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10+ Best Guitar Stem Applications for Android Phones (Latest 2018)

Adjusting the guitar strings is the main thing that needs to be done before playing the guitar. Without tuning in first, of course the key that is played will not match and the song sung will be heard false . However, not everyone has the sensitivity to set the tone of the strings, especially beginners who have just learned the key.

Guitar tone that often changes may be frustrating and lazy to learn. But now, guitar players don't need to be confused anymore. Because currently there are many guitar stem applications available that can help to adjust guitar strings instantly.

Stem Guitar Application

These applications can be found for free on Android phones. The tuning method is also quite easy. You only need to pick guitar strings and the application will detect whether the tone is correct or not.

1. GuitarTuna


GuitarTuna is one of the most popular stem guitar applications and has been downloaded more than 20 million times. This application not only can be used to adjust guitar tones, but also some other instruments such as bass and ukulele. GuitarTuna has a simple look so that is easy to use. Tuning accuracy is very high even though the situation is quite noisy.

In addition, GuitarTuna can also work on electric and acoustic guitars. This application features an exciting game to learn chord for beginners. And for advanced this application also provides quite professional features such as metronome, chord library, 1945 and various other features.

2. BOSS Tuner

 application of stem guitar

Just like GuitarTuna, the BOSS Tuner application can also work for various types of instruments, including guitar, bass, violin, cello, brass, and so on. The appearance is very familiar so we will easily recognize each menu function.

In addition to functioning to make music instruments, the BOSS Tuner also provides other facilities, such as a horizontal screen to enlarge the meter display. The application size is also quite light, not up to 5 MB and can be downloaded for free on your Android phone.

3. Chromatic Guitar Tuner


This application has a display that is designed like a physical guitar so you will easily recognize the function of each menu. Chromatic Guitar Tuner can work automatically. When you pick the strings, the application can detect which string you pick and correct whether the tone is correct or not.

If the tone is correct, the needle will be at zero or a check mark appears. This application is ideal for various types of guitars, basses, and strings. However, the Chromatic Guitar Tuner can also be used to set piano, mandolin, zither, and many more.

4. Guitar Tuner By UX Apps

 Guitar Tuner By UX Apps

This red-stemmed guitar application has only one main face display. Very simple and the design is also simple. Its small size is comparable to the features offered. This application seems to be designed only for tuning needs.

At the bottom right corner there is a recording image to give automatic or manual tuning options. If automatic, you only need to pick the strings and adjust them until they appear green. While the manual can be selected if you want to hear what the tone should be.

5. Best Guitar Tuner

 Best Guitar Tuner

A tuner application designed by professional musicians and tested for accuracy. It has the right precision and is suitable for tuning both for beginners and advanced . There are three modes in the Best Guitar Tuner application, which are auto, manual, and rotate.

Auto can be used if you want the settings automatically. Manual mode works by selecting the sound to be set. And play mode if you want the application to produce sound with a certain frequency.

6. Da Tuner

 application of stem guitar

Application of guitar stem which is sensitive enough to correct guitar strings. This application can support various instruments such as ukulele, violin, bass, piano, saxophone, harmonica, and even harp. Da Tuner is claimed as a fast, accurate application, and will help set the basic frequency and correct errors as small as possible.

It's just that there may be many annoying advertisements when running this application. In order to be comfortable using, you can buy the premium version of 1.99 USD.

7. Fender Tune

 Fender Tune

Fender Tune has 22 different tunes for various types of instruments, such as acoustic, bass, ukulele, and electric guitars. The highlight of this application is the DSP algorithm which increases tone sensitivity so that tuning becomes faster and more accurate.

Fender tune is also equipped with automatic, manual, and chromatic modes to make it easier for us to make tunings. Here you can also create your own custom tuning to save on your personal profile so that it can be accessed easily. There are also illustrated illustrations and videos for beginners to learn basic things.

8. gString


When opening an application, a screen will appear immediately like a speedometer to analyze tones. You only have to pick one by one guitar strings, if the tone is appropriate, then the tone gauge needle will stop in the middle and at the bottom will appear a colored circle orange .

Besides guitar, gString also supports musical instruments others, such as bass, cello, piano, violin, as well as various wind instruments. This application can be used on Android version 1.5 and above and has a relatively small file size.

9. Pano Tuner

 application of stem guitar

Application of chromatic tuner that can adjust various instruments accurately, although this still depends on the specifications of the cellphone microphone. This stem guitar application is very sensitive so the response is fast. It can be used well for a variety of instruments, such as acoustic guitars, electric guitars, pianos, basses, violins and trumpets.

Pano Tuners will listen to the tone you make and will display pitch so that it can represent the accuracy of the tone being set. This application also has a wide range, can tune 88 piano keys.

10. Pro Guitar Tuner

 application of stem guitar

Pro Guitar Tuner is an application developed by the development team of one of the online guitar tuners, namely ProGuitar. This application is able to analyze sound either directly, a headset, a guitar clip, or other external microphone.

Pro Guitar Tuner claims that it has been widely used by professional musicians, guitar workshops, even guitar makers. And the function of this application is also not limited to that, with Pro Guitar Tuner you can also set various instruments, such as ukulele, mandolin, hall, violin, bass, and more.

With the application of the guitar stem above, you can adjust guitar anytime and anywhere. There is no more delaying learning the guitar, the country cannot set it up. These applications will make learning guitar activities more smooth with the supporting features offered.


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