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10+ Best & Free Chat Applications for Android (Latest 2018)

Having an application for messaging is not a special item anymore, this device has become a mandatory requirement for people who have a broad social scope. How not, now almost all activities are required to be completed quickly.

Of course this will not be done without the support of communication tools that can send messages instantaneously that can make people connect in seconds. One application emerged as a pioneer and later developed applications that offered more sophisticated and complete features. And we will share the following 10 applications chat the most popular.

Chat application

Application chat below not only provides facilities for chatting, but also equipped with Other features that support the main concept of the application. This is what makes each application unique and has an appeal.

1. WhatsApp

 best chat application

Who is now who doesn't know WhatsApp. This application, which has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, is the choice of many people because it has a myriad of features that support activities chat.

Since 2009, WhatApp continues to develop and launch the latest features which we can now enjoy, including supporting voice messages, sharing files in the form of photos and videos, share location, back up conversations, video calls and various Supporting features such as information on whether the other person is online, is typing, has received a message, has read a message, and so on. And not only that, you can now express yourself by creating status on WhatsApp.

2. Viber


Viber applications are not as popular as WhatsApp, but actually this application also has full features that are almost the same as WhatsApp. In fact, almost all the features on WhatsApp are also owned by Viber. It can be said that Viber is a multi-functional application combining WhatsApp and Blackberry features.

Some of the facilities provided by Viber include allowing users to share various types of files, voice and video calls, group chats up to 200 members, unsend message, end to end encryption character message support for up to 7000 characters, and even recently Viber has released the money sending feature through Western Union and bank accounts.

3. Telegram

 best chat application

Telegram is an application chat which has a lot of interesting and even unique features. Well, if in the previous two applications we can only unsend the message, then on the telegram we can edit the message that has been sent. Telegram can also maintain the security of confidential messages that are great. The message can be instantly destroyed.

Not only that, some other features that you can only enjoy on Telegram include message draft, people lis t, groups up to thousands member, and allows us to send voice messages without pressing any buttons. Complete features offered?

However, unfortunately we have no longer been able to access it because this application has been officially blocked in 2017 with the reason that this application is widely used as a terrorist nest.

4. Snapchat


For those of you who like hunting and share photos and videos may be familiar with the application this. Similar to Instagram, Snapchat is also an application that takes the concept of photos and videos, as well as features to send messages. The difference is, Snapchat does not allow you to save photos or videos to share later.

You can only share the content that you are currently doing right away or live for ten seconds. And after that, the content will disappear. It is quite limited, but because of this limitation the application will not overload the phone's memory.

5. Skype

 chat application for android

Skype is actually an application that is engaged in voice call and video call services. However, of course this kind of application will not be complete without the feature to chat. Skype is suitable for those of you who often communicate internationally.

This application is more professional and has high sound quality. And if it is only used for light chat in close scope, it is actually less profitable because this application takes a large enough capacity on the hard drive.

6. Kik


Like getting to know new friends? Or just just want to practice English with strangers? If so, then you should try Kik. Kik is a chat application which is intentionally designed for users who like to travel looking for new friends from all over the world. You can connect with a lot of strangers here.

Kik also gives us the freedom to create groups, so that there are so many groups in Kik with various backgrounds, for example lovers of novels, films, groups. ] dating, and various groups with specific fields to unite people who have similarities. It's fun, but be careful with the naughty stranger.

7. Blackberry

 chat application

With the proliferation of the latest chat applications, BBM continues to develop its features so that it can compete and continue to get the user's attention. And the result, some cool features also managed to keep users loyal and survive on BBM.

Features that distinguish BBM from other applications include the existence of free live TV features, Islamic BBMoji facilities that have a variety of unique and interesting designs that can add excitement when chatting, and there is a BBM channel to update the latest information about the organization or brand that we are interested in.

8. WeChat


One of the most interesting WeChat features was Nearby People . With only shake cellphones, you can connect with the closest person who is also currently playing shake his cellphone. That means, these two people are looking for new friends. So, this feature not only helps you find friends chatting, but also allows you to find friends that you can meet directly.

Not only this feature, WeChat also provides various other interesting facilities, such as video calls, voice note send stickers, create chat groups, find friends randomly, and various other interesting features.

9. Messanger


If you are not comfortable chatting lightly using the Facebook application, then try to download the Messanger application. Now Messanger can be used separately with Facebook so that to use it you no longer need to have a Facebook application. Just use the telephone number to sign up and you can chat comfortably with your friends in the Facebook application.

The interesting Messanger feature for chatting includes sending a GIF funny when chatting and can pin important conversations. Well, and for you Uber service customers, it turns out that Messanger can also be used to order Uber transportation, .

10. LINE

 chat application

If you notice, LINE seems to be a combination application between WhatsApp and Facebook. Judging from the chat feature, it is not as complete as WhatsApp. And judging from its function to share status is also not as complete and as busy as Facebook.

But maybe this is the reason LINE users prefer this application than other applications. Not too prominent in certain concepts, but has many roles. And the interesting thing that is on LINE is the availability of many attractive stickers to express various situations.

Well, that's the ten applications that entered our list. Which is the best chat application in your opinion? Whatever it is, the most important thing is how you can maximize its use so that the application can be useful and certainly profitable.


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