not can be immediately known when doing scanning on Wifi around the residence. If WPS is active, then the Wifi is green, but if not, the Wifi will be red. Then we can click on the available Wifi / green to get the password from the Wifi.

4. Wifi Kill

 Hacker Application

As the name implies, Wifi Kill is an Andorid hacker application that can slow down or even break other users' connections in a network. If you often hear the term NetCut, then Wifi Kill can be said to be a type of NetCut application that is used by someone to break other users' networks in order to expedite their network activities. The Wifi Kill application has a simple appearance and the capacity is also lightweight, only about 10MB. To run it, you only need to click the play icon, scan all users, and then the user's IP will appear. Then select the IP of the user you want to turn off the connection.

5. cSploit


A free application designed for IT security experts to conduct an analysis of the Android network in order to assess network security on devices or find Wifi network security vulnerabilities. This application is considered to have sophisticated and complete features. Some features that you will get from this application include Trace, Port Scanner, Service Inspector, Exploit Finder, Login Cracker, Sessions, MITM or Man In The Middle Attack. The last feature utilizes the weakness of the internet protoco l and has almost the same function as Wifi Kill, which is to disconnect other users in a network.

6. Wifi Inspector

 android hacker application

Now, if some of the previous applications mostly functioned to break the Wifi password, then this application works the opposite, which is detecting and providing information about users who use our network without permission. If you often complain about the connection on the Wifi network is very slow, then you must have this application. Who knows there is someone who is idly stealing your network. This application will provide IP address data, device name, MacAddress from all users of your Wifi network.

7. Fing-Network Tools


Almost the same as Wifi Inspector, Fing is a network scanner and analyzer application that works super fast and can be obtained for free. In just a few seconds you can find out all users connected to your Wifi network by displaying MacAddress, IP, and the user's device name. To run this application was quite easy, just download and install it on smartphone 1945. Then do scanning against Wifi users and we will be able to find out all users that are connected to our Wifi.

8. Network Discovery

 hacker android application

Network Discovery is a tool to help computers find each other or connect with each other. Network Discovery will work when we activate it. When we activate Network Discovery, we can see other devices on the connected network and our computer can also be seen by other computers. We can share networks and connectivity with other computers that have been determined. And interestingly, here is also a Public Folder Settings which allows a group to access each other's folders with each other.

9. Nmap for Android


Nmap for Android is a tool designed for Android hackers and serves to identify or scan networks such as hosts, package types and filters, and various things related to networks. This tool not only serves to collect information about targets, but can also be used to detect vulnerabilities or scan security. However, before using this application make sure that the smartphone has been rooted. Even though it hasn't been rooted, you can still use it, only the facilities provided will be more limited.

10. SmsCombo


This type of application SMS bomber will be very useful to increase the chance of winning quizzes which are usually held on local television. Because, this application can send multiple SMS in one click. There are some interesting features of this application, which allows sending instant messages up to thousands, SMS content can be set according to need, easy way like sending ordinary SMS, and most importantly it will not make an HP error or hang because it sends a lot of SMS.

Well, by knowing this hacker application, we will also learn about a program, how its weaknesses and how to fix it so that it is not easily broken through by others.


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