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# 10 Best & Free Root Applications for Android Phones (Newest 2018)

Android root is one of the most searched keywords. But maybe there are still many loyal Android users who don't even know what root is. So, root is a process to take over control of the Android mobile operating system, so we can have full access to the system, such as deleting, changing, adding and modifying.

For those of you who like tinkering with Android phones, maybe already know that root has a number of advantages and disadvantages. But still, most of you feel challenged to root because you can maximize your cellphone capabilities. Root can get rid of unused cellphone default apps, download applications that require root, optimize cellphone capabilities, and more.

Root applications

Right now, the root process can be done quickly and easily. Various root applications appear to offer ease and speed in the process, you just need to install the application and run it without the help of any tools such as a PC. Interested in knowing what are the most widely used root applications? Consider the following summary.

1. Kingroot  Root application

Kingroot is one of the Android root applications that you can run with just one click. This application has helped many people to get control of their smartphone easily and lightning, which the rooting process only takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

This application also supports many devices and we can still do unroot whenever we want. And more interestingly, besides not wasting cellphone batteries, Kingroot is also free from advertising or any fees.

2. Framaroot


Framaroot is an Android root application that has a small and light size, so it won't overload your cellphone. Same with Kingroot, the root process using Framaroot is also just a click away.

Although there are various root applications in circulation, Framaroot is called the most widely used application in Indonesia. This is because the process is easy and does not require the help of a PC or any device support. This application has 3 main features, Superuser, SuperSU, and Unroot.

3. Towelroot

 Root application

One of the root applications that offers a variety of convenience for its users, including root without a PC, with just one click, and the super fast root process in just seconds. Towelroot can be used for various smartphones Android that uses Android 1.5-5.0, such as Samsung, Asus Zenfone, Sony, LG, Advan, and many more.

To root, you just have to click the button "Make it Rain", then wait until the process is complete, and restart cellphone. If the SuperSU application has been installed, then that means your cellphone was successful rooted . In addition to the fast root process, the unroot process also works equally fast.

4. KingoRoot

 Root application

In just one tap, this application will automatically root your Android phone without having to go through dangerous procedures. Kingoroot runs the root process quickly, in just a few minutes.

Kingoroot has the same range as Towelroot, which can only be used on Android versions 1.5-5.0. This application also always updates and improves its capabilities. Some devices smartphones which proved successful using the Kingroot application include Samsung, Google, HTC, and Sony.

5. iRoot


iRoot Android is an application developed by the same team as the developer iRoot Windows. This application is intended for those of you who want a simple, easy, and fast root process for devices smartphones and tablets. Unlike previous applications, namely Kingroot and Framaroot, this application requires an internet connection [1945904] to carry out the rooting process .

However, you don't have to worry about losing your cellphone data, because of your data will be guaranteed safe when performing rooting using iRoot. After the root process is successful, you will also get application recommendations that can improve the performance of your device.

6. One Click Root

 oneclick root

Unlike previous applications that did not need the help of other supporting tools, the One Click Root application needed a computer and USB cable to perform the rooting process . If you are a layman, this application is right for you.

Doing rooting through an Android phone without having enough knowledge might only risk the cellphone itself. Moreover, if your cell phone has been rooted it will be free . So isn't it better to look for a safe way? Not only is it safe, One Click Root is also fast and easy to use with just one click.

7. Root Master

 Root application

Root Master is an application that provides both an Android version and a PC version. And both have an easy and fast performance to do rooting . The Andorid Root Master is compatible with various mobile brands, including Motorola, Sony, and HTC.

In the initial version, the Root Master was only available in the Chinese version, but is now available in the English version so it is more universal and easy to use. After successfully carrying out the rooting process you can access various additional features provided for your Android, which will not be accessible on phones that have not been rooted.

8. 360 Root

 360 root

Almost the same as other Android root applications, this application also offers similar conveniences. This application works independently, alias does not require a PC to download this application. Although in general it uses Mandarin, you will have no trouble running this application.

Just by pressing the button that says "root", this application will process the rooting for you. The process is complete when a checkmark appears in a circle. Then restart the cellphone and you will find the SuperSU application in Chinese on the mobile.

9. Universal Androot


The Androot Universi is an application that has long been circulating even though it is less popular than other applications. Even so, Universal Androot can do a relatively fast process, in just seconds. You also don't need a laptop or PC to run it, just download it on smartphone Android.

This application comes with a built-in so you can still get when only. Unfortunately, the number of smartphones that can be rooted using this application is quite limited, Universal Androot is only compatible with a few smartphone models of 19459010.

10. Z4Root


Z4Root is an application that can guarantee mobile data security, so you do not have to worry about losing or corrupting data while rooting process . The Z4Root application is provided free of charge, has a high success rate, and will run the process in just a few minutes.

Here is also the option to delete chace from the application used. This application can work well on Android operating systems version 2.0 to 6.0. And if you want unroot even the process is just a click away.

Well, maybe that's the ten root applications that you can try. Although it offers many advantages, but don't try to root it because it will only hurt if you are not experienced enough.


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